French Panties and Midi Briefs - Seductive French Underwear

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    Haven’t you tried french underwear yet?

    It seems that some lingerie garments come with a nationality “tagged” to it: brazilian knickers, colombian shapewear, french underwear… have you ever wondered why? Primarily, underwear has evolved differently according to the area as well as the needs and tastes of the people there. Nowadays, we are lucky enough to be able to try multiple styles until one truly fits, and that is amazing! For this reason, you should try perhaps the french knickers, a truly seductive kind of french lingerie that has a taste for lace

    Midi briefs in french lingerie 

    Midi briefs are, as the name suggests, mid-rise panties meant for daily use. However, french cut knickers sit higher to elongate the legs. Finally, hipster panties feature a wider side. How is it possible that these three styles mix in our collection, then? Easy enough, you’ll find here cotton french knickers with a wider side or high rise hipster briefs with less coverage in the bottom. Each product details if it’s following the “traditional” cut or if it’s an innovative mixture of knicker styles. Try something new and find the panty that suits you better!

    How to combine french knickers?

    French knickers are seductive, for they elongate the legs,so they match perfectly with lace bras. If french underwear flatters your body shape, then you’ll also love the short knickers.