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In recent years, the concept of "sustainable fashion" or "slow fashion" has been permeating the philosophy of people who seek to placate the exacerbated consumption of fast fashion and its consequences for the environment.

Sustainable fashion is based on the need for citizens to acquire new lifestyle habits that have a positive impact on the planet. It is a way of understanding the textile business and making it compatible with the environment.

In this article we are going to explain the importance of sustainable clothing, especially sustainable lingerie, which is so often forgotten.

What does sustainable clothing mean?

Sustainable clothing is not a green label or a fashion issue: it means a profound transformation of the textile business, and its impact on environments and societies. When we buy a garment, we are not only acquiring something that we are going to use: indirectly, we are supporting the set of practices that are behind the design, production and sale of that garment or brand. Therefore, when we commit to sustainable fashion, we embrace the values ​​behind it and the pillars on which this concept is based.

Sustainable fashion is manufactured respecting the environment and the work of all the people involved in the process. For this, recyclable, organic or natural materials are used, through procedures that minimize the carbon footprint. But not only does it stop there, but sustainability also reaches the packaging, the design and the disposal of the garments.

Is it the same as ecological clothing?

Although there is no standard definition for the concepts of “green” and “sustainable” and their application to fashion, the following differences can be outlined:

  • Ecological fashion is one that is produced taking into account the social and environmental impact of its development. To do this, natural fabrics from responsible cultivation are used, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, dyes or other types of toxic substances. In addition, it seeks that working conditions are worthy and respected.
  • Sustainable fashion is one that has been created respecting the environment with recycled or reused materials, vegetable dyes and renewable energies, and toxic-free raw materials.

Sustainable underwear

When we think of sustainable clothing, we usually think of larger garments: dresses, pants, sweaters... But we rarely notice sustainable underwear.

These types of garments are more special, since, being in direct contact with the most delicate parts of our body, they must function as a second skin. That is why breathable and elastic materials are usually used, which provide fit and support. Some materials that offer these qualities are elastane, lycra, polyester or nylon; materials that are difficult to recycle and that are not usually biodegradable. Think about your underwear drawer and how you have been updating it throughout your life. Although they are smaller in size garments, the total volume is considerable! We understand then the importance of sustainable underwear, but what materials to bet on?

Bet on organic certified materials when choosing your underwear

Numerous investigations into elastic and compostable or recyclable materials are currently being carried out, but not all the results are suitable for use as underwear.

At the moment, you can find lingerie made with certified organic cotton instead of conventional cotton, and garments made with viscose from sustainable sources such as Lyocell (viscose-like material made from plant fibers such as eucalyptus). , modal (made from beech tree fibers), bamboo fibers, Econyl (recycled nylon made from plastic from ocean debris).

There are brands that seek to provide sustainable underwear without sacrificing comfort, as is the case with Leonisa.


Sustainable lingerie at Leonisa

At Leonisa we want to be honest with our clients about our commitment to the environment and the measures we take to help and be responsible with the planet. To adapt to this new reality, we have been changing the preparation of garments under the motto that small actions can lead to big changes.

One of the ways we have to respect the planet is by using environmentally friendly materials:

  • Our bags are developed with 100% compostable corn, which has led us to stop consuming 50 tons of plastic bags a year.
  • We stopped using single-use plastic hooks.
  • The blister of the garments is smaller.
  • Garment labels are made of material that can be sown and from which a new plant is born.
  • To avoid waste, reus We make or sell the fabric waste and send it to companies that separate the threads to have raw material again, and the rest is sent to a company that transforms the fabrics into briquettes for cement ovens.

Is all of Leonisa's underwear sustainable?

Little by little, our range of sustainable fashion products increases. Eco-friendly panties and tops made from recycled PET are just the beginning. If you are interested in renewing your wardrobe with sustainable underwear, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Leonisa Spain newsletter to be the first to receive news of the new eco garments.

ropa interior sostenible

Sustainable fashion fabrics at your fingertips

As for the fabrics with which we manufacture Leonisa garments (be it swimsuits, sportswear or underwear), the most outstanding is undoubtedly recycled PET plastic, since it guarantees resistance, softness, durability and breathability; all this, without sacrificing comfort or fashion.

Other materials we use to make sustainable fashion are both recycled and organic cotton, viscose from reforested forests and recycled polyester.

Our recycled clothing is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also brings benefits and functionality to those who wear it.

A garment that you will not believe has been made with sustainable materials are some eco-friendly beach pants, made with organic cotton and rayon, or these ecological swimsuits, for which approximately 2.8 recycled PET bottles were used per unit. If you are looking for sustainable clothing, in our catalog you will find sustainable sportswear that has been manufactured with environmentally friendly materials and procedures.

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