Curvy fashion: shapewear to get the most out of it

In the early 2000s, the media and brands promoted the physique of tall and thin models (often too thin). This gave rise to many adolescents of that time ending up developing eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

After many complaints and thanks to the protests on social networks, it seems that the fashion industry opened its eyes and began to show a slightly larger and, above all, healthier variety of bodies. It was then that curvy fashion emerged.

What is curvy fashion and what do we understand by “curvy woman”?

To clarify the definition of this term, let's go to its etymology: curvy is the English translation of "curve", which, applied to a body, means "body with curves".

This does not mean that they are overweight women, although both body types share something, and that is that they are not within the beauty canons imposed by the best-known clothing brands. On the contrary: under the term curvy a multitude of very different bodies are included : short or tall, with big feet or small feet, with more or less hips, with more or less chest... But the trait that identifies them all is that they have curves that are not ashamed of , but want to enhance.

Therefore, curvy is not synonymous with overweight or large sizes, but rather a very defined silhouette to suit the woman.

Of course, it should be very clear that obesity or not having a healthy lifestyle is not defended, but rather feeling beautiful regardless of size . All bodies are valid and equally beautiful, and that is the most important thing.

 curvy fashion in our society

Body positive or body positivism wants to encourage acceptance of the body as it is and recognize its main function: to keep us on our feet and allow us to do actions every day.

This concept has empowered many people, especially women, who have been suffocated by a canon that encouraged thinness. Its success has been so great that some of the trendiest textile firms expanded the sizes and began to take these bodies into consideration both in the production of garments and in their representation on the catwalks and in catalogues.

curvy bodies, with more or less cartridge belts and more or less chest, are bodies as or more common than extremely thin ones, so it is absurd to keep them out of the standard.

For this reason, we must thank all the users who fight for a greater representation of bodies, but also renowned artists such as Meghan Trainor. His song “All About that Bass”, released in 2014, claimed the irrelevance of size with verses like “ Yeah my mama she told me don't, worry about your size / Cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top ”. Without a doubt, a hymn for many women.

Now that it seems that the canons of the early 2000s are reappearing, it is important to emphasize, in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, that the representation of the diversity of bodies is very important . And that it should not only be part of the marketing strategy of companies, but also in the production of clothing.

How to enhance the natural curves of your body with the most top garments?

Some studies have shown that plus size or curvy clothing is selling much better than other garments for more normative bodies. A trend that can be seen not only in everyday casual clothing, but also in underwear. Why? Well, in the first place because it is a necessity; secondly, because the world of lingerie has always been considered a pioneer in the inclusion and support of all body types.

There are different types of curvy bodies, and each type can benefit from using one or another undergarment.

Curvy style

Bras according to your size and body type

If you want to enhance your curves and show off a nice neckline with an enhanced chest , it is best that you opt for a bra that helps you keep the bust high.

If you have more hips than shoulders, we advise you to choose a push up bra to achieve balance.

If, on the contrary, you have more chest than hip, it is best that you choose a minimizing bra so that the chest continues to look voluminous, but with a nice and collected shape. Also, if you bet on posture-correcting bras , you will have a splendid figure, since your back will be as straight as possible, and that always looks very stylish.

Reducing panties or shorts

If you are one of those who is characterized by having an apple body, and your hips are greater than your shoulders, you may want to optically reduce this part of the body. To do this, reducing panties or shorts and shapewear are an excellent option.

full length bodysuits

Full -length bodysuits will help you to stylize your figure in a homogeneous way, without the need to enhance or reduce a part of the body.

prendas curvy

Shaping leggings

If you want to enhance the curves of your hips and rear in your day to day, shaping leggings are the ideal solution. In addition to being comfortable, functional and super elastic, everyone will think that your figure has been sculpted by Michelangelo himself.


The best way to enhance the curves of a woman's body is by emphasizing the figure. That is why opting for waistbands is an excellent idea for those who want to emphasize the contrast between the upper and lower parts of the body. If you want to show off a wasp waist like Marilyn Monroe's, this is your ally!

Shapewear effect jeans

SIf you don't usually wear leggings in your day-to-day life, and you prefer jeans, in Leonisa you will find a catalog of pants with a shaping effect : with tummy control, push up effect ... You choose what you want to extol about your body, because we have it for you.

Shaping swimwear

And what about in summer? Can I wear clothes that continue to shape my figure and emphasize my curves? Yes! Try our swimsuits with tummy control and feel how you are the focus of all eyes. You will show off an enviable curvy figure !


Winter has arrived and so is the time to bundle up with more layers than an onion. To show off a flat abdomen during this time of year, we recommend that the first layer of clothing be our multipurpose t-shirts with abdomen control. Ideal to wear under sweaters without anyone noticing that you are wearing it.

arm girdles

The arms are one of the parts of the body that women also tend to have a complex, since many times the skin looks flaccid and somewhat hanging. For those who want to hide this problem, we have arm girdles with compression sleeves . An excellent option to wear under long sleeves.

In Leonisa you will find a multitude of curvy fashion garments that will help you sculpt the figure of your dreams. But never forget that the most important thing is to learn to love ourselves and to respect and accept our body. Because we are diverse, and therein lies the beauty.

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