Shapewear Bodysuits: Full Body Suits for a Slimmed Body

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    Full body shapers, suited for you and you alone 

    Bodysuits and jumpsuits are able to offer full-coverage and targeted shape in every area of your body, strategically streamlining your silhouette at will. It is truly an essential in every woman’s closet, regardless of their side and body type!

    We are aware of the different needs of very different women and each body shaper fulfills a specific demand. Rely on Leonisa’s reviews about the best shaping fit, granted by our satisfied clients. At the end of the day, a good shapewear bodysuit does not only tighten and smooth, it also supports you in every possible way, helping with posture and alleviating the weight on the low back: they are made for improvement!

    Choose the slimming level, fabric, color, and style of your shaper

    Most shapewear bodysuits come in nude colors, aiming for discretion. However, we state that fashion and comfort go hand in hand, so the lace bodysuits will provide you that cheeky look you were looking for! On the other hand, the braless body shaper grants you the opportunity of using your favourite bra. Firm control or mild compression, you get to choose the ideal pressure for your figure. 

    Seamless sculpt thanks to the all in one shapewear 

    The all in one shapewear effortlessly accentuates your curves, the perfect undergarment to slay in tight jeans, dresses or skirts. Shapewear is undoubtedly Leonisa’s specialty (haven’t you heard of our tummy control swimwear and shaping leggings yet?) and we are proud of our trademark breathable fabrics and seamless technology. Thanks to the great quality materials, our shapewear bodysuits hide cellulite and help you accomplish your desired shape. There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of knowing that you look exactly as you want!