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Vestidos de baño de control - Leonisa

Alexandra Hinestroza
Personal Shopper


If you are looking for a one-piece swimsuit that flatters your curves, reduce the rolls and above all, that enhances your figure, let me tell you that you arrived at the place Right.

We all know how important it is to feel beautiful and confident in our own skin when we wear a swimsuit. We want our only concern to be as happy as possible right now, leaving aside insecurities such as love handles, stretch marks and cellulite. This is why many women stop wearing bathing suits or say they can't find the perfect one for them, because they are convinced that these garments are made only for thin people and that they do not adapt to their needs, nor their figures.

I want to tell you that this is not true, and as a Personal Shopper of the brand, I am increasingly aware of the importance of empowering women and their bodies through clothing that can improve their self-esteem and make them feel better about themselves. It is useless to create spectacular garments, with unique designs and special materials, if we do not think about the needs that women have in the real world: accept your curves and show off your body with real confidence.

And What would happen then if I told you that at Leonisa we have swimsuits that can not only make you look, but not feel better than ever?

I am talking about control bathing suits, which in addition to following the fashion trends that you love so much they like, they offer you unique and differentiated benefits that almost no other brand can offer you. if you're in the search for a one-piece swimsuit that flatters your curves, reduces love handles and above all, that potentiate your figure, let me tell you that you came to the right place.

The best news of all is that most of our one-piece swimsuits come with a built-in control inside that is adapts perfectly to every inch of your body, thus providing the compression and adjustment that you need in those sunny days.

Today I want to give you 8 reasons that will convince you to have one of these garments in your closet. I am super convinced that they will be an incredible option for you and will become a of your favorites.

1. You choose the control

To help you choose the swimsuit that best suits you and your needs, the first thing I want is that you know the different levels of control that we have for you. These garments have something very special about them. inside that makes them one of the best sellers: Control that slims the figure! Therefore, it is time to learn to differentiate the 3 levels of control found in our swimsuits so that you can make the best possible choice.

  • smooth control: the lightest compression we can offer, perfect for women who they are beginning to enter and discover the universe of control. Although it is a very smooth adjustment, you can rest assured that everything will stay in place and that your curves will look better than ever.
  • Medium control: a little more moderate compression for those people who already have some control experience, have previously worn these garments and are willing to feel more "tight". I recommend this type of control to those women who want their abdomen to look more flat, show off a more defined waist and hide the love handles.
  • Strong checking: this type of control is ideal if you are looking for a shaping effect on your figure. It is created for women with a lot of experience in the world of control. With this compression you can be sure to look up to two centimeters slimmer, thanks to its panel on the abdomen and back that gives you an instantly spectacular figure.

2. Perfect for all body types

Just as many people think that some swimsuits are only for skinny people, There is also the myth that the control ones were created exclusively for the "chubby" ones.

I am sure that many times you have been tempted to buy some control garment, but you think not it will do a lot for you since you do not have so much volume in the abdomen and that you do not characterize yourself as a voluptuous woman.

Let me tell you that our swimsuits were created for all women, without exception!

It doesn't matter if you have a very prominent abdomen, or if Otherwise you are a very skinny person, these swimsuits will do magic for you.

    • If, for example, you are a person who has more body fat or love handles in these areas, these garments will exert instant compression, making your curves look more defined and those "rolls" can be more easily concealed.
    • But if on the other hand, you have a slimmer appearance, control swimsuits They will define your curves more and make your skin in this area look firmer.

With control bathing suits all women gain security, self-esteem and confidence!

3. 100% comfortable

Surely you must be thinking that these garments must be too uncomfortable, stiff and that they do not they will let you move freely during your moments in the sun.

False! In addition to doing magic for the curves of women, these garments promise to be too comfortable, thanks to their materials of the best quality and with the softness that your skin needs.

I am convinced that when you imagine these garments, the first thing that comes to mind is that they must be similar to those girdles that we see in the tents that are stiff and rough.
A no one would like to feel like this in moments of rest!

These bathing suits preserve the same comfort as your conventional swimsuits, the only difference is that they exert a higher level of compression in the entire area of the abdomen and/or back, thus shaping your body in seconds.

Can you be sure that when you put on one of these garments, you will feel an incredible security since everything is it will stay in place as long as you wear it.

