Dance Clothing - a Daring Dance Outfit for Women

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    Find the ideal dance outfit for women who love the swing of the music 

    You set the rhythm and Leonisa takes care of the rest! For many women, dancing is the best way of doing sport and keeping in shape while practising their favourite hobby. As with all sporting disciplines, it is important to select the right dancewear for women from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

    Thanks to our dance clothing, you can combine fashion with comfort, the perfect match for any rhythm lover. Wearing the right dance outfit can make all the difference in the movements.

    Dancewear for communicating through your movements 

    Dancing is a form of communication in which feelings and emotions are expressed through different gestures.Choreographies allow us to transmit our state of mind and they can be a good way to escape from problems, as they also serve as a relaxation exercise. That's why it would be counterproductive to dance in uncomfortable clothes, therefore it is important to wear a fitting dance outfit before bringing your body into motion. 

    Dancewear should guarantee freedom of movement and at Leonisa we offer comfortable dancing clothes made with resistant and flexible materials. Our innovative technology allows you to keep your body dry and warm during and after the exercise, leaving behind that awful cold feeling after a hard workout. Our garments are designed to avoid any kind of chafing so that you feel comfortable with every step you take.

    Zumba clothes and many other dance clothing suited for you 

    No matter what your favourite rhythm is (zumba, modern dance, urban, hip-hop, reggaeton...), all our garments are designed for your enjoyment, so you can kick off your choreographies as soon as the first music note is played. If you are more of a relaxation and meditation fan, you can also check out our yoga and pilates clothing section.

    Each type of dance requires a different style of clothing: it's not the same to dance with loose hip hop clothes as it is to move to Latin rhythms that require tighter clothes to show the detail and firmness of each movement. 

    T-shirts, leggings, tops, bras... all kinds of garments designed to turn your steps into a show. You provide the attitude and we provide the dancewear!