Tips for choosing your running outfit

Running is a sport that is gaining more and more followers thanks to the numerous benefits it provides: it reduces the risk of suffering from diseases, the cardiorespiratory system improves, it strengthens the bones, muscle mass is capable of regenerating itself, it promotes weight loss , improves stress and anxiety, and increases self-esteem.

To get the most out of it, women's running clothing needs to be comfortable and breathable, which is why most are made from lightweight, synthetic fabrics that enhance performance. In addition, that the look is flattering for the wearer is an extra motivator when the desire falters.

What kind of clothes do you need to go running?

If you are one of those who uses cotton clothes to practice sports, we are sorry to inform you that it is time to change your wardrobe and your running outfits. Advances in textile materials have come a long way and it has been proven that synthetic materials such as nylon, acrylic or polypropylene are more functional and comfortable than cotton garments and, in addition, keep moisture away from the skin, making it easier to wear. training.

Technical running clothing

For both men and women, technical running clothing should be comfortable and breathable, and can change from summer to winter depending on weather conditions. Do you want to know what kind of garments are indicated to practice this sport? Keep reading!

Trail running clothing

However, city running clothing differs slightly from trail running clothing, as the environment in which it is practiced is quite different. The latter is practiced on natural terrain and not on asphalt (generally, in the mountains, in deserts or in forests), with irregular surfaces and rising slopes. But the most important difference is that, if you stop or want to leave, you have to leave by your own means, taking into account external factors: it can be too cold or too hot, rain... and be miles from home.

That's why it's important that women's trail running clothing allows you to run comfortably while protecting you.

How to choose running clothes for women in summer?

Can you imagine running with long tights or wool socks in summer? Unthinkable! You'd get burned! That is why it is advisable not to wear the same clothes all year round, but to have separate wardrobes with different outfits to train in summer and winter: on the one hand, women's running clothes in winter and, on the other, women's running clothes in summer.

In summer, the materials must be comfortable and light, as well as breathable and capable of keeping moisture and sweat at bay.

Choose a bra that suits the level of intensity

The underwear that is used for sports cannot be the same that is worn daily. On the contrary, sports bras should offer greater support and coverage in the back area, in addition to offering the same comfort and breathability as sports clothing. Thanks to the incredible design of our high-impact sports bras, you won't need to wear a t-shirt over them. Playing sports is not at odds with style!

Say goodbye to cotton t-shirts and bet on synthetic materials

To run in summer, it is advisable to use what are known as technical shirts: they are those made with synthetic materials such as polyester, which regulate humidity and body temperature. Take out of your wardrobe the cotton t-shirts that don't perspire and accumulate sweat doing the heaviest training, and go for loose t-shirts, tank top style or short sleeves for your running outfits in summer.

Your panties should fit well and be skin-friendly

The same thing happens with panties as with bras: not all of them are suitable for practicing sports, since they must offer security in movements and be comfortable. Leonisa's sports panties have a perfect fit that will keep your intimate area safe and fresh.

Pirate cut shorts or leggings

To practice sports in summer, shorts are the perfect ally. There are many models on the market: shorts, pants with a biker cut, pirate cut...

The important thing is that they are breathable and allow you to move freely.

Don't neglect the socks!

PFor any sport, but especially for running, protecting your feet is essential. That is why the socks that are chosen must be thin and breathable, unless they are going to be used for trail running, which then must be thicker.

The sports socks have a reinforced toe and extra support in the heel to prevent the foot from dancing inside the shoe.

The models that you can find are very varied:

  • anklets
  • lengths
  • Compression stockings and socks that increase sa flow of the legs, limit muscle vibration and optimize energy savings.
  • Running with mesh shoes
  • Sports shoes are, without a doubt, the most important element to practice this sport, but unfortunately they have a certain useful life. After approximately 400 kilometres, they begin to lose cushioning and the impact of the ground on the legs is more pronounced, which can lead to injuries.
  • The state can be known by observing the soles: are they worn or have they started to break? It's time to say goodbye to them and look for some new running partners.

In addition to the sole, it is important to take into account other aspects: breathability Sports shoes must have adequate ventilation and a mesh that favors perspiration, and be made of light materials so that the foot does not weigh down when running.

Choose your number. If they are small or large, they can rub against you and annoying blisters can appear. Make sure the foot is well supported, the ankle is wrapped and foot movements are comfortable.

Running clothes for women in winter, protect yourself from changes in temperature!

Although there are clothes that do not change from summer to winter, such as sports bras and panties or socks, in winter you have to keep warm, especially if you run outdoors.

Sports tights and long-sleeved shirts to keep warm

In winter it is necessary to wrap up warm so as not to get sick, whether on the way to work or to practice sports outdoors. To run at this time of year, it is recommended to go for long sports tights and tight-fitting long-sleeved shirts. These garments, in addition to keeping the extremities warm, allow them to perform movements with total flexibility and without friction.

It is recommended that they be made of light fabrics, such as polyester and elastane. An excellent option is the Leonisa sports tights, which guarantee flexibility in every movement of your workouts.

Quick-drying breathable jackets, vests and windbreakers

In winter, you must wear specific clothing to protect yourself from inclement weather such as rain, cold or wind. Clothes that protect without sacrificing lightness must be chosen, such as vests, which allow the arms to move freely, waterproof jackets or windbreakers.

Accessories: yes or no?

Running with some accessories such as a mobile phone case, backpack or fanny pack can cause our mobility to be reduced and, with it, our performance. However, there are a number of add-ons that may be essential in certain circumstances:

  • Gloves or scarves if it's too cold.
  • Caps or sunglasses if the sun bothers us.
  • Fanny packs to carry the keys and some water…
  • The most important thing is that they do not weigh too much and do not weigh us down.

What clothes to choose if you are going to run inside a gym?

What is the ideal outfit for running in the gym? To run on a treadmill or indoors, it is recommended to opt for garments that improve performance, adapt to each movement and have extra breathability. Indoor running clothing typically consists of loose-fitting tops and tight-fitting shorts or tights that don't restrict movement.

If in addition to being comfortable, these garments make us feel good while we exercise, we will have an extra reason to continue practicing it.

Try running compression clothing!

Running and style have never been at odds, much less with Leonisa's shaping leggings! These garments sculpt your silhouette so that you look incredible in your sports routines without sacrificing lightness and breathability.

Our high-waisted shapewear models have a panel on the abdomen that controls and slims the figure, without being too tight.

In our catalog you will find sports tights in different styles and prints: with a transparent side band that offers extra ventilation, pirate cut, with color blocks... Enter our website and find the running compression clothing that you like the most!

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