What does the color of your lingerie say about you?

Since we are little we become familiar with the concept of “underwear”, but it is not until we are more mature that we know the word “lingerie”.

By mistake, we often use these terms as synonyms, but the truth is that they have a great difference between them: in the material, the composition and, most importantly, the color. Here we tell you what the color of your lingerie says about you.

What is lingerie and how is lingerie different from underwear?

Lingerie and underwear have a mission: to cover our private parts. The difference lies in how they do it. The underwear does it in a functional way, while the goal of the second is to do it in a special way.

Lingerie is made up of delicate garments that show sensuality, which is why they are made with fabrics such as lace, tulle or transparencies. Given their particularity, they are not used on a daily basis (as underwear is), but on special occasions.

On the contrary, underwear has a mainly hygienic function and not so much an aesthetic one, which is why it is made with resistant materials such as cotton or lycra, which guarantee the durability of the garments.

Does the color of your lingerie define you?

When we want to renew our wardrobe, our eyes are mainly focused on the color of the garments, and within the chromatic range, we prefer some colors over others, do you know why? Because it seems that the color we choose says a lot about us.

Not only in terms of our tastes and preferences, but also about our personality and values, our character or our state of mind.

When it comes to lingerie, some colors are sexier than others. Do you want to know what the secret of each color is?

White lingerie, the color of purity

White is one of the most accepted colors in the world, with a symbolism common to all cultures. The white color represents purity, transmits peace and calm, elements that are sought by those who opt for white lingerie.

People who choose this color are looking for a calm and leisurely lifestyle. Although it seems like a very simple color, in lingerie it is considered elegant and refined, which is why it is the color of bridal lingerie. In combination with transparencies and lace, it can be really sexy and delicate.

lencería color blanco

Pink and fuchsia lingerie: say goodbye to innocence

Pink and fuscia are very similar colors, with shared characteristics. Fuscia is related to feminine coquetry and is worn by daring and modern women who want to stand out.

For its part, pink is associated with childhood and innocence, but in lingerie it is very flirty and playful.

lencería rosa

Black lingerie, a basic in your wardrobe!

Black lingerie is a staple in any woman's wardrobe. Black is the quintessential color for sensual and sexy lingerie. It provides security and mystery to the woman who wears it. It is a very sophisticated color that suits all women.

If you think that the color black can be boring, take a look at one of our black lace bras and feel its power. With it on you will feel safer than ever.

lencería color negro

Red lingerie, for passionate women

If only because of the Spanish tradition of wearing red underwear on New Year's, surely you have the occasional outfit of this color in your wardrobe.

Red is the color of passion; symbolizes strength and daring, but also the forbidden. Women who choose red lingerie for their intimacy are passionate, daring and confident women.

As with black lingerie, red lingerie is a wardrobe staple for any woman.

lencería color rojo

Blue lingerie: do you dare?

Blue symbolizes two of the most immense and incomprehensible elements in the world: the sky and the sea. It is a very discreet color, but also very comforting.

As for blue lingerie, you don't have to choose basic designs, as it combines perfectly with lace and transparencies, transmitting security and elegance.

lencería color azul

Green lingerie, ideal for all women

Along with blue, green is the other basic color that conveys great emotions. Green symbolizes energy and positivity. Women who choose green lingerie, like this triangular bra with transparencies and lace, are characterized by being vital and positive, and having a free spirit, closely linked to nature.

lencería verde

Lingerie in shades of lavender and violet, synonymous with sensuality

On a visual level, the lavender and violet tones, which at their base combine magenta and blue, are very similar to black. Lavender lingerie is indicated for daring women who want to break the rules, but at the same time are very sensual.

lencería lila

Lingerie in earth and nude tones, for confident women

The colors called nude represent the natural beauty of the body. Although in a flat color it can be somewhat flat, if you get the model right you can look spectacular and flattering. Don't you believe us? Take a look at these nude and earth-colored bras that we have on the web, they will change your mind!

lencería nude

Yellow and orange lingerie, ideal for brown skin

Orange and yellow are very rare colors in lingerie because of how striking they are. This does not mean that there are not, on the contrary! It only means that they are less frequent than the previous colors. If all colors have meaning, what does yellow in underwear mean? This color symbolizes joy and vitality, and is perfect for brown and tanned skin, as it will make your skin stand out even more.

lencería amarilla

Dare with prints

Although it is usual for lingerie to be in a single color, with a predominance of textures and design, it is possible to find lingerie with prints: flowers, animal print, transparencies... Each one will say something about you, but they all have something in common: you are a unique and daring woman, who does not settle for the simple. No matter what color of underwear you are looking for, at Leonisa you will find an infinite number of models and sets of both lingerie for special occasions and underwear to wear on a daily basis. Take a look at our website and choose the one that best suits you!

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