Nude color : application on underwear, discover all its advantages!

In recent years, we have seen how the nude color has become popular thanks to the influencers and celebrities who bet on this color. Her success is partly due to her search for naturalness and simplicity in fashion and makeup. In addition, it is a very easy color to combine, since it complements almost the entire color range.

nude color , what it is and what its applications are in fashion and aesthetics, keep reading!

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What is nude color?

About a decade ago this term came into our lives, and it has stayed until it became a trend color and essential for many things. In Spanish it is the famous "flesh color" or "skin color", and with it alludes to a range of colors that refers to the shades that resemble the color of the skin. It can range from whitish and pinkish colors to darker, almost black colors, passing through beige, camel or brown.

As we say, it refers to the color of the skin and, taking into account that there are many skin tones , the nude color also has a very varied palette with different subtones.

What does the nude color say about you? People who bet on this type of tones usually want to represent the natural beauty of the body, since they seek simplicity. Although in a flat color it can be somewhat flat, if you get the model right you can look spectacular and flattering.

The truth is that, based on seeing it, we have verified that the nude color is timeless, and it does not matter what season of the year it is: it will always look good.

The color “naked” or “skin” refers to a different shade in each person

As we said, there is a wide variety of skin tones: from very light to very dark. And the nude color should cover them all, but mistakenly it is usually applied only to the lightest tones or, at least, to those that are not too dark. This should not be so, since dark and black skins are also natural and real, and have to be seen under this concept.

Nude should encompass all skin tones: pink, white, caramel, cinnamon or black... They all exist. We must embrace the plurality and heterogeneity of skin colors.

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 How to find out your skin tone to hit the nude color ?

The range of nudes is very wide, just like the skin color of people, but not all of them look equally good on everyone. Therefore, to find out which one is perfect for you, we give you the key to finding it:

  • Find out what your skin color is (light, medium or dark), and your undertone (cold, warm or neutral). You can guess the latter by looking at how you see the veins on your wrists: if they are blue, your tone is cold; if it is green, it is warm; and if it is a mixture of both, it is neutral.
  • Compare it with the color of your skin, as if it were a makeup base.
  • Choose one that is three shades above or three shades below your color so it doesn't blend in with your skin.

Applications of nude color in fashion and aesthetics

Although the first time we saw a nude color in action was in Lady Gaga's “Poker Face” video clip that was published in 2008, the truth is that the rise of this tone is due to the influence of the Kardashians , since in the family wearing nude clothes and makeup has become a hallmark.

We find it everywhere:

Lo encontramos en todas partes:

  • In makeup it gives a very natural washed face effect. It consists of mixing the shades of the face to perfect them and make them look good, highlighting the features. The Kylie Jenner brand, for example, is committed to this type of makeup, and it is very flattering.
  • On clothes it also looks pretty good. It makes the figure look more sensual, providing elegance and beauty. Many combine it with tight garments such as bicycle shorts, also known as "bikers" . In fact, there are must-have garments that are already in this colour: a flowing brown blouse, a brown leather skirt, leather boots, sweaters or high-heeled stilettos are the garments that cannot be missing from any lover's wardrobe. of fashion.
  • It has also reached manicure. The nude color on the nails has also become a trend because it brings elegance and naturalness to the hands. It is a perfect color for any time of the year, especially for fall. It is very versatile, as it looks great both in a monochrome trend and with decorative details such as stones or the marbled effect or in combination with other tones such as gold or white.

Nude color in underwear, what are its advantages?

nude color in underwear offers different advantages:

  • Discretion: Because it closely matches skin tone, it may be less visible through clothing. Thus, you will feel safe when wearing tight or transparent clothes. It is ideal to use with white shirts or blouses since it does not mark outer clothing as a white bra could mark a white blouse.
  • Versatility: It can be combined with any other color.
  • Comfort: Some people may feel more comfortable as it is not as distracting as other shades.
  • Elegance: The nude color is considered elegant and sophisticated, so it can be a good option for special occasions.
  • Adaptability: It adapts to different skin tones, making it accessible to a wide range of people.
  • Sensuality: The woman who wears a garment in these nude colors can feel freer and more sensual even without clothes.

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Is nude lingerie the same as invisible?

nude lingerie is not the same as invisible. Although a priori it may seem so because the goal of skin-colored lingerie is to be imperceptible, but they start from different points.

Invisible lingerie is one that, for example, has no seams or buttons so that they cannot be seen under street clothes. They are also cut garments, that is to say, since they do not have elastics, or folds at the edges, they have a very flat and smooth appearance. The bras are strapless so that asymmetrical tops (for example, backless) are hidden from view underneath. So the clothes look amazing but you can't tell you're wearing underwear underneath.

When to choose a nude-colored bra or knickers?

When to choose nude colored lingerie?

  • Perfect for when you want to wear garments with transparencies or rhinestones, since they simulate skin without really being your skin.
  • When you wear very tight clothing such as tight dresses or skirts, and in light colors. You can opt for a nude thong, which will not mark the seam of the knickers and will not stand out under the garment. Or preferably a "seamless" garment, that is, without seams, and also in nude tones.
  • Lingerie in skin tones is also ideal for special events, such as weddings. With our nude color shapewear knickers with tummy control you won't have to worry about a thing: you'll show off a slender and stylized figure and you won't notice that you're wearing it underneath.

nude -colored undergarments in your closet, since they are an essential basic that can be used at any time. They are as useful as jeans or a black dress for the nights.

Take a look at our garments and get that essential outfit!

Nude color: application in underwear and advantages | Leonisa's Blog

If you want to know more about the nude color and what are its applications in fashion and aesthetics, this article is for you!

Find your tone and take advantage of it.

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