Different Shapewear types: An ultimate guide

 - Leonisa

Today, women have a wide variety of shapewear types available to help smooth and define their unique bodies. Some shapewear is specifically designed for the torso, while other options focus on defining areas like the tush, breast and arms. Some shapewear sculpts, some shapewear helps post-surgical patients in their recovery and some shapewear simply helps ladies feel fabulous and confident.

But if you're unsure where to start, searching for the perfect piece of shapewear can be a bit daunting. That's why Leonisa is here to help! Whether you're hoping to rid yourself of a lower belly pooch or get back to your pre-pregnancy silhouette, we're here to help. Leonisa will get you started on your search for the right shapewear for your body and lifestyle. Read on to explore a variety of shapewear types and their many benefits.

Understanding the Different Levels of Compression

Before discussing the different types of shapewear, let’s talk about the different compression levels that Leonisa offers and the benefits each technology provides. While our Personal Shoppers give a more in-depth explanation of compression levels in this article, here are the four main compression styles you can find at Leonisa and some tips on when to wear a specific type of compression garment.

Super Comfy Compression

Many people complain that shapewear can be painfully tight and hot to wear. Luckily, Leonisa’s Super Comfy Compression garments are made with our light SkinFuse® fabric, so you don’t have to worry about feeling too constricted. The SkinFuse® technology “fuses” to your body, so the garment feels like a second skin. While this compression level is comfortable to wear, you’ll still be able to feel built-in targeted compression that highlights specific areas of your body while smoothing and shaping others.

Who Should Wear This Compression Level: Anyone who isn’t used to wearing shapewear should start with light compression as it is more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

When to Wear This Compression Level: If you’re looking for shapewear that is comfortable to wear all day, Super Comfy Compression garments are the perfect choice. You can also wear light compression garments under dresses to keep your legs from touching.

Moderate Compression

A step above light compression, our Moderate Compression garments offer more compression without comprising comfort. Made from our DuraFit® fabric, Leonisa’s Moderate Compression styles are soft and cool to the touch while they effectively highlight all your curves utilizing targeted compression technology.

Who Should Wear This Compression Level: If you’ve worn shapewear before and want to wear something that is comfortable, soft and slimming, we recommend wearing Moderate Compression garments.

When to Wear This Compression Level: Similar to our Super Comfy Compression, you can wear moderate compression garments daily. Additionally, since the DuraFit® fabric is both soft and stretchy, you can even wear Moderate Compression garments while exercising.

Firm Compression

Leonisa’s Firm Compression garments are made with our special PowerSlim® fabric. Designed to sculpt your shape, our Firm Compression garments are moisture-wicking and adapt to your body's curves. Not only does firm compression help slim your silhouette, but Leonisa also offers Firm Compression garments that can improve your posture.

Who Should Wear This Compression Level: Since firm compression is stronger than light and moderate compression, if you aren’t used to wearing shapewear regularly, we recommend not starting with Firm Compression garments. If you love to wear shapewear or there is a specific event coming up, Firm Compression shapewear is a great option.

When to Wear This Compression Level: Firm Compression garments can be worn for multiple reasons. You can wear firm compression daily if your body is used to wearing shapewear, or you can choose to wear only for special occasions when you want to feel sexy and confident. Additionally, if you’re recovering from reconstructive surgery, many doctors recommend their patients wear compression garments to encourage proper blood circulation. Just make sure to talk to your doctor first in order to know which compression garment is right for you.

Extra-Firm Compression

The highest compression level we offer, Extra-Firm Compression garments are for those seeking ultimate slimming and sculpting power. Constructed from Latex, extra-firm shapewear helps to accentuate your waist and give you a true hourglass figure.

<Who Should Wear This Compression Level: Extra-Firm shapewear should only be worn by people who wear shaping garments regularly.

When to Wear This Compression Level: If you’re looking to enhance the shape of your waist, Extra-Firm garments are ideal for you. Additionally, you can wear Extra-Firm waist cinchers while working out. Not only will the garment mold to your body, but since our Latex garments are made from a thicker material, you will sweat more around your stomach if you wear one while exercising.

Different Shapewear Types

Now that we’ve explained the differences between compression levels, read on to discover the different shapewear types Leonisa offers and when to wear each garment.

Waist Cinchers and Tummy Shapers

Waist Cinchers and Tummy Shapers - Leonisa

Waist cinchers and tummy shapers are the perfect shapewear type to help define and sculpt your waist. They create that gorgeous and timeless hourglass silhouette. Plus, with a variety of styles and compression levels, you can wear Leonisa's waist cinchers and tummy shapers all day long. If you're going straight from work to the gym, you can even wear some of them during workouts.