4. Fashionable and with the best trends

Many women fall in love at first sight with our swimsuits thanks to their design and silhouettes. full of fashion These people are surprised when they discover that in addition to being spectacular with details, fabrics and special touches, carry an internal control so that any woman looks better than ever in summer moments.

I invite you to meet some of them:

    • Transparencies:
      Who doesn't want to look sexy on the beach? Transparencies are elegant touches, but at the same time very sexy that give a twist to your evening dresses. conventional bathroom.

      I'll tell you a secret, these bathing suits besides being perfect for the beach or being in the water, you can also wear them as outer bodysuits, mixing them with jeans, high-waisted shorts or skirts. You will be the prettiest of all!

    • Boleros: A detail that never goes out of style thanks to its femininity and romanticism. Dare to look amazing with timeless touches in your swimwear. In my opinion personal are some of my favorites, because I feel that they add a lot of style to my look when I'm out. holidays.

    • Differentiated necklines:
      From asymmetric shoulders, to necklines ultra-deep. I am sure that this season you will want your neckline to be the protagonist! show it off with details that I am sure will make you the center of attention this season.

    • Unique backs:
      They say the back is the new neckline, and I'm not! I could agree more! If you are a more classic person who prefers not to show off her neckline with your bathing suits, pronounced backs or with special details can become your great allies.
      You can find from very deep backs, to backs with interlacing so that live fashion to the fullest shining in the sun.

5. Variety of covers:

As a Personal Shopper I am well aware that when it comes to coverage, people have very clearly what they like and what they don't.

For example, speaking from my personal experience, that I have a regular / large bust, in most cases I look for more coverage in the neckline area since it does not I want nothing to come out, or feel uncomfortable. But I also know that many women seek what On the contrary: deeper necklines and with less coverage that allow them to show off this area completely. This is why you will be able to find different coverage options not only in the area of the neckline, if not also the bottom. In this way you can feel safer and without fear of showing that extra skin.

6. Unsurpassed technology:

If you are already familiar with Leonisa's garments, I am sure that you know one of her greatest qualities that make their garments leaders in the market: Yes, I'm talking about the technology!

And I want to tell you that in this aspect, our bathing suits do not stay behind. Each of our garments are designed to make life easier for women and provide them with those benefits they need in their day to day.

So, do you know what's inside our control bathing suits?

The magic of our swimsuits begins inside. Materials make a big difference when it comes to control

  • For example, our swimwear from smooth control have a front panel in a fabric called Triconet that generates a slight compression in the abdomen, thus being able to show off a figure much more shaped.

    Soft Control Swimsuits

  • While the bathing suits with medium control and strong they have in their interior a cloth we know as power smart. This name can be very well known to you, since all our strong control girdles are made from this technology.

    Medium Control Swimsuits

  • The difference between the swimsuits of medium and strong control, is that while those of average control have only a front panel in power smart, those with strong control They have a front and back panel in this material, allowing you to wear up to two inches thinner.

    Strong Control Swimsuits


7. Top quality:

For me it has always been very important that a garment or a brand in general be of very good quality. To me this represents how important it is for a company that a particular garment can accompany a person for a long time, without losing benefits or its original appearance.

Probably one day you have bought a swimsuit that you love, and that you would like to keep a long time because it is classic, timeless and will not go out of style anytime soon. And you realize that this garment, use after use, ceases to be the same; and after a few months, you have to give it away or throw it away, because you can't use it anymore.

In Leonisa we prevent that from happening, since our garments are made of the highest quality, preventing the fabric wears out or loses its original shape.

We know how important it is for you that these garments can accompany you during many vacations, trips to the beach or special family moments. And the last thing we want is for you to have to see you forced to replace it because it does not have the quality you expected. So quality is a concern! less! You will have a control swimsuit for a very long time.

8. More security and confidence:

And last but not least, one of the reasons I invite the women I'm with I am in consultation to measure one of our bathing suits, it is because I know that they will never find another just as it adapts perfectly to your curves, like those of Leonisa.

As I said at the beginning, women are always in search of garments that not only make us look good, but also feel best.

It moves me more and more when a woman changes her perception of swimsuits, when she measure one of ours. I will never forget when a client did not want to measure herself at all store, and when I convinced her to try on a control swimsuit, her attitude changed completely: She radiated confidence, and she had already forgotten about the love handles on her abdomen, but The most important thing of all is that she felt safe and supported by a brand that made her feel like none other.

Until next time 🙂,
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