What type of lingerie flatters each body type

Each body is unique and different from the others, but the different body types share something: the more than 80 organs and all the muscles that make it up work in a coordinated way so that we can fulfill our morphological and physiological functions every day.

Although each one is free to wear what she likes the most and with what she feels most comfortable with, the truth is that there are certain garments that enhance each female body. Do you want to know what type of body you have and what lingerie will suit you best? Keep reading and don't miss the infographic at the end of this post!

Somatic classification of bodies

All bodies can be classified into three large somatotypes. The somatic type refers to physical form, and is determined by metabolism, muscle mass, bone structure and our tendency to accumulate fat.

The three somatotypes are as follows:

  • Endomorph. Of the three body types, it is the one that tends to accumulate fat the most because it has a slower metabolism and has more difficulties losing weight. It is characterized by having a wide and strong bone structure.
  • Ectomorph. It is defined by a slim build and a weight somewhat below the average weight of the population. They do not usually accumulate fat, but they require a lot of effort to gain muscle mass. Their metabolism is generally faster, so they consume energy more quickly; hence his build is slimmer. They tend to have a more elongated bone structure, with narrow bones, and long lower and upper extremities.
  • Mesomorph. It is the middle ground between the two previous female body types. They tend to gain muscle mass easily and often have an athletic figure. However, they often have trouble losing weight.

Types of female silhouette

In addition to somatotypes, the female silhouette can be classified into different types. It is convenient to know what type of body we have to choose the clothes that best suit us.

Hourglass body

The hourglass body usually has very harmonic and proportionate dimensions, since the shoulders and hips are equally wide, while the waist is narrower and more defined. Like an hourglass.

It is usually a body type that does not need push up bras, although it can always benefit from more shaping. If you have a little belly, you can opt for high-waisted panties because they stylize and help hide it.

Pear or triangular shaped body

The pear or triangular body is characterized by being wider at the bottom than at the top; With narrower shoulders and a wider hip, the pant size is larger than the T-shirt size. In short, it is like a pyramid that widens from the head to the lower extremities.

This body type should emphasize the upper part so that it appears that it is more balanced. Some options might be push-up bras, strapless or halter bras, or balconette bras.

For bottoms, one option is the classic panties with medium or low waist in rather dark colors and with high leg cuts to optically lengthen the torso and balance the proportions.

Rectangular body

The rectangular body can also be called "square" or "column". In this case, the shoulders and hips are equally wide, but the waist is less defined, without drawing curves.

The ideal for this type of body is to bet on lingerie that breaks the proportion such as push-up, balconet or padded bras. Hip panties, thongs or culottes, which add visual volume to the lower part, can be a good option.

Reverse triangle shaped body

Reverse triangle bodies are the opposite of triangle shapes: the pyramid is wider at the top than at the bottom.

In this type of body, it is convenient to give more visual volume to the hips with culottes and low-waisted shorts, lace or ruffle panties. In the upper part, you can opt for triangular bras, with a deep neckline to reduce the visual volume of the shoulders, or bras tied at the neck.

Apple or oval body

Apple-shaped or oval bodies are characterized by their tendency to roundness; the lines of his body are less marked and the transition between the top and the bottom is more subtle.

The best thing for these bodies is that the attention is not focused on the central part, so bodysuits, high-waisted panties or full cup or reducing bras are ideal.

Do you already know what type of body you have? It's time to enhance it with the garments that best suit it! But you must not forget that each body is equally beautiful regardless of its shape or size; they are all equally valid and serve us as tools It is in our day to day.

What type of lingerie flatters each body type

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