Leonisa offers cinchers and tummy shapers made from our patented technologies. Our SkinFuse® waist cinchers feature three adjustable bands, so you can customize the compression on different areas of your waist. If you’re looking for a waist cincher that is soft but still slimming, try one of our shapers made from our PowerSlim® fabric. These tummy shapers are made with a soft inner fabric layer along with side and back boning, so your skin won’t be irritated and the shapewear will stay in place. For extra-firm compression, try our latex waist trainers. Not only do they adjust to the shape of your body while sculpting your waist, but latex trainers can also help improve your posture.

Apparel Match: It’s best to wear Leonisa's waist cinchers and tummy shapers beneath looser-fitting clothing to avoid lines and seams from the shapewear.

Body Shape: With several styles of waist cinchers and tummy shaper fits to choose from, there's something for every woman's unique midsection. They can even help improve posture and reduce back strain. For women with more rectangular and apple-shaped silhouettes, we highly recommend wearing waist cinchers and shapers to accenture the curves of your waist.

Butt and Hip Shapers

Hip and butt shapers are designed to come up high on the torso in order to cover your hips. They work to smooth the lower tummy region, but can also reach up toward the bra. Some shaping briefs that reach your ribcage come with adjustable clips that can secure to your bra. These clips prevent the briefs from rolling down.

What makes Leonisa’s hip and butt shapers different from the rest is our targeted compression within our garments. Our PowerSlim® and SkinFuse® compression fabrics are stronger in the areas you want to slim like your stomach and thighs, while lifting and accentuating other areas like your bottom with specialty cuts and seams.

Apparel Match: Shaping briefs and panties work with just about anything. In fact, they make an excellent shapewear type to keep on hand for everyday lifestyle and activities. From office attire to your favorite jeans and T-shirt, shaping briefs and hip shapers are a wise wardrobe addition. Plus, some come styles come with padding so you can enhance the look of your booty.

Body Shape: Even ladies who have that timeless, sexy hourglass figure need shapewear to hide bulges now and then. That's where butt and hip shapers come into play! High-waisted shapers smooth the belly region, define that classic silhouette and show off those voluptuous curves.


Post-Surgical - Leonisa

Post-surgical compresssion garments offer important benefits to patients recovering from surgery. These garments provide extra support and stability to the body as it heals from surgical procedures. The purpose of compression garments after surgery is to help regulate blood circulation, which helps to keep bruises from forming and facilitating a faster recovery of the body. Consider post-surgical shapewear after liposuction, breast lifts, tummy tucks and many other procedures.

Leonisa even offers post-surgical shapewear options for men.

These garments are available in different technologies and control levels. However, please make sure to speak with your doctor first to ensure these garments are right for you during recovery.

Apparel Match: The clothes you wear over your post-surgical shapewear really depend on your surgery. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes so your compression garment can offer the support it was designed for. Avoid tight-fitting clothes until your doctor says you’ve made a full recovery.

Body Shape: Since there are so many types of surgeries that these garments aid, post-surgical shapewear depends more on the procedure you had rather than your body type. Focus on your specific surgery and create a health plan with your doctor to find the best post-surgical garment for your recovery, no matter your body type.

Seamless Shapewear

Seamless Shapewear - Leonisa

Seamless shapewear gives women the support they need but never reveals any seams or panty lines. These garments come in many styles and different control levels, so you can hide your panty line no matter what type of shapewear you need. Most women like to avoid visible panty lines (VPL), so whether you’re looking for invisible panties, bodysuits, capris, booty lifters or more, seamless shapewear will offer comfort and support without those annoying panty lines.

What’s unique about our seamless shapewear is the majority of styles are made from our SkinFuse® fabric. As stated before, we designed this material to feel like a second skin. Seamless shapewear garments include targeted compression for certain areas that you want to smooth, and zero compression for curves you want to accentuate, all without showing through your clothing.

Apparel Match: These styles are seamless, so go with whatever makes you comfortable. Want to wear tight clothing with your seamless shapewear? Go right ahead. No one will be able to see any seams or panty lines, so wear that sexy dress or those tight jeans and show off that beautiful, unique body! No VPLs here.

Body Type: If you have a curvier figure, seamless shapewear will become your new best friend. Seamless shapewear styles will smooth your sides all while being virtually invisible, so you don’t have to worry about your shapewear outline showing through your outfit. Just be sure you’re comfortable, and you can rest easy knowing no one can see what you have going on underneath your unique style.

