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Perfect bras for low or high impact sports

Doing exercise with a good sports bra is essential for any woman who is passionate about running, yoga or other sports activities. These bras are very comfortable and allow you to move freely during sports. Thanks to women's sports bras you will be able to perform movements with much more freedom and flexibility. These underwear offer the support that the bust needs when we exercise.

If your passion is extreme or very aerobic sports, a wise choice would be high-impact sports bras. They offer maximum support and are available in a wide variety of colors and models. In Leonisa you will find anything you need, from a good running bra to less compression sports tops for sports such as Pilates or yoga.

Are pretty sport bras a thing? Well of course! We are over the plain classic bras for sports. New trends bring a greater variety of models to the market: sports bras with front opening or zip, push up and even reducing sports bras.

Choose the sports bra or top to practice your favorite sport

When choosing a bra for sports, it is very important to take into account the sports practice that we are going for.

High-impact sports bras are the best option for high-jumping activities. Another indispensable staple in your wardrobe could be a cotton sports bra, perfect for gentler sports like yoga or Pilates.

Women with large breasts rather other options, such as reducing sports bras, which are able to reduce up to two sizes. But remember that you could also choose between sports bras with underwire, racerback bras, padded bras or even a bra with a front zip. You can use them as sports tops combined with your leggings or tights. If what you like is to look pretty even in the gym, sports outfits are undoubtedly your perfect ally.