Benefits of wearing a thong every day

Women use different models of runderwear, but without a doubt thongs are one of the most popular garments. The reason may be all the benefits of wearing thongs every day that exist. Comfort, sensuality, adaptability and other advantages that we will tell you about in this post.

Continue in the post to find out why it is good to wear a thong as an intimate garment.

What are thongs?

A thong is a type of women's underwear that has an original design, constructed with a thick front patch and a thin or thin back patch.

Each triangular designhas a T shape, presence of thread that varies in thickness in the rear section, therefore the gluteal area is uncovered and exposed.

This type of design makes the buttocks exposed to the open air, allowing that when pants or dresses are worn that are close to the body, they do not interfere with the original design of the wardrobe.

This type of underwear with its triangular shape works as a thin band to define and adjust to the body type.


Materials that can be used in thongs

Their construction varies from lace thongs, cotton thongs or microfiber thongs, useful for enhancing perspiration in the intimate area.

Any material used for its production must meet comfort criteria. This ensures that the manufacturing of the piece remains resistant and flexible according to the body shape of each woman or the needs of the person who buys the lingerie.

Purpose or uses of thongs

It is good to wear thongs because they provide coverage and protection of the body in the intimate area. Its objective will be to encourage the use of tight-fitting pieces from dresses, skirts or pants, which facilitates comfort in their use.

4 Benefits of wearing thongs daily

Some women claim that thongs are just a piece to complement their daily lingerie wardrobe.

However, for others they are essential, due to the benefits of wearing thongs as the only daily underwear, for their positive contributions helping to make them look attractive:

Makes women look sexy

They are made with doses of sensuality due to their shape, being a plus in highlighting the curves and femininity of the woman. The creation of each thong has specific measurements, a variety of fabrics and styles that are a perfect combination to give that sensual touch to women.

Will not put pressure on cellulite

Women generally do not tolerate underwear putting pressure on cellulite. For this reason, it will be one of the benefits of using a thong as an intimate garment in different presentations, being a choice that makes them feel comfortable and attractive due to its construction and sewing.


Improves freshness in the intimate area

They are made with less material, therefore guaranteeing freshness on hot days. Without a doubt, the minimal coverage promotes good circulation in the intimate area, due to its manufacture with fabric straps and minimal coverage in the anterior and posterior areas.

Reduce visible panty line

Most women, when choosing underwear, prefer to choose underwear that fits the body.

In this way, they can wear jeans, clothing and any type of sports clothing that fits tightly to the body, making the woman feel sexy and with less irritation and discomfort.

Tips to know how to choose the best thong

Thongs have become a popular and attractive option for any woman looking for underwear. To do this, you must include or consider options to make the selection comfortable:

To make the choice or type of thong, you will have to consider some elements when making the purchase:

  • Choose the type of thong that is not uncomfortable or tight to the body. This way, you will prevent excess hips from becoming noticeable and uncomfortable at the waist as it is tight.
  • Check the type of fabric used to make the thong, this way you will avoid using underwear in which you feel uncomfortable or are allergic.
  • Take advantage of the thong, if you prefer to wear it with clothing that is not tight such as dresses, jeans or any clothing design that is tight.

Types of thongs you can find

In our Leonisa lingerie store we have different styles of thongs, with a combination of colors and specific qualities depending on the type of panties or underwear. Among its classifications are:


It is made of microfiber fabrics, which are not noticeable or seamless. Therefore, they are a choice to soften the lines and curves that define and make the body attractive.


This lingerie has a unique design in slim lace that hugs curves. In addition, it will be a type of fabric that is easy to dry when washed and its tailoring is elegant.

High waist

It is designed to completely cover the natural waist of the body and provide a comfortable feeling. These seamless designs are made of soft fabric, providing a comfortable and attractive feel depending on the body type.


It has a mischievous and seductive design, without side straps and only protection in the front intimate areas. Each piece is held in place with clicks that hold and secure.

G-string thongs

Each panty is made up of thin, low-cut, triangular bands of subtle fabric that cling to the front.

V thongs

It has a front section that protects the area and at the back a thickened V shape that is located in the posterior area.


We usually refer to them as Brazilian panties because they almost completely cover the buttocks. You can get them in thin, microfiber. Its design serves to cover the gluteal area and the frontal area is almost exposed.

Properly choosing the underwear that you are going to wear daily is key to feeling comfortable and sensual. Check out our entire range of underwear products and start enjoying all the benefits of wearing a thong every day.

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