Half Cup Bras: the best choice for cleavages!

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    Half cup bras, ideal to show off your cleavage 

    The half cup bra, also known as demi bra, covers up to the middle of the breast, achieving a very flattering rounded shape. It lifts the bust from the base and might include padding, being ideal for women using a smaller size (A, B or even C). However, the half cup bras by Leonisa offer good support regardless of size thanks to their PowerSlim® technology, inner rods and non-slip elastics. Choose your half cup with or without push-up!

    How can you style a half cup bra? 

    Current fashion trends offer countless necklines: boat, heart, round, V, halter… The half cup bra holds the bust in place while allowing the cut of the garment to be lower than usual. Demi bras adapt to your outfit, since they don’t offer as much coverage as classic bras. Main advantages? Lift, support and low cut. Disadvantages? Less coverage.

    A little tip on half cup bras? Combine them with a waist cincher to slay any tight outfit with a cleavage!