5 moments when girdles will be your best allies


Momentos para usar una faja

Suzanne Hostal
Personal Shopper


Every woman is unique and perfect just the way she is

At Leonisa we know that each woman is unique and perfect just the way she is, but it is no secret to anyone that we have some insecurities with areas of our body that we would like to improve, so it is It is imminent that at some point in our lives we will use a girdle or control garment, either for help the recovery process after a pregnancy or for a special event in which we we want to see spectacular!

So that you…

    • You are one of those who prefers well-fitting clothes and seeks to highlight your curves using a garment of control in your day to day?

    • Or are you looking for a girdle to help you recover after an aesthetic procedure or after a pregnancy?

    • Or do you just have a party and want to show off that dress you have saved a long time ago but that you don't dare to wear because you don't feel safe wearing your curves?

    • Are you one of those who prefer well-fitting clothes and want to highlight your curves by wearing a garment of control in your day to day?

Today I have very good news for you… a garment of control for each occasion, which will not only make you look beautiful thanks to its effects that jump to sight, but its materials and technology will give you the safety and comfort that your body needs for you to use them in such a comfortable way,

That you no longer want to live without them!

Girdles: 5 star solution


And that is precisely the reason why girdles have positioned themselves over time as a solution 5 stars: they are easy to use because they are put on in the morning and taken off in the nights; they are fast because when you put them on you can see the results immediately; they are safe because being non-invasive, they do not enter the body as it happens with the aesthetic procedures; they are affordable because they are not as expensive as a treatment, and finally, there is wide variety of silhouettes and compression levels that fit all needs and different occasions of use.

I attest to it Well, from my experience as a Personal Shopper I have witnessed the confidence that thousands of women they have in the control garments, either because of the results they see in their bodies with the use constant of them, or by the security that it generates by disguising those areas with which they do not they feel so comfortable. I have also met many others who are looking for them for an occasion in especially, aware of the benefits that these can bring them. That's why and then you I will tell what are those moments in which women choose to resort to them.

It is no secret to anyone that we have some areas of our body that we would like to improve, that's why at some point in life we will wear a control garment

5 Moments to use a control garment or girdle:

1. To use on a daily basis

Whether for vanity or functionality many women have become accustomed to wearing control garments in their day to day life; in fact there is statistics that indicate that today, 2 out of 5 women wear girdles every day, so the The shaper category has evolved over time, going from rigid garments and stiff, very common a few years ago, to some with so much technology that they translate into benefits for those who use them, such as their soft touch and lightness, combining functionality with a feeling of comfort.

2/5 of women wear control garments every day

Bralettes con copas suaves
Básicos con arco
Amante de los realces
Amante de los realces


This is why we find endless options on the market, but it is very important that Let's keep in mind several factors when choosing a girdle to use on a day-to-day basis:

    • If you have never used girdles and would like to try one that makes you feel more molded and stylized, then I recommend you to try the soft and moderate control girdles, which due to the high technology in which they are made They are ultra comfortable, making them not feel too tight, without carving or generating inconvenience. In addition to being super functional, their silhouettes are so practical and versatile. that you can use them in different ways, without anyone noticing that it is a garment of control. Among them you will find t-shirts that can be used both as interiors and as outerwear, perfect shorts to wear under dresses, skirts and pants tight, which will not only help to refine the waist and control the abdomen but also They will also stylize the legs, concealing cellulite, and panties that will compress the lower abdomen so comfortably that after trying them, you will not want to take them off.

  • If, on the other hand, you already have so much experience and have a long time using them and that is why what you are looking for in a garment that makes you feel more tight, then try the strong control girdles, designed for the most expert in this matter.

2. For a party

Is there a woman in the world who does not want look good on a special occasion? Well, without a doubt, social events They deal with our greatest insecurities by making us resort to those "extra little help" that guarantee results instantly, so it is common for parties, weddings and other celebrations the belts are our best allies.

