Lace is one of the most iconic and recognized materials in lingerie, being one of the most sensual options in terms of underwear. Lace has been used in fashion to create delicate and elegant garments for a long time, and today, it continues to be one of the most popular options.

The use of lace in women's underwear

Lace underwear is not a recent thing; in fact, it has been in use since the 1960s. However, its use has changed and evolved over time, to such an extent that it is currently just another accessory for very different looks. Lace bras and bralettes are a great option to wear under sheer tops or blouses. Also to show them subtly in the necklines of dresses and blouses. In fact, they can be used as outerwear for more casual occasions.

This is due, to a large extent, to its versatility, its romanticism and its ability to make whoever wears it feel sexy and elegant from the inside out.

Contrary to what is usually thought, these items of lingerie, both bralettes and panties, are becoming more comfortable every day, being manufactured in fabrics that perfectly accommodate women's bodies. In the same way, they are light and breathable, being able to be perfectly worn during the day to day. In this way, they not only stand out for their aesthetics, but also for their high comfort.

At Leonisa we know that women have different body types and needs. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of lace garments for all types of silhouettes. Lace does not have to be restricted exclusively to small breasts. We have lace lingerie that provides good support for larger breasts .

To this we must add the Smartlace technology , which offers a more modern, technological, durable, super soft lace that does not itch . This makes our garments an excellent option for women looking for comfort and style in their underwear.

If you are looking for elegance, sensuality and versatility, lace lingerie is the option you were looking for. Discover our wide variety of lace bras and panties that adapt to different needs and bodies, and that also have Smartlace technology to provide maximum comfort.

lace bras

Lace bras are one of the most sophisticated and elegant garments that exist, as well as highly versatile. They can be used in very different contexts: with pajamas, in daily and casual looks and with more elegant and elaborate outfits. So much so, that they function as one more garment, being able to be partially or totally visible.

In addition, at Leonisa we offer a wide variety of sizes, both for small and larger breasts, from XS to 3XL, so that all women can enjoy this type of lingerie without exception. In the same way, We have multiple models , so that it is possible to choose the one that best suits each situation and each body. We offer post-surgical lace bras , designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy or breast reduction surgery. These bras are comfortable, soft and have internal pockets to place breast prostheses .

Bralette, the most sensual model with lace and transparencies

In recent years, bralettes have become very popular, and it is not for less, since they are very comfortable thanks to the absence of rings and rods. If anything they have a very light padding which makes them very comfortable.

Lace bralettes are undoubtedly the most sensual and delicate bra model. They usually have thin and decorative straps, and often have transparencies that enhance the natural beauty of our bodies. They are perfect for showing off the neckline in dresses and tops. The most common is that the lace at the bottom is elastic, so that it fits perfectly to the body.

They are designed to be seen, so it is easy to find this type of garment in outfits with transparencies, since you get a very sophisticated and elegant look . The key is to choose a transparent garment that is not too revealing and to let the bra be the protagonist.

If you opt for a lace bralette, for example, you can wear it under a sheer silk or chiffon blouse, or a dress with transparencies on top. You can also play with contrasts, choosing a dark-colored bralette to wear under a transparent, light-colored garment, or vice versa. Complete your look with classic cut trousers and elegant heels for a sophisticated and modern look.

The push up effect with the most delicate fabric

Looking for a push up effect , but accompanied by a delicate and beautiful fabric? Lace bras can also offer a push up effect , making the bust appear more lifted and rounded. At Leonisa we have lace bras with preformed cups and padding to achieve this effect. These bras are ideal for special occasions or to show off a more pronounced neckline.

The push up effect is one of the most sought after features in a bra, since it enhances and defines the woman's bust. And when combined with the delicate lace fabric, the result is a bra that is both sensual and functional.

In the Leonisa catalog you can also find lace push-up bras that provide the support your bust needs while enhancing it. all this, without giving up the elegance and romanticism of lace. The perfect union!

