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    Granny knickers are back on trend, just upgraded! 

    When women think about granny underwear, they often picture the old-fashioned undies that did so little to flatter women’s figures in the past. However, one thing is certain in the fashion industry: traditional garments can come back with a nice modern update and that has been the case for classic panties. Granny knickers are no longer dull for they have evolved to be the most comfy high cut panty you could find!  They are truly popular among women who want to buy really comfortable knickers that are suitable for everyday wear. 

    You might be wondering which bra combines with “grannies panties”, so here goes our suggestion: comfy bras are the best option if you’re looking for a comfortable set. 

    Why to choose high cut panties or full briefs? 

    The reason why high waisted knickers are so popular is simple: they help you to shape the area of the belly, typically called the “difficult area”, while being extremely comfortable. Full briefs help you to feel safe and protected, since they can cover up to the waist. No more fat rolls or annoying folds, high cut panties have you covered! 

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    High waisted knickers are a must-have underwear item in your wardrobe. Remember that these granny cut knickers are also available in cotton to guarantee hypoallergenic fabrics especially for the most delicate skins. If you're looking for classic knickers with delicate lace, you can choose classic black knickers to match any bra in your wardrobe.