Post Surgical Compression Garments - Compression Girdles

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    Choose the perfect post surgical compression girdles for a smooth recovery 

    Post-surgical girdles have been specially designed to help you heal your body after undergoing surgery and they are a great ally in your recovery process. 

    Thanks to the post-surgical girdles designed by Leonisa, you will be able to move more easily and comfortably during the days of rest. In time you will be yourself again, so rest and trust in a quality garment that really holds you in place. After the first weeks, you can rely on the post op bras and post surgery knickers

    Find the postoperative girdle that best suits you

    What is a tummy tuck compression garment? After undergoing an abdominoplasty or liposuction operation, the best option for your recovery is the post-operative abdominal girdle or the post-liposuction girdle. But these are not the only alternatives, because if you want partial or total body coverage, you can also choose compression vests, which apply pressure on the area of choice (your arms, for example). Regardless of your situation, these girdles will offer you the compression recommended by specialists and the comfort you need. 

    In the Leonisa collection, you will find a wide variety of post surgical garments suitable for different parts of your body. In addition, our designs are created with special care for you, with flexible, soft and fresh fabrics so that you can wear them on a daily basis  under your favourite outfits. Recover with the girdle that best suits your needs and wear it shamelessly - no one will even notice you're wearing it!