What are cartridge cases and how to combat them?

For many years, cartridge belts have been one of the conflicts for many women, since they see an unsightly reason in them that decreases their self-confidence.

This phenomenon, which affects a large part of the female population, may have its origin in fluid retention, cellulite, genetic factors... If this condition also affects you, and you want to find a way to accept it and live with it her in a healthy and respectful way , don't miss this post!

 What are cartridge cases?

The cartridge belts, which can also be called "holsters", are accumulations of fat in the area of the thighs and buttocks . Why does this part of the body tend to accumulate fat? Because that way it does not go to other parts or organs, thus preventing other body tissues from being damaged. So it's a very clever way for the body to protect itself.

eliminar cartucheras

Despite the fact that more than half of women tend to accumulate fat in this part of the body, it is still a problem that worries many. Something favored in part by the imposed beauty standards .

Reasons why cartridge belts appear

The reasons why this occurs are many and varied. Mainly, it is a physiological and hormonal issue , but it can be aggravated depending on the lifestyle we lead: a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, etc. they will make the person more likely to have cartridge belts or that these are more accentuated.

  • Feeding. A diet rich in fat and sugar aggravates the problem, which is why it is very important to watch what we eat and incorporate healthy and balanced foods into our meals.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. Spending many hours sitting down and, in addition, wearing tight clothing are other factors that favor the appearance of cartridge belts. If we have a job that involves spending many hours sitting down, we can incorporate into our day-to-day small actions that combat this problem: taking advantage of the breaks to move our legs, stretching or a series of exercises that go to the bathroom are some ideas.
  • Genetic factors. Genes determine the predisposition to develop any pathology, including fat accumulation problems. However, this does not mean that we are doomed, because there will always be ways to alleviate or avoid it.
  • Fluid retention. For this, draining massages are recommended that can be performed manually or with specialized devices. For example, pressotherapy acts on the lymphs to alleviate the retention problem.

Can men also have cartridge belts?

Holsters or holsters is a problem that mainly affects women because we have 10% more fat storage for a hormonal issue: estrogens make our body prepare for pregnancy and lactation, which require a lot of energy.

The amount of estrogen that we have in the body influences the burning of calories after each meal: those that are not burned are the ones that end up becoming stored or circulating fat.

To the question that gives rise to this epigraph, the answer is not so much, but to a lesser extent. Men tend to accumulate less fat in their body, and the fat that accumulates is due to non-hormonal reasons, but rather due to the rhythm of life, diet, sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy lifestyle habits. In his case, fat usually accumulates in the abdominal area and begins to appear in adulthood. If men have cartridge belts, they may have a hormonal problem and it is best to see a doctor for a professional answer.

I have cartridge belts, does that mean I'm fat? We anticipate that… NO!

One of the main reasons why so many women feel self-conscious about having cartridge belts is because of the perception of being fat, when the truth is that many of them tend to have a flat stomach. But the optical effect and the contrast of her shoulders with her hips conveys the sensation of fatness. But this does not mean at all that you are, simply that your body stores fat elsewhere.

Objective to eliminate cartridge belts

The cartridge belt is a problem that women are condemned to suffer, but that does not mean that we have to suffer. On the contrary, there are solutions and treatments that help to reduce them.

Physical movement in your day to day

Physical activity is the best habit you can implement into a routine. If your life is too sedentary and you don't know where to start, you can start by walking at a moderate speed for at least one hour a day , riding a bike, or something as simple as stretching to activate your body so that it doesn't sedentary. stunt

If you want to do more focused exercises, some are going very well, such as:

  • ftrunk lateral flexion
  • steps forward
  • Lateral leg raise
  • touch elbow to knee

In short, exercises to eliminate cartridge belts that involve moving the legs.

If this is the first time you consider playing sports, we advise you to choose a good sports outfit with which you feel powerful, so your strength will not falter!

By the way, in addition to the cartridge belts, thanks to sports you will also notice how your skin becomes firmer and smoother, significantly improving its appearance. It's all advantages!

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Food is a fundamental pillar in having a healthy body and enjoying good health. The first thing to do is banish unhealthy fats and sugars: start by reducing pastries and industrial products, fried foods, etc. Just by reducing your consumption you will see results and feel much better!

Instead, bet on healthy fats such as avocado, oily fish, nuts, seeds, legumes or olive oil.

Remember to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink a minimum of two liters of water a day.

aesthetic treatments

Cabin treatments can also become great allies to combat this type of problem. Cavitation, radiofrequency or mesotherapy are treatments that help reduce fat while improving the appearance and firmness of the skin.

Remember that it is a complementary aid , this type of treatment will not completely eliminate cartridge belts, although it will help you reduce them.

How to hide hips and thighs without physical exercise?

If you have accepted cartridge belts or holsters as another part of your body and what you are looking for is to find clothes with which you look more favored , take note of these simple tips when dressing!

  • In summer, Bermuda shorts will help you keep showing off your leg without having to buy shorts. Choose some that are not too tight and are made of fluid fabrics such as linen. If you are a fan of jeans, bet on a pair of sizes above the usual high-waisted ones and wear them with a belt, so they will be looser in the hip area and will enhance your waist.
  • If you are going to wear a blazer, make sure it is long, that it sits at hip height, and that it is always in darker tones than the inside garment, since this produces an optical effect of reducing conflicting areas.
  • Always high shot. Skirts, pants... the low waist is at hip height, highlighting it, which will make that area look more voluminous than it really is. High-waisted garments narrow at the waist, so they stylize this part of the body.
  • Striking garments at the top. For an optical effect, women with a pear-shaped body, whose lower part is wider than the upper part, should emphasize the upper part to achieve an effect of optical balance, without drawing attention to one of the two parts.
  • Avoid pleated skirts and flared patterns because they make you gain volume in the hip area.
  • Patterns : polka dots and small flowers or vertical stripes, no horizontal stripes because optically they will make you look wider.

The best underwear to hide cartridge belts

In addition to the advice on clothing that we have given you, you should know that there are also undergarments that will help you visually reduce cartridge belts, such as Leonisa's shapewear girdles or reducing panties . In addition to being very comfortable, you will still be yourself.

fajas cartucheras

Do not hesitate to review this guide with all types of girdles !

If you have just become a mother and the fat on your hips does not go away, do not worry and use postpartum girdles to recover in an optimal way. Your health comes first.

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