Do you know all the types of chest? discover them to adapt your lingerie

Choosing the right lingerie is essential to achieve the greatest possible comfort in your day to day life. But, for this, it is necessary to know what type of chest you have and what lingerie best suits your bust. In this article, we take a look at what types of female breasts exist, how to identify yours, and how you can tailor underwear to your breast shape.

Why are there different types of female breasts?

The female anatomy is tremendously varied, and we could say that there are as many types of breasts as there are women. We tend to simplify by talking about big or small breasts, but the truth is that the characteristics of female breasts go much further.
There are different types of shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Each one generates different needs, which highlights the need to know yourself to know what lingerie you should buy.

What do breast forms depend on?

Throughout life, the shape of the breast can change due to different circumstances of various kinds. These are some of the main causes that can cause changes in the shape of the breasts:

  • Diseases and pathologies: if you detect a significant change in the shape of any of your breasts, it can be a very indicative alert of diseases. The most notorious is usually breast cancer, but it is not the only pathology that can cause a change in the morphology of the mammary glands.
  • Weight changes: sudden increases and decreases in weight also influence the shape of your chest.
  • Circumstances that produce hormonal changes: we are talking about pregnancies, medical treatments, menopause, etc. Any circumstance that involves a hormonal change can cause your chest to change shape, punctually or permanently.
  • Age: The size and shape of a woman's breast changes throughout her life. The time of fullness of the female breasts usually coincides with the time of greatest fertility and reproductive capacity. Therefore, it is logical that, as women get older, the shape of the breast changes, generally tending to reduce.

Adapt the lingerie to your breast type!

In the same way that you adapt the size of your clothes to the shape of your body, it is essential to choose the right bra according to the shape of your chest. The consequences of not wearing the correct bra can cause long-term effects that affect your health, such as back pain, pain in the chest itself or dermatological problems due to a lack of support.
For this, it is important to know what aspects must be taken into account. Not only should you know what the right size is according to the type of breast you have, but you should also choose the cup well. .

What are the differences between size and cup?

There are studies that reveal that between 7 and 8 out of 10 women do not choose the bra size they need properly. And, in many cases, it is due to not knowing the difference between size and cup.
The size refers to the contour of your body, and is measured below the chest, since it indicates the size of the closure of the bra. To measure it, we use the European numerical standard, which usually includes sizes 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, etc. Instead, the cup corresponds to the capacity and volume to accommodate the breast. In this case, the correct way to measure it is by calculating the right size for the fullest part of the chest, which generally coincides with the height of the nipples. Regarding the differentiation of the cups, they are divided into 7 sizes (A, B, C, D, E, F, G).

Chest types

Now that you know how you can choose the right lingerie, it is important to know what types of breasts exist so that it is easier for you to identify yours. In case you didn't know, a different bra shape suits each type of breast better, hence the importance of knowing what your breasts are like. The most common are the following:

Asymmetric chest

We start from the basis that no breast is identical. However, we call the asymmetric breast the one that presents a more notable difference, either in shape, in the areola or in its placement.

Tubular breasts

In some occasions, they are also known as tuberous breasts. This type of breasts have a conical shape, with a round base that ends in a point. Also, there is usually a greater separation between the two breasts when they have this shape.

Sagging breasts

Commonly, we refer to breasts that have lost turgidity and firmness and tend to be lower, either due to hormonal causes such as pregnancy, age or even their own weight, as “drooping breasts”.

Bell breasts

The characteristic shape of this type of breast, which is also known as pear or teardrop, is one of the most common in women. The base of the chest is fuller, while the top is narrower.

Round breasts

As their name itself indicates, the shape of this type of breasts is more homogeneous and rounded. In general, the nipple is located right in the center, which makes them be perceived as the most aesthetic breasts by many people.

Types of nipples

DIn the same way that there are different types of breasts, there are also different shapes and characteristics of nipples. And, although it may not seem like it at first, these variations also affect the choice of bra. Mainly for a matter of comfort. The nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, something that affects the sensation of comfort. To give you an idea, the same bra can be more uncomfortable for someone who has protruding nipples, which protrude a lot from the areola, than for someone who has flatter nipples and barely notices it.

What type of breast is the most common in Spain?

Defining a general pattern in an aspect as changeable as the type and shape of the breast is complex. However, there is some data that can give us a general idea of ​​what is the most common type of breast in our country.
Thus, the most common cup size in Spain is B, a size that corresponds approximately to 14-16 centimeters. Remember that the measurement of the cup is taken by measuring the contour to the fullest part of the chest. Likewise, the best-selling sizes in Spain in terms of contour are 90 and 95.
With regard to the type of chest, it is more difficult to find out which one predominates in our country, although it is likely that one of the most common is the bell chest.

How to adapt your lingerie to the type of bust you have

Now that you know how to differentiate the types of female breasts and what is the correct way to measure them, you should know how you can adapt the lingerie to the type of breast you have. Next, we expose some cases of all the possibilities that exist:

  • Pregnancy, lactation and maternity bras: one of the times when the breast undergoes the most changes in shape and size is during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, it is convenient to choose a specific bra that adapts to each moment. In this case, they are usually top type.
  • Post-operative bras: they have a more collected shape that facilitates posture correction and prevents large movements of the breasts from occurring.
  • Bras for asymmetrical breasts: excessive asymmetry in the breasts can cause relevant insecurities in women. One way to fix this is by turning to bras with removable padding, so that they can even out the shape and correct the asymmetries that they naturally have.

Every woman is different, but all of them can find the perfect bra if they know how. At Leonisa we can advise you and help you find the perfect bra for your breast type with which you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident.

The perfect bra for the shape of your breasts

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