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Conoce a Luz María

Light Mary
Personal Shopper


Everyone tells me that I am mom and that I always have the perfect advice

I am Luz María, and the secret to spending so many years at Leonisa is to do my job with passion, in addition to being surrounded by people who also love what they do.
I am one of the few people who can say that They have been working at Leonisa for 40 years, and every time I enjoy it more! Everyone tells me that I am a mom and that I always have the perfect advice.


There is nothing I love more than my family, they are the heart of my life and absolutely everything I do. What I enjoy most is a good conversation, laughter and a glass of red wine.

I consider myself too visual with a critical eye, proposing to women different looks, hairstyles and ways to look better and better.

my glasses are the accessory that most identifies me, so I have a variety of styles, but I would like to have many more!


I don't like tight clothes and I usually wear baggy clothes. I consider myself classic when it comes to dressing and animal print is my favorite pattern.
I am a buyer compulsive: I love shoes, clothes and everything in general, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to give gifts. very detailed and I always love to make people feel good!

I like underwear your comfort, freedom and naturalness. I only wear clothes in white, black and nude colors, and my favorites, They are the basic, simple silhouettes that make me feel safe.

"my preferred, are the basic silhouettes, simple and that make me feel safe."

I have always thought that "a little help" for women never hurts; That's why I love recommending girdles to women of all ages and shapes, there are options for all tastes and occasions!


What makes me an accomplice?

My experience of so many years makes me an accomplice, which generates security and credibility.

Until next time 🙂,


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