Avoid chafing on the thighs with these garments

Chafing on the thighs is a nuisance that affects a high percentage of the population, both men and women. Even so, it remains a taboo subject, especially among the male population, but it worries those who suffer from it.

Chafing on the thighs occurs especially during the summer, when it is hotter and we begin to remove clothing.

What causes thigh chafing?

The thighs occupy a very important part of our body, especially our lower body. When we perform certain movements, such as walking or running, we are repeating a movement that leads to rubbing and friction of our legs. This is how chafing originates.

However, there are a number of factors that favor the appearance of chafing in the groin:

  • Summer and high temperatures are a triggering factor. When the heat arrives, we wear cooler clothes: shorts, skirts, dresses... Clothes that do not cover our body in its entirety, but leave a part outdoors. Since there is no physical barrier between our legs, they inevitably tend to rub against each other with certain movements. Also, this is aggravated because sweating will irritate the area, which can end up causing blisters with the possibility of infection.
  • Another factor that promotes chafing on the thighs is weight. The more volume this part of the body has, the more chance there is for friction to arise. When gaining kilos, some people see it reflected in the abdomen or arms, while others seem to accumulate almost all of it in the thigh area, making this situation worse.
  • How is our skin? If the skin is flaccid and has cellulite, lacking muscle tone, it will be more likely to chafe the thighs. In addition, in a kind of spiral, the legs become more sensitive and vulnerable to systematic rubbing.

The problem with this friction is that it makes the skin in the area very sensitive, creating wounds that sometimes end up with unsightly scabs. As a consequence, stains may also appear in the area that are difficult to remove.

How to avoid chafing?

When we suffer from this discomfort, the most important thing is to take care of the skin and protect it from external aggressions, improve its firmness and smoothness. Although, without a doubt, the best option is prevention.

In the market we find different solutions that will prevent our thighs from rubbing. And none of them involve giving up cool clothes in summer!

  • Moisturizing products
  • Anti-chafing bands or bandalettes
  • T&high girdles

One option may be the different dermocosmetic products that respect the skin and keep the area hydrated while softening the friction of rubbing.

You can also opt for more physical barriers, such as anti-chafing bands, colloquially known as bandalettes. They are a kind of garters, but wider, which are placed on the upper part of the leg, where friction occurs. Although sounding ideal, they move, are uncomfortable and create visible creases that don't look good with all clothes.

Another garment that acts as a physical barrier is anti-chafing girdles. They are, without a doubt, the best option: in addition to mitigating the impact of rubbing, many have a shaping effect that slims the figure. The best combo!

Protect your thighs from friction and enjoy any outfit with anti-chafing girdles

If, when the heat arrives, you are terrified of wearing fresh clothes because you tend to suffer from chafing on your thighs, don't worry! The anti-chafing girdles that you will find at Leonisa will help you forget about this problem and the possible chafing in the crotch that you may suffer. It's time to enjoy the summer with comfortable clothes and without worries!

  • The slimming girdle panties with good thigh coverage will allow you to show off a good figure without chafing your thighs being a concern for you. You can wear it with both shorter dresses and skirts.
  • Within our extensive catalog, you can find pant girdles that reach the ankles that, in addition, exert a natural push-up effect. A perfect garment to wear under skirts or long dresses. So you can wear that garment that you like so much!
  • With the short girdles or seamless pants you will forget about the marks that may remain on your skin. Aesthetics and comfort go hand in hand with this garment.
  • Do you have midi garments (that reach the knee) that you would love to wear to that trip you have planned on vacation, but you don't dare for fear of rubbing your legs? Don't worry with our pant girdles that reach the knee.

In addition, many of our garments, such as panties or girdle briefs, have interior cotton reinforcements that will keep you dry throughout the day. A gesture that your health will also appreciate.

At Leonisa we want you to feel comfortable and safe whatever you wear. Forget uncomfortable thigh chafing with our garments!

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