Front Closure Bras

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Bras that close in front, and what for? 

Many of us have struggled when closing a bra, specially those that use several hooks and eves. However, the ease of positioning is not the only reason for choosing a bra that closes in front above any other. No, front closure bras at Leonisa are so relevant because they allow for a supportive fit! Many of our front opening bras include a criss-cross back that conventional bras lack, which helps straighten the posture. 

Front closure bras: the best choice for women with a D, E or F bra cup

Bras with front fastenings are in great demand by large-busted women who require bras in larger sizes. The front hooks are comfortable and offer a perfect fit on several levels, exerting moderate or strong control for a firm bust. Furthermore, front closure bras with wide straps reduce any discomfort on the shoulders. 

At Leonisa we offer bras that open and close in front up to the DDD bra cup (F bra cup in the UK). Each product includes a calculator to ensure that the size suits you, give it a try!

Front open bras are easy to put on and take off

Get ready in a snap! Front open bras are extremely convenient. Our technology and front opening system guarantee your comfort on a daily basis or during any physical activity. Racerback bras that close in front are popular for a good reason. 

Don’t give it a second thought and purchase your new front hook bra today.