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Looking for a posture corrective bra?

Our routines make it difficult for us to maintain an upright posture, leading to discomfort in the neck, shoulders and cervical vertebrae. At Leonisa we want to help you correct and maintain the correct posture: our posture correcting bras have been specially designed to adapt to the female anatomy, offering support to the back and allowing you to move freely. They are among the best-selling comfy bras.

Bras to support your back 24/7

A good back bra should be practical and comfortable. Our posture bras that support the back offer a perfect fit and have adjustable wide straps. Thanks to the different levels of adjustment, it is possible to find your exact body size so that the bra feels like a second skin and exerts control over your breasts. Back support bras can be worn for long hours!

A bra to correct your back posture no matter the size

Women with heavy breasts tend to slouch. A posture-correcting back bra helps them to avoid bad posture habits at all times. These correcting bras are unnoticeable under your clothes, but support you 24/7 in a comfortable way. You can also wear them to sleep or as your favourite bra when you are expecting