Know the different types of panties

Within underwear, panties are an essential garment for any woman. The different types of panties have evolved, throughout history, in terms of design, materials... Always seeking maximum comfort for those who wear it.

The result is that in the market we find a wide range of designs that, on many occasions, we may not be able to differentiate. If you are not entirely clear about the differences between a bikini bottom and a Brazilian bottom, this post is for you!

Learn about the different types of panties: the definitive style guide for Spain

Different types of panties have different cuts because not all of them highlight or hide the same areas.

Normal or classic panty (medium waist)

We all know what a normal or classic panty is, since it is the one we have used since we can remember, since we are little.

They are characterized by almost completely covering the bum, are wide at the front, and have slightly wider sides than, for example, bikini panties.

To what do they owe their success? Certainly at your convenience. In addition, they have a design that flatters all women's bodies. The only downside is that it can show through under clothes, but that's what classic seamless panties are for, we'll get to that part soon!

High waisted panties

High-waisted panties often remind us of more old-fashioned garments, the so-called "lady's panties". They are characterized by being high-waisted: they cover up to the navel and the back completely. This achieves a certain shaping effect that slims the figure.

Know the different types of panties

Bikini briefs

Bikini bottoms are a little more stylized than traditional ones, as the leg cut is more pronounced and the side is narrower. Visually, they are more low-cut in the front, stylizing the legs. This design is also very flattering.


Culotte panties are reminiscent of shorts in that they cover both the groin and the rear.

This model looks good on girls with hips because it frames and highlights this part of the body, making a more beautiful and perky ass.

They are ideal to combine with skirts or dresses because, if they fly up, nothing will be seen and you will feel totally protected.

Hipster panty

The hipster panty is halfway between the culotte panty and the classic panty. The sides are somewhat wide and the back does not cover as much as a culotte, but it covers more than a traditional panty.

They do not mark under clothing, so there is no fear when wearing tight clothing.

Know the different types of panties

Panty girdle

The girdle panty is ideal for stylizing the figure, since its length allows control of the abdomen and conceals the belly.

They are ideal for those special occasions in which you have to look good, no matter the garment: dresses, skirts, pants...

Know the different types of panties

Different types of thong for different styles

Women's underwear is very varied. In addition to the different models of panties, you can also find different types of thongs on the market.

This type of garment does not seek comfort as much as not leaving a mark under the clothes. That is why it covers the front, but on the back it can have different widths that can range from a thread to wider strips of fabric.

It is a very sexy garment, but they are not comfortable panties for everyone. Luckily, at Leonisa we have evolved for 60 years and the new thongs have internal cotton reinforcements and smart materials that totally change the matter. Comfort above all!

Know the different types of panties

Traditional Thong

The traditional thong is the one that covers the front, but not the back. At the back it consists of a wide strip that becomes smaller as it goes deeper into the buttocks.

String thong

  • As its name suggests, the string thong is the one that does not have a piece of fabric at the back, but rather a very thin elastic strip.
  • Brazilian briefs
  • The Brazilian panty combines the best of the thong and the classic panty: on the front it looks like a regular bikini panty, but on the back it has a V-cut that covers the upper part of the buttocks, exposing part of the buttocks.
  • It is undoubtedly a very sexy and versatile garment, since it combines with everything.
  • Panty models according to material
  • Of cotton. It is undoubtedly the softest and most skin-friendly fabric, ideal for people with sensitive skin. Ensures comfort throughout the day.
  • There are other materials such as lace or tulle, which are perfect for those who love lingerie. They are very sensual and comfortable fabrics at the same time.
  • Microfiber is the ideal textile for sports outfits or for those garments with which we want comfort throughout the day. Other panties for more special moments
  • In addition to the different models of panties and thongs that we have seen, there are other more special ones:
  • Padded panties are padded panties that provide the desired increase in the rear in a natural way. Despite what you may think, they are very comfortable and durable garments.
  • During pregnancy, the body changes and clothes may not be as comfortable as before. That is why it is important to have special clothes for this time. The maternity panties are very high rise so the tummy is not tight.
  • Invisible or laser cut panties can be found in any design and pattern. They are garments that do not have seams so that they do not mark under the clothes.
  • The bridal panties are part of the bridal outfit, albeit in a discreet way. They differ in their design, in which lace and light colors prevail, especially white.
  • Post-operative panties have antibacterial materials and exert some control over the area, avoiding sudden movements that could impair recovery.

Know the different types of panties

Of all these types of panties, the most important thing is that, whatever you choose, you are comfortable with it and it is your size.

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