Besides, what better occasion than a party to wear that dress that has been stored for years waiting for its moment, and that look spectacular on a smooth body, without rolls and with the curves that we have always dreamed of?

Well, for these special moments, my advice is to look for clothes that they are very comfortable so that you can dance without even remembering that you are wearing them… That's why I recommend Leonisa's soft and moderate control garments that are lighter and lightweight, they have a very delicate touch and because they have fewer seams they will not be marked or noticed.

We also have options for all needs, from girdles that stylize the figure concealing the rolls of the abdomen, waist and back, even control shorts that also refine our curves, lift the buttocks and shape the legs making them pass unnoticed those "rabbits and policemen" that annoy us so much!

Amante de los realces
Amante de los realces
Básicos con arco
Bralettes con copas suaves

3. Pregnancy

Maternity is perhaps the occasion that most unites us like women, knowing that most of us probably are or will be mothers one day, and that is why here I will explain what are the yes and the no regarding the use control garments during and after pregnancy.

    • During pregnancy: Yes! Wear a garment that helps supporting the tummy and relieving the feeling of extra weight is key to carrying this process more comfortably. These are highly functional garments and technological: they usually have intelligent tensions that instead of oppressing the abdominal area covers it gently, and by having a band in the lower part of the belly will help "carry" the baby's weight, also counteracting pain in the area lumbar pain that afflicts many women during these months. So if you are pregnant or you know someone who is, keep in mind that there are garments that, because they are especially designed for this moment will take care of your health and that of the baby, and achieving greater feeling of comfort.
    • After pregnancy: Yes! Postpartum girdles are the great allies of most women after a cesarean section or natural childbirth thanks to the fact that its compression helps reduce inflammation in the abdominal area, which if well it takes a natural time it is to decrease, a little extra help is not bad at all and that It will facilitate movements with greater freedom and less pain. In addition, these garments will allow you to have a better posture, alleviating the pain of the lower back that remain after a pregnancy. However, and most importantly, is that with its use Progressively we see the effects on the body as it recovers its shape habitual, making us feel safer and more comfortable with our figure.
  • Keep in mind that Leonisa's postpartum girdles are characterized by its soft touch with the skin, and that some of them have a velcro on the back that allow you to adjust your compression level so that it depends on how you want it feel and our body supports it, without mistreating or bothering us. They usually start to use a couple of days after giving birth and for about 3 months; after this period our recommendation is to wear a moderate control garment that you can wear in the day by day and allows you to resume your activities while you stylize your figure.
  • Do not! Many women believe that wearing a postpartum girdle in one size less It will help them reduce measures and recover the figure with greater speed but this will only make the recovery process uncomfortable and painful, and instead of being beneficial to the body, it will be so tight that it will not only hurt the wounds but will prevent you from moving comfortably: so use it in the indicated size, which in most cases it will correspond to the same size you wear for panties.

4. For after an aesthetic procedure or surgery

After speaking with many medical surgeons and listen to the testimony of women who have undergone aesthetic procedures, We are convinced that subsequent care and the responsible use of garments control can account for up to 60% of the effectiveness of the body's recovery after from a surgery.
But have you ever wondered what is the function of a girdle in the process post surgical? Well, to put it in very easy to understand terms, the function of a girdle after surgery is to exert compression on the intervened area helping the skin to adhere to the muscle, thus reducing the appearance of bruises between both layers, helping to deflate the tissues and reduce discomfort and pain, which will facilitate the process of Recovery.

The function of a post-surgical girdle is exert compression on the intervened area helping the skin to adhere to the muscle, helping:
  • Reduce the appearance of bruising
  • Facilitate recovery
  • Reduce aches and pains

Although at Leonisa we have a large number of options that will serve you for this purpose, it is very important that when choosing it, the recommendation of your doctor, because we know that among so much variety, it is common for their preferences to move between two types of garments:

  • Strong compression garments: most of the Specialists recommend garments in PowerSlim, a material that, thanks to its excellent fit is ideal after procedures that require maximum compression such as tummy tucks, lipoplasties and lipotransfers, among others.
  • Mild compression garments: in cases where the procedures are less invasive like lipolaser, doctors choose to recommend garments that are softer at the beginning, in Skinfuse or seamless technology, which because they are soft to the touch delicate and having fewer seams are ideal for a more comfortable recovery; and in one second phase of the recovery process, wearing strong control garments in PowerSlim, which will help maintain results.

