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Special size bras for bust or very large cup 

At Leonisa we know that there are many women who need plus size bras. It is difficult to find the ideal bra, the one that fits your contour, bust volume and breast shape. 

From cup C on or over size 100, according to sizing in Spain, the search becomes arduous. Usually the plus size bras and the large cup bras they do not meet the needs of women with very large breasts. From Leonisa we have wanted to break with this cliché and we have selected wide variety of bras available in very large sizes

Are you looking for a bra for special sizes? We have the perfect bra for very large breasts

What does it feel like to wear a bra that's so comfortable you forget you're wearing it? It is a recurring question for women who need plus size bras, since they would like to move freely and rest in any position. The good news is that you can buy your comfortable bra for very large sizes  in Leonisa's online store. Perfect fit, breathable materials and maximum coverage!