Types of swimsuits and bikinis 2022


Tipos de bañadores y bikinis


Summer is synonymous with heat, beach and fun, and it is the right time of year to bring out your trendiest collection of swimsuits and bikinis. In this article we tell you which are the most current models that cannot be missing in your suitcase on these holidays to shine with your own light.

Types of full body swimsuits for women

Some say that whole swimsuits are out of fashion, but nothing is further from the truth. In fact, there are almost as many different types of swimsuits as there are bikinis. In case you don't believe it, we summarize the most common below:

Shaping swimsuits
We could summarize this type of swimsuits as the ones that most help to stylize your figure. In fact, they are also known as reducing or flat belly swimsuits.

Sweetheart Neckline Swimsuits
Swimsuits that have a sweetheart neckline are one of the most flattering, unless your chest size is very voluminous and you need straps that have a “push-up” effect.

Halter Neck Swimsuits
This type of swimsuit is easily recognizable, since it is usually tied around the neck with very thin straps.

V-shaped swimsuits
They are the swimsuits that have a pronounced V-shaped neckline, which can even reach the navel, creating a “curtain effect” that is very slimming.

Belly Cut Swimsuits
Surely you have seen on occasion this full-length swimsuit with an opening in the shape of an inverted triangle that exposes the belly.

Trikinis are characterized by being swimwear pieces that seem independent but are joined by a piece of fabric in the middle, so that the silhouette of the waist is perceived in the same way as if we were wearing a bikini.

This is, perhaps, the most unknown type of swimsuit. We refer to a tankini when we talk about a two-piece set made up of a tank top and a bikini bottom.


Tipos de bañadores y bikinis


Types of bikinis

If you are one of those who prefers to opt for the classic bikini, you should know that there is a wide variety of options to choose from, each with its own particularities:

Triangle bikini

This is the most classic, which is characterized by having a triangular shape.

Bandeau bikini

Bandeau bikinis are those whose upper part does not have straps, and is designed as a kind of band that covers the chest. They are perfect to avoid the typical "bikini mark" left by the straps.

Brazilian bikini

The Brazilian bikini has the particularity in the panties, which are narrower than usual, exposing half of each buttock..

Halter bikini

This type of bikini is similar to the triangle, but it is characterized by being joined in the center by a seam, and by having a lower band on the chest to provide more support.

High waist bikini

High-waisted bikinis have a larger bottom than the rest, which is more like a “culotte” and covers a larger part of the hip. They are perfect for girls who want to hide their belly.

Balconette bikini

Balconette bikinis have a very characteristic design, and it seems that they are designed from the cup up. For this reason, they usually have a straighter cut that exposes more of the chest than other types of bikinis.


Tipos de bañadores y bikinis


Fashion Swimsuits and Bikinis for this summer 2022

If you are going to the beach or the pool this summer, you will surely want to wear the most current and seasonal designs that exist. We give you some clues:

Macramé is imposed as a trend

You already know that each season there is a style that prevails over the rest. If a few years ago only bikinis and swimsuits in animal print style were seen, now it is the turn of macramé. It is a decorative style that creates different fabrics and designs based on decorative knots.

Bañadores de materiales sostenibles

La sostenibilidad también trasciende al mundo de la moda, y cada vez son más las personas que apuestan por bañadores hechos con materiales reciclables, 100% respetuosos con el medio ambiente.

Swimsuits made of sustainable materials

Sustainability also transcends the world of fashion, and more and more people are betting on swimsuits made with recyclable materials, 100% respectful of the environment.

Colorful prints

Summer is joy, it's color, and what better way to reflect it than with a colorful print on swimsuits or bikinis. This season it is very necessary to feel joy again, and for this reason, designs with bright colors are among the most requested.

The Brazilian style is always a success

Brazilian-style briefs, narrower than traditional ones, are one of those permanent trends that always succeed.

A set is much more than a swimsuit or bikini

A good set enhances the design of the swimsuit or bikini, and will make all eyes turn to you. The key is to find a unique and original stylish sarong or beach dress that is the perfect complement to your swimsuit or bikini. One of the hottest trends this year are mesh beach dresses, in true Rihanna style.

What swimsuit or bikini in trend?

a is right for your body type?

The big question we usually ask ourselves when we go to buy a bikini is whether it will suit us or not. The truth is that each body type is different, and not everyone is favored by the same type of swimsuit or bikini. Here are some of our recommendations that can help you choose the swimsuit that best fits your body shape:

  • Do you have a big chest? In that case, we advise you to opt for a bikini or swimsuit with straps. In this way, you will avoid the feeling of sagging chest. Those with a V-neckline or halter are your best ally.
  • Little chest? Choose padded bikinis, with a “push up” effect or with prints or ruffles that enhance the chest area.
  • Incipient tummy? An alternative to hide it are tankinis or high-waisted bikinis.
  • Rectangular body? Choosing a belly cut swimsuit can help you combat the perception of little curve in the waist.
  • Pear body? In that case, choose balconette or mini bikinis at the top, which leave more of your chest exposed.
  • Inverted triangle body? If this is your case, you should do it the other way around, focusing on the bottom with patterned panties and smoother, gathered tops.
  • Hourglass body? The truth is that this type of body admits practically any bikini or swimsuit, would you dare with the Brazilian style?

Whatever body you have, there is an ideal swimsuit or bikini for you. All you have to do is identify your strengths to enhance them and make the most of your figure. And, if you don't know how, at Leonisa we can advise you to go to the beach combining aesthetics, comfort and the latest fashion.

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