Recovery processes can take several months, so It is essential that it be of very good quality and meet the following standards for guarantee not only the expected results but that you feel so comfortable that it facilitates the return to usual activities:

    • The materials in which they are made must be breathable and quick-drying allowing the passage of air, since it is common that during the recovery time leave hoses for the drainage of liquids or small bleedings are generated. For this same reason is that many prefer to wear these garments in black, although in the market it is common to find them also in beige or nude tones, designed so that They are not noticeable under clothing.
Bralettes con copas suaves
Amante de los realces
Básicos con arco
Amante de los realces
  • Hooks and closures must not come into contact with the skin; that's why all the girdles Leonisa, have a layer of cotton or smooth fabric that prevents them from damaging the incisions.
  • Leonisa's strong control girdles have an inner layer of microfiber or smooth fabric which will allow it to slide onto the body, making it slide off easily in the process to put it on and take it off.
  • It is common for these garments to have lower openings or fastenings; this in order to that are more practical to use, for example, when going to the bathroom.

The function of a post-surgical girdle is to exert compression on the intervened area helping the skin adhere to the muscle.

5. To play sports

And last but not least, the girdles for do sport. Is the image of a superstar wearing a girdle common to you? while performing your exercise routines, posted on Instagram and Youtube? For me it is inevitable to think of Kim Kardashian who has "normalized" the use of girdles, both on a daily basis day to play sports, and has influenced a whole generation that now follow in his footsteps looking for clothes that accelerate the results when it comes to exercising.

However, it is important that you know that Leonisa maintains a neutral position when it comes to recommend these garments for the moment of doing sports - because we are not sports doctors to recommend them to you, and to do so could be irresponsible of us - so We prefer to explain both sides to you so that you are the one who makes the decision to use them for this The end.

Bralettes con copas suaves
Amante de los realces

What those who use them say:

Maria Paula Santos is young, a fashion producer and a sports lover, and about the use of girdles for sports tells us:

“I use Leonisa's latex waistband to go to the gym and to jog, since Due to a hernia in the lower part of my back, I feel that by wearing the girdle I am able to maintain a better posture so that the pain decreases and allows me to do my routines; I like it so much that the day the girdle stays in my house I feel that it makes me There is a lot of lack of support, so I end up more tired and sore”.

Other women use them while doing cardio, particularly latex, one of the materials most common in the girdles that they use to exercise, is characterized by not allowing the perspiration so, added to exercise, body heat increases generating greater sweating and eliminating toxins. However others claim that the fluids lost here are not precisely fat, so the results in the loss of measurements cannot be verified.

What we do recommend is that if you decide use them, it will be convenient for you to follow the following recommendations so that you do it in a safe:

  • Drink plenty of water during your routine and after her is essential because when wearing a garment that will make you sweat more, you will need to keep well hydrated to prevent the body from decompensating.
  • Once you finish exercising, take off your girdle immediately to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria generated by sweat, which may occur by being trapped between the skin and the garment, when using it for Long periods of time.

So now you know, whatever time you choose to wear a control garment, do it responsibly with your body, making it feel like a help and not as a torture. Therefore, keep in mind that the use of compression garments should be done progressively to give the body time to get used to being tight. To achieve this, our recommendation is to start with softer controls and go increasing the level of control as your body asks for it (and supports it).

Remember that the only way that will make you get the constancy you need to feel the results will be that you feel comfortable with them, making it part of your routine and feeling it like a second skin.

A hug 🙂,


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