Half cup bra: the flattering balconette

Half-cup bras, also known as balconettes , are ideal for wearing a cleavage, being one of the most versatile models that exist, since they provide medium support to the bust and naturally enhance the chest. So much so that they are among the most demanded and sold in the world of lingerie.

Lace balcony bras are a very elegant and sensual option, ideal for use with V-shaped necklines, since the cups are not visible and the result is very natural.

Discover all our balcony models in different colors and designs.

Post-surgical bras to feel beautiful and comfortable every day

At Leonisa we know that women need an intimate garment that provides support and comfort after breast surgery, be it a mastectomy or breast reduction surgery . Elegance and sensuality are not at odds with these situations: our post-surgical lace bras , specifically designed for women who have undergone breast surgery, are a clear example of this.

These bras provide soft, comfortable support , which is especially important during the recovery period after surgery. Lace is an elegant and feminine addition to these bras, which means they don't have to look boring and unstyled .

Additionally, post-surgical lace bras are designed with soft, breathable materials to minimize irritation and discomfort. They also often have adjustable straps to allow for a perfect, personalized fit , which is especially important after breast surgery as the size and shape of the chest can change.

If you've recently undergone breast surgery, don't worry: lace bras are for you too. In Leonisa we have at your disposal different
postoperative bras ideal for your recovery, with a comfortable, soft and delicate design, with internal pockets to place the prostheses and make you feel beautiful every day. With our lace post surgical bra, women can feel confident and comfortable while recovering and can also look elegant and sophisticated.


SmartLace lace: the application of technology to women's underwear

At Leonisa we have designed and developed state-of-the-art lace lingerie, combining comfort, delicacy and sensuality: the SmartLace range.

It is a modern lace that combines the elegance and sensuality of traditional lace with the durability and comfort provided by the most avant-garde technology.

This lace is characterized by being more resistant, soft and durable than conventional lace. Leonisa's SmartLace technology makes the lace more resistant to tears and deformation , ensuring that the garment maintains its original shape and appearance for a long time, even after several washes. In addition, it is softer and more comfortable in contact with the skin, so it does not cause itching or discomfort.v The application of this technology in lace underwear allows us to offer a wide variety of products that combine the beauty of lace with the functionality of the latest technology. Featured Leonisa products made with SmartLace lace include panties and bras.

SmartLace lace panties are perfect for any occasion, from everyday to special occasions. They are designed to adapt to the figure of each woman, providing excellent comfort and an attractive and elegant appearance.

SmartLace lace bras are also an excellent choice for women looking for a combination of beauty and function. These bras are designed to offer excellent support and comfort, even for women with larger breasts. In addition, its lace design provides a sensual and elegant touch to any look.

Panties made of the most comfortable modern lace

Our SmartLace panties are made from the most modern and elegant lace and are designed with comfort and style in mind. For its manufacture, we use soft and elastic materials that adapt well to the body and provide a feeling of softness and freshness throughout the day.

The most elegant designs are perfectly combined with other high-quality materials to achieve greater comfort and softness on the skin. In this way, they fit perfectly and provide the right support to ensure long-lasting comfort.

In addition, it is a breathable material, which makes it ideal for more humid climates or for use during the summer.

At Leonisa we have a wide variety of models, from the most classic panties to the most modern. Among the options of lace panties available on our website are the following:

  • Classic cut panties in Smartlace lace with soft stretch that doesn't mark the skin and full coverage that provides a comfortable feeling all day.
  • Briefs with lace at the back and a delicate lace band at the front for an elegant and feminine look.
  • Thong-style panties with lace back and a soft lace band at the waist for a comfortable, non-marking fit. .

Discover our lace lingerie and enjoy the comfortable, sensual and durable underwear that every woman should have in her closet.

Perfect garments for every day

Wearing lace on a daily basis in a comfortable way is easy with Leonisa. In our extensive catalog you can find different options of both bras and panties to combine as you want, available in various colors and designs.

For example, our bralette type bra in lace and transparencies and the microfiber low-rise panty with lace details; either the ultra-comfortable bra with delicate touches of lace and the culotte panty in ultralight fabric with lace, among many other options. The limits are set by you!

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