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    Butt lifter shapewear for an immediate push-up effect

    Butt lifter shapewear is breaking through the world of shaping garments due to its effectiveness. It is the best option for enhancing your buttocks when wearing tight jeans or a pencil skirt. However, its function is not limited to lifting the butt; it also provides a touch of firmness to the legs, contouring the thighs naturally to achieve a defined figure.

    Butt-lifting shapewear with and without padding, choose the garment that suits you best!

    If you're looking to lift your buttocks, butt-lifting shapewear can firm and enhance the backside, depending on your needs. It adds volume to your buttocks effortlessly and without sacrifice. For a more potent effect, combine your shapewear with some targeted exercises to strengthen your glutes. Following a gym routine is highly recommended! If you're up for trying the fitness lifestyle, you'll love our sports leggings.

    At Leonisa, we always prioritize quality and innovation. That's why you can find a wide range of butt-lifting shapewear in our catalogue, including panties, shorts, full-length pants, and bodysuits. Choose the style that suits you best from our collection and check out the reviews from satisfied customers. They already know the magic of butt-lifting shapewear!