Your irresistible bra guide: How to choose your ideal bra?

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Alejandra Hinestroza
Personal Shopper


The first step to choosing your ideal bra is knowing everything about of the.

1. How is your bra made?

I'm sure that since you were little you have had some sort of relationship with bras. It is impossible to forget the first bra we bought or the first time we put one on. It made us feel safe, but above all more feminine and empowered.

This garment has become a symbol of our femininity since that we have memory, and that is why its power is so great that it can make us feel or see as we want at any time of the day.

Personally, bras have become a way of expressing myself and making me feel special. any day of the week. One day, for example, I wake up wanting to feel more comfortable than ever, and to the other I want to show a little more and look as sexy as I like…

probably you the same thing happens to you and you feel very identified! This is why bras are that perfect garment for any occasion: from when you want to push yourself to the max with your sports routines to when all you need are moments of pure rest.

But how well do you know your bras? Do you know what makes them up? do you know each centimeter and each part that makes them unique?

First of all, it is important to understand that each part of the bra has a benefit or function. special so you can feel how you like it so much. Keep reading, know real experiences of women like you and become an expert in the universe of underwear:

ABC Ropa interior

1. Clasp

It allows you to fasten the bra so that it fits perfectly to your body.

  • Not all bodies are the same! The fastenings have different levels for adjust them to suit you.
  • You can find bras with the fastening in the front.
  • Clasp extenders can be a great help in adjusting the bra to your extent.

Something special happens with fastenings: many women believe that the bra should be fastened forever on the same brooch: either on the tightest, the loosest, or in the middle, but this It couldn't be more fake. The idea is that you adjust it to the level that you feel most comfortable with., not no roll forms and your back feels completely smooth. It can happen to you that adjustments More some bras than others, this varies according to the material, since some tend to stretch more than others!

I want to tell you something that happens to me in many of the consultancies with women. they arrive people who, at first glance and through their clothes, perceive that the bra is too small/large for them, and I am immediately thinking that he is wearing the wrong size or that this is simply not the Bra suitable for her. But I am very surprised when I see that they are indeed wearing the correct size and have a strap that is too tight or too loose, making the modeling of the bra not the best.

With this what I want keep in mind is to be very aware of how you are wearing this clasp and that you feel the bra as comfortable as you should be.

If for some reason you are one of those women who it does not fit with any bra, and the back always feels tighter than it should, Even if you use the clasp in the last level, I recommend that you continue reading to know about a tool that can change your life.

These extenders are that "extra help" to which we can resort when we feel that the back is a little more adjusted than it should.

In many consultancies I meet women with wider contours and a larger bust volume. small, which makes it harder to find that perfect bra.

These people I recommend using clasp extenders so the cup still fits, but the base of the bra has a few extra centimeters and fits perfectly on your back.

2. Cups

They cover and support your bust. They give you the modeling that you are looking for so much with the softness that your body deserves.

Some have built-in enhancement to add volume additional.

Finding the perfect bra is no easy task, but when you know how you want to feel and for what occasion you want to use it, it is much easier to do so.

For example, if you are looking for a garment for daily use, the most suitable in this case are the cups without any type of enhancement in soft materials that adapt perfectly to your body, support you and make you feel comfortable.
If on the other hand you want your neckline to be the center of attention, push-up cups are a great option.

Yes On the other hand, you prefer naturalness and light garments in lace, bralettes are a perfect alternative for you.

In the universe of bras we find options for all bodies: with deep cups and higher coverage for larger bust and smaller, shallower, lower coverage cups for small busts. On the other hand, women with regular bust size are much more lucky, as they can be accommodated with almost all options.

3. Loaders

They support the weight of your bust.

  • They can be multipurpose (conventional, crossed, halter) or removable.
  • Generally, bras that can be worn without straps, strapless, They have non-slip elastics so they don't slip.

The chargers can become your great allies or your worst enemies. why do i say this? In some cases, women do not take into account the important value of straps, and we tend to see skins damaged by having them too tight, or to see busts fallen by having them too loose.

To know if you are using the straps, I suggest that when putting on a bra you keep these tips in mind:

    • You should be able to slide one or two fingers between your shoulders and the straps, making sure they are not loose but not too tight either, the straps will not They should leave marks on your skin.
    • You must adjust the straps so that the back is completely straight, the same height as the base of the bust. Avoid adjusting the straps more than necessary to Don't let the bra ride up.
  • If you have a large or heavy bust, look for garments with straps that are wider than can support the weight of your bust.

4. Base

Guarantees a perfect fit on your contour. The central piece, sides and back are part of base.

Speaking of bases and backs, you can find a wide variety that accommodate what you are looking for: slim, traditional and wide. The latter are in trend and have become a boom spectacular because they allow you to see more stylized in the area below the armhole and can help you hide those rolls that you don't like so much on your back.

In many cases I have had, women at first glance refuse to measure wide-back bras. This just happens because they are not used to wearing them, but when they get fitted they are amazed at how good they look and their comfort.

Remember that the back of the bra today is just as important as its neckline! So it is not surprising that there is such a variety of designs and materials that They can make you feel different, safe and fashionable.

Even if the base or back of the bra is made of lace, it can be the best complement for your look. Making you can show in a very subtle way that irresistible bra that you wear underneath.

5. Arches

They give you the support that your bust needs.

  • If you wear the bra in the correct size, you will not feel uncomfortable or feel that you are wearing them posts.

When we think of the word bows or rods, we imagine something super uncomfortable that will hurt or cause damage to our body. Today I want to tell you that this is not the case.

For For many years we have come to think that the use of arches in our bras can cause irritation. on our skin, and even medical consequences for which the myth of "not wearing bras with bows" arises.

What happens to me the most in consultancies is that women come to the store asking me for bras NO BOW because it bothers them, they are "buried" and they can't wait to get home to take it off. But there is nothing more gratifying than seeing them fall in love with them after measuring them in their size correct and for them to realize that bows don't have to be uncomfortable.

Arches are internal structures in our bras that allow the bust to be held in its place with optimal support. So if you are looking for a little more modeling “raised”, these are perfect for you.

Remember that the arc must border completely your bust on the outside and should not rise or move throughout the day. To be more sure that you have the bra on correctly, you can do the following exercise: raise your arms and check that the bow stays in the same place. If the bow rides over the bust or makes you uncomfortable, it's probably because the bra is too small for you.

6. Side Rods

They give a better fit, keep your bra in place and prevent it from rolling up.

  • They are in charge of giving you that structure that your bust needs so much.
  • They should not bother or "bury" in your skin, the idea is that you do not feel them but that if you can see that the bra fits you much better.

After knowing each of the parts of the bra and many real cases of women like you, You are getting closer to being the expert you want in the world of bras!

This is just the beginning in the undiscovered universe of your underwear, and more and more you will know everything that each of Personal Shoppers and I have to tell you.
From recommendations even the best curious facts, you can not miss anything!

Follow reading each of our contents where we will solve all your doubts about what you always wanted to know and in which I will become a whole "Accomplice of your interior".
Until next time 🙂,
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