Bras to bare back, show off that low back!

For a few years now we are seeing in fashion that necklines are no longer only worn on the front, but the back can also be a good canvas on which to wear open garments.

T-shirts, dresses and even shirts and blouses! If you want to know which outdoor back bra is best, keep reading!

Keys to show off a nice “back neckline” with any outfit

The back is one of the most suggestive parts of the body, which is why garments that fully or partially expose it are always a hit.

That is why it is common that in summer we see dresses and t-shirts that leave this part of the body exposed, thus allowing us to look tanned.

Next we will see what types of necklines exist and which one favors each type of body the most.

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Decide how much you are going to show and which neckline suits you best 

Depending on the shape of the garments on the back, there are the following necklines:

  • Racer back: In the back, the shoulder blades are exposed, so there is only a kind of thick strap in the center of the back.
  • U, V or V-shaped necklines: Perhaps they are the most classic necklines, and precisely therein lies their charm. They are very pronounced necklines that look good on bodies with a defined waist, such as pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped bodies, because they highlight this area of the body and optically lengthen the back. It can be at different heights, offering different variants, as well as admitting games with other fabrics that highlight the different levels.
  • Open back: Many garments that are worn today have an open back, covering only the area near the arms. Some of them have straps, laces or other types of elements that allow you to adjust the width of the garment so that it is more or less tight or simply as decoration to give it a very modern and youthful style.
  • Trapezoid neckline: The trapezoid neckline is a very beautiful and comfortable design that has the shape of an inverted triangle. It exposes the central part of the back while supporting the shoulders, highlighting them. It creates a feeling of harmony with the hips, making it a perfect type of neckline for women with a pear-shaped body and who have a long neck, as it helps to hide it. It is a type of neckline that is perfect both in long-sleeved and short-sleeved garments, since, due to its structure, it gives the impression that the garment is always tight to the body. In short, a most elegant and sexy neckline, but also comfortable.
  • Square neckline: This design is very pretty and flattering, especially if it goes against a very closed front part. Ideal for those who want to show off their toned back.
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  • Strapless: It is the well-known "strapless" of a lifetime that exposes the shoulders, shoulder blades and half of the back. Ideal for rather straight bodies that want to highlight this part of their body.
  • Teardrop type: It is a very simple and delicate design that women with more romantic tastes like. It has an opening in the central area of the spine that allows a glimpse of the skin.

It shows off a little lace under the garments

In recent years it has become fashionable to wear a lace bra under clothes that have a neckline. In this way, you play with designs, patterns and textures.

In this sense, bralettes are an excellent option. Being a generally lace garment, it offers a lot of play. It combines with all looks, making them more sensual and sophisticated.

Have you thought about garments with a built-in bra? 

Another option is to use garments that already have a built-in bra, as is the case with bodies. Thus, you forget what type of bra you need is the right one.

This sleeveless bodysuit with a square neckline on the back adapts to your body, enhancing your curves to the maximum, and forget about the bra!

The best bras for low backs

Each moment has its garment, and each garment has its bra. Next, we will see which one fits best for the different back necklines.

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Low back bra: for U or V dresses

For garments with a U or V neckline, the ideal are back bras Low, especially for women who have a lot of chest, since it helps in the support and the bust looks raised. Showing off a bralette that doesn't have a clasp is also an option, as the lace will look great against the back.

Full Back Adhesive Bras

In a completely uncovered back, the ideal is that no other garment is visible, only the skin. In this case, adhesive bras are ideal, since they also help to enhance the bust by having a little padding or push up .

However, this type of bra is indicated for tighter garments, since it could come unstuck if the shirt is loose and it is too hot.

It is indicated for women with little chest, since, since it does not have straps, it is more difficult for it to remain elevated.

Bra with removable straps for one-shoulder garments

Removable strap bras are those that allow you to remove one or both straps depending on the shape of the garment, such as those that have an exposed shoulder or asymmetrical sleeves.

In addition, they also allow you to cross them in the event that the garment exposes the shoulder blades, as in the case of racerback necklines.

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Bra with multiposition straps

Los Multi -way strap bras are very similar to the previous ones, but the difference is that instead of the usual wide strap with closure hooks in the back, multi-way strap bras have a back strap that is as wide as the suspenders.

It is quite versatile, since it can be used in different back necklines: V-shaped, teardrop, trapezoid...

Transparent back bras for translucent back garments

Strappy bras are essential for those with a large chest, as it helps to keep it high and robust. If you are one of those who cannot live without a bra, you may like to know that there are bras that have a back, but this one is transparent. Ideal for showing off low-cut backs without giving up support!

Bandeau bra for dresses with thin straps

In summer, dresses are the star garment in almost all women's wardrobes. Many of them tend to have thin straps to be cooler and lighter at a time when the thermometer marks high temperatures.

However, seeing braces of two different thicknesses can be unsightly. In these cases, an excellent option is to bet on bandeau -type bras , a basic and essential garment that offers security, comfort and support. They are very fitted and strapless, making them perfect for many spaghetti straps and strapless outfits.

Don't know what bra to wear with that top that you love and that has an open back? Enter our category and find the one that best suits you.

Although if you know how to play with color and texture, you could also wear a lace bralette under a dress with thin straps, generating a color contrast, with solid colors. For example with this triangular tulle and lace bralette .

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