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    Posture Support: shapewear that helps you reduce back pains 

    How many times have you thought about improving your postural health? The reality is that straightening your back and walking upright is a daily effort, but we don't usually remember it until we suffer the consequences. For this reason, Leonisa's back support shapewear has been specially designed to improve posture and stimulate muscle memory in the area without making an extra effort in your routine. 

    Lower or upper back? Protect both with the best posture vests 

    In our body posture correctors collection you can find various types of postural shapewear, depending on the area you want to focus on and the outfit you intend to wear. The full body posture girdle is able to distribute compression and offer support to the entire back - maintaining its three natural curves - while the vest waist cinchers provide support to the lower back specifically. In any case, a good posture corrector for women protects the lower back, keeping the spine straight to avoid slouching, contractures and possible injuries. It also improves your physical appearance, walk as if you were on a catwalk: upright and with your head well up! 

    Rely on posture correctors at the office

    Sometimes we have to sit for long hours at a time and a bad posture will cause tension, overloaded muscles, cervical pain and even headaches. It is normal that we feel tired and that productivity decreases in such a case, so a posture corrector can be the solution you were looking for in those days at the office. If you spend too many hours in a static posture, take care of your postural hygiene to feel comfortable. If a vest is too much, you can bet on a reliable posture bra!

    Lumbar vests are useful in any job that requires physical effort, being suitable for sports due to their flexible support rods on the sides and back. Lumbar shapewear will help you to relieve pain thanks to the pressure on the lumbar and abdomen, stabilizing the back to give greater security to your movements.