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    At Leonisa we are a reference in the market for the quality and innovation of our shapewear for women. For more than 60 years, we have been making Colombian girdles that shape your body to achieve a much slimmer silhouette

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    Original Colombian girdles to shape your silhouette

    We care about the quality of all our garments, selecting the most innovative fabrics and patterns to offer you comfortable women's girdle according to the level of compression you need.

    You can choose from a wide variety of Colombian girdles to reduce and control different areas of the body. Shapewear for dresses are the most sought after for everyday wear with tight-fitting garments. They will help you to look smooth and defined under your favourite dresses.

    Body shapewear is the perfect solution for total body control. They offer support and shaping from the bust to the hips. If you want to enjoy maximum discretion, invisible shapewear are the best solution. They go completely unnoticed and shape your silhouette to perfection. 

    Explore our selection of original, slimming, sexy Colombian girdles with an innovative design. Forget the old female girdles and experience innovation with Leonisa!

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    In our online catalogue of shapewear for women, you will find different levels of compression depending on what you want to achieve.

    Consult our size guide to ensure you select the girdle for women that best fits your measurements and needs. A proper fit is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of the compression and total comfort.

    At Leonisa, we want to ensure that you purchase the perfect women's shapewear. Our personal shopper service is available to help you select the right model and size, resolve your queries, and guarantee an exceptional shopping experience.

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