Sagged Breasts? Try With These Solutions

The fallen chest is something that occurs in all women from the age of 40. However, on some occasions and for various reasons, it can occur prematurely at younger ages, thus affecting the self-esteem and security of many women.

To solve this purely aesthetic problem, there are different solutions: from aesthetic operations that help raise the bust to bras that raise the sagging chest and make that V-neckline feel wonderful.

If this is a topic that worries you, keep reading! In this post we offer several solutions.

What is the sagging chest due to?

The problem of sagging breasts receives the scientific name of breast ptosis , and it is not only an aesthetic problem.

Although it is true that it is partly due to the force that gravity exerts on our body over time, the reality is that this is not the only reason, but that it is mainly due to the loss of elasticity of the skin which is in the chest.

Loss of laxity in this area has multiple causes:

  • Genetic factors. Those people who, due to genetic reasons, have looser skin will suffer from this problem early.
  • Aging. Over the years, the skin loses elasticity, and this also affects the tissue in this area.
  • Changes in the mammary structure. Over the years and with pregnancies, the breast loses its mammary gland in favor of fat, which is softer and less firm, which is why it droops more.
  • The volume of the chest. The greater the volume, the greater the weight, so the skin yields more.
  • Weight changes. When we get fat, we gain fat in all parts of our body, including the chest. This makes it weigh more and the skin sometimes cannot bear all the weight. Depending on the age at which these fluctuations occur, the skin will be more or less elastic and, therefore, it will take more or less time to adapt.

Does not wearing a bra cause your chest to sag?

sujetador para pecho caído

Although there is still not enough scientific evidence to corroborate the impact of wearing a bra on the chest, we can safely say that not wearing a bra does not cause sagging chest.

However, we are sure that its correct use helps delay this problem, especially if you have a bulky chest. In these cases, the best option is to use a bra adapted for a large and sagging chest, a great ally to combat gravity.

Young sagging chest: sagging breasts are not only attributed to age

The chest stops growing at approximately 18 years of age, but it is constantly changing. It is sensitive to weight gain and loss, pregnancy and volume changes that appear with menstrual periods.

That is why it is important to remember that each woman is different and has her own natural development and they are all equally beautiful and unique.

General tips to prevent chest droop prematurely

If you start to notice that your breasts are losing volume and their usual shape, take note of these tips that will help you delay sagging breasts:

  • Wear proper bras. It will help to maintain the correct position.
  • Exercising will help you reaffirm and strengthen this area. Do not forget to use a sports bra to protect and reduce the impact of movements.
  • Watch your body posture. We must avoid, as far as possible, adopting hunched postures whether we are sitting or standing, since optically they will make our chest look lower.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. Sudden weight gains and losses can cause the skin to stretch to accommodate the fat, and this can cause our breasts to sag. To avoid this, it is important to try to maintain a stable and healthy weight, following a diet rich in protein.
  • No smoking. The compounds in cigarettes are harmful to the collagen in the skin, and can cause sagging and wrinkles.

How to achieve an upright and firm bust?

If you want to show off necklines in summer and make your chest look firm and upright, don't miss these tips that we bring you. Incorporate them into your day to day and notice the difference!

Bras to lift the sagging chest

Some of the bras that can help you show off a nice neckline are those of push-up type or with padding , since their mission is to enhance and shape the chest. If you are looking to stand out with your outfit , this idea is great for you.

Exercises for the pectorals

Having an exercise routine that strengthens the upper body and, especially the pectorals, will help you show off a raised bust. Some exercises that are suitable are chest dips, bench press , dumbbell exercises such as arm opening and chest opening, etc.

Another option is to bet on exercises in which the whole body is toned, but with special emphasis on the upper part of the body, such as swimming or Pilates.

Take care of the skin

It is convenient to hydrate the chest area with light circular massages so that it continues to have elasticity. Add a sunscreen to your body care routine to prevent sunburn, and you'll have smooth skin.

Surgical operations to firm up breasts

Nowadays, there are different surgical interventions to reaffirm sagging breasts . It is an effective method to fill in the volume and give the firmness you want.

If you have undergone an operation, you know that it is very important to take care of yourself during the recovery process. That is why at Leonisa we have designed post surgical bras that guarantee maximum comfort.

The best bras for sagging chest

When we buy a bra, we ask ourselves which one is the most suitable for us and our chest body type.

Below we leave you three different bra models that adapt to different shapes and sizes of breasts so that you can find the one that best suits you.

Big sagging chest bra

Many women get desperate when it comes to buying bras for large, sagging breasts. The biggest drawback they find is that sometimes the width of the torso is not compatible with the cup of the bust. In this case, the best choice is to get a bra with a wide contour that ensures maximum support, either with or without straps, so that you feel comfortable at all times.

Bra for small chest and sagging

If you are one of those who hide your neckline because you think you have nothing to show, we have the solution for you.

The most ideal bras for small and sagging chests are those that have some padding and push up . In this way, while you enhance your chest, you can increase one or two sizes in volume. Dare and enjoy a scandalous neckline!

sujetador para pecho grande y caído
tetas caídas

Bra for separated sagging chest

The separated chest can be another of the complexes that most worry women. The key to being able to create a beautiful cleavage is to get a separate, low bust bra. But what kind of bra can create this effect? Balconette bras are perfect, as their cut joins, shapes and enhances the chest according to your size. Also, if you want to raise your neckline with a little more volume, you can choose push up bras . At Leonisa we create products that adapt to all types of women, whatever your body. Find the bra that fits you and forget about the sagging chest!

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