How to Take Off a Bra — Tips and Tricks

How to Take Off a Bra

It’s my understanding that taking off your bra at the end of the day is as satisfying as sleeping in on a cold, rainy day. This simple action can lift your mood just as much as when you smell fresh cut grass or wake up thinking it’s Thursday, but it’s really Friday. I tend to wear a bra every day, so the ritual of removing it happens for me. However, there’s just as much joy to be found in taking off your bra even if you only wear one every once in a while. The key is knowing how to remove it correctly.

I know it might seem strange to think about how to take off a bra, and that’s probably because the overall goal is to get the bra off your body quickly and with ease without damaging the clasps or straps. On a basic level, that’s the general idea, but I'm going to go a little more in-depth to help you understand how to take off different types of bras for women! safely, quickly and easily. The tips in this bra removal guide are designed to help maintain bra quality and shape, explain different bra removal methods and offer insight on storing and washing your bras after removal. Let’s get started!

How to Unhook a Back Closure Bra by Yourself

I’ll start by explaining the step-by-step process of how to unhook a “traditional bra,” which refers to a bra with cups and elastic straps that is fastened in the middle of the back via hooks, clasps or buttons. It should be noted that this process also works for any type of back closure bra, not just ones with structured cups, underwire and elastic straps. You can try it on t-shirt bras, strapless bras or any style that features a back closure! Here’s how to unhook one of these bras by yourself:

The Reach Around Method

This is the way I think about taking off a regular bra. It’s an easy, no-nonsense way to remove your bra and get back to doing more important things like deciding on dinner or choosing which comfy loungewear set you’re going to wear. I like to start by pulling my bra straps up a bit in the front to loosen the strap area a bit, but that’s not necessary unless you want to do it.

Once you’re ready to take your bra off, simply reach both arms around towards your back as if you were trying to touch each side of your spine behind your rib cage. Then, feel for the back clasp of your bra and use your thumb and your pointer finger to pinch the fabric on either side of the clasp or set of hooks. While still pinching the fabric, move your hands closer together to unhook the bra before releasing the entire bra band and removing your arms from the strap openings. Commence lounging, sweatshirt wearing and other braless activities.

The Rotation Method

This bra removal technique is great if you don’t like reaching your arms in a pretzel position behind your back or if it’s actually painful for you to do so. I like to use the rotation method when I’m wearing a bra that has a tricky back clasp or one that’s easier undone when seen. Since we haven’t formed eyes in the back of our heads yet, here’s the best way to take your back closure bra off while actually looking at what you’re doing.

Stary by slipping your bra straps down so they hang below your shoulders. Carefully take your arms out of the strap openings until your bra is secured only by the band like a strapless bra. Rotate the bra band halfway around your chest until it’s on backwards with the cups in the back and the hook and eye closure in the front. This way, you can see the bra closure up close and finish taking it off by pinching either side of the clasp and releasing the hooks!

How to Take Off Your Bra with One Hand

If you’re like me, you like a bit of a challenge. If you have mastered taking off your own back closure bra via the two methods mentioned above, you might like to take your bra removal game to the next level by learning how to take off your bra with only one hand. The key here is taking the time to learn how to isolate your fingers and perform the reach-around method with only one hand. This can come in handy when you want to support the front of your bra with one hand and prevent it from falling down while simultaneously unclasping it with the other hand.

To take your bra off with one hand, start by reaching one arm behind you to feel the center of the bra band where the hooks are located. It’s best to use your dominant hand. Once you have a finger or two on the clasp area, pinch the center together using your thumb and forefinger to release the hooks from the eyes. It’s difficult to keep the bra in place after unhooking it using the one hand method, so be sure to use your other hand to keep the bra in place.

How to Take Off Specific Bra Types

It’s normal to have different types of bra styles within your collection. My personal bra drawer contains everything from sports bras and bralettes to push-up styles, strapless options and more. In addition to using all of these styles, I also like to break up my time spent wearing a bra with time without one. Deciding when to go braless is a personal decision and might vary according to different lifestyles, but a little time off each day is definitely a good idea. Here’s how to easily take off different bra types in order to enjoy some luxurious, bra-free time:

Strapless Bra

How to Take Off a Bra

I like to think about taking off a strapless bra as the fast track way to going braless. Since there are no straps involved, there’s less bra to take off, right? The truth is, you can use either the reach-around method or the rotation method to take off a strapless bra if there is a clasp in the back. You can expedite the process even more by mastering the one-handed bra removal technique to take off your strapless bras.

Front Closure Bra

How to Take Off a Bra

I like to wear front closure bras for a few reasons. They’re comfortable, practical and often smooth and seamless in the back, which pairs well with some specific outfits. You might wear a front closure bra for a number of reasons, but it’s important to know how to take one off regardless of why you wear it. Some front closure bras feature a zipper that zips up and down easily for wear and removal, but others feature a closure with a hook and clasp.

With one hand pinching the clasp on either side of the closure, bend or twist the closure to open it and then free the hook from the clasp by moving your pinching fingers in opposite directions. Sometimes this specific bra closure takes time to master, but with a little practice, it’s sure to become second nature.

Sports Bras and Other No Clasp Bras

How to Take Off a Bra

Some of my favorite bras don’t have any clasps or closures at all! I highly recommend keeping a supportive sports bra and a comfy bralette in your collection for lounging, high-impact workouts and more. If you already wear these, you should know that there’s a way to take them off without overstretching or damaging the bra.

Think about how you put on a nice shirt or blouse. You probably start by gently pulling it over your head and inserting your arms one at a time. The removal process is similar but in reverse order. Think of this as a guide when taking off a bra without a clasp. Instead of removing your arms from the openings first, try gently peeling the bra upwards over your head so it doesn’t cause too much stretching to the bra or redness on your skin. Go slow and take it one step at a time!

Protecting Your Favorite Bras

How to Take Off a Bra

It’s important to know how to take off different types of bras for a few reasons. In my opinion, it is important because it can help prevent unnecessary injury or pain inflicted upon the bra wearer. If you’ve ever pulled a muscle unclasping a bra or strained your neck trying to look in the mirror to do so, then you know what I'm talking about. Removing a bra correctly can also protect the quality of the garment itself. Speaking of protecting the quality of your bras, the way you store them has a huge effect on how long they last and stay in good condition. If you have room, hang them on clothes hangers in your closet, but if a drawer is your only option, it’s best to lay them flat so that they have room to maintain their shape. Remember that bras are considered delicates and should be treated as such, meaning it’s best to hand wash them with a gentle detergent (not bleach or heavy chemicals) and allow them to dry on hangers before storing them in their dedicated space.