Contour Bras

Contour bras are perfect for women who want to shape their underarms and upper back, while helping the bust to look in place. Some types even have posture and back support. These bras will give your bust a unified, shapely look. They will even support your bust for extra comfort throughout the day. Leonisa offers a variety of contour bras. Whether you’re looking for something sexy, like a lace contour bra, or something supportive, Click our posture-corrector bra, we have you covered.

What sets our contour bras out from the rest? Our multi-benefit contour bras are a must-have for your everyday wardrobe. The criss-cross DuraFit® design is created to lift your shoulders back to keep you from slouching. In addition to improving your posture, the double-layered contour cups also made from DuraFit® fabric help support your breasts to avoid shoulder strain. With breathable fabric that’s comfortable to wear, you can use these bras all day long!

Apparel Match: If you plan on wearing a tighter top, contour bras are a great choice. Not only will these bras smooth your back, but they will give your breasts the shape and the support they need to stay perky. Contour bras can also work for everyday wear, so throw on a t-shirt for the ultimate comfortable look.

Body Type: Contour bras work for a variety of bust-sizes. If you have a bigger bust and are looking for a little extra support, these bras are great. Or, if you have a slightly smaller bust and want to make sure that your bust maintains a smooth, unified shape, these bras are perfect for you, too!

Shaper Shorts

Shaper shorts are similar to shaping briefs in that they offer the same high waistline that shapes and smooths the tummy area, waist and rib cage. The key difference is that shaper shorts extend downwards and can provide thigh slimming support, too.

Leonisa’s shaper shorts are thoughtfully designed in order to maximize results. Most of the waistbands on our shaper shorts feature a double-layered DuraFit® waistband that comfortably smooths your stomach. For more breathability and ultimate comfort, a single-layered fabric compresses the thigh region.

  Shaper Shorts - Leonisa

Apparel Match: Shaper shorts are an especially appealing option for ladies who aren’t keen on wearing a butt shaper, but still want to smooth the tummy and minimize those VPLs (visible panty lines). Even if you’re not interested in those benefits, shaper shorts are excellent for skirts and summer dresses because they prevent chafing between your thighs as you walk around.

Body Type: Women with a rectangular body shape can benefit from shaper shorts. Consider shaper shorts that accentuate and add more cushion to the tush area. They will help to bring out a curvier silhouette.

Shaping Bodysuits

Shaping Bodysuits - Leonisa

Bodysuits offer an all-around approach to a slimmer silhouette. They provide coverage from your lower bottom area to your upper back and bust. Bodysuit shapewear eliminates the bunching that occurs beneath the bra and toward the top of briefs. Essentially, Leonisa shaping bodysuits make a versatile option that covers more of the body.

When it comes to the bust area, we offer bodysuits with built-in cups for total support and comfortFor women who find it challenging to locate a comfortable, well-fitted bra, a compression design bodysuit is perfect.

All of our bodysuits offer total torso support with our trademark technologies. Some bodysuits even combine style and innovation due to our Signature SmartLace® technology. This fabric adds a sense of luxury to some products and is made from an anti-pilling treated fabric. Feel sexy without compromising compression with our SmartLace® bodysuit styles.

Apparel Match: Wear your bodysuit shapewear underneath a variety of garments and wardrobe ensembles. Our bodysuits are great for outfits that are more fitting because they smooth your curves from your back all the way down to your bum. Many bodysuits include underwire in the bust and targeted compression that shapes all the right places.

Body Type: Bodysuits work on several body types, helping most areas on your body and offering a sleeker look overall. They also provide firm control of your complete tummy area and back. Sometimes, they include arm shapers as well.

Some women have a strawberry shape, also known as an inverted triangle body shape. Strawberry-shaped women have broad shoulders and their bust area tapers into a narrow backside with petite hips. Strawberry-shaped women use bodysuits for tummy control, extra breast support and a fuller back and waist.

Shaping Slips / Half-slips

Shaping Slips / Half-slips - Leonisa

Shaping slips work much like bodysuits, but they offer a skirt-like slip instead of shorts. This coverage extends down to the thighs, plus, these garments provide a much easier way for ladies to use the restroom.

You can wear shaping slips even if you are wearing a mini- or midi-style skirt. Shaping slips are generally available as half-slips or skirts for ladies who want to slim down the tummy and hips but prefer to wear a separate bra (or even cami shapers or camisole shapewear).

Many of our shaping slips are designed with our SkinFuse®, so the garment fuses seamlessly with your body. With ultra-thin seams, you don’t have to worry about your slip showing through your clothing.

Apparel Match: It goes without saying, but shaping slips work best worn beneath dresses and skirts. Perfect for accentuating a curvy silhouette for a date or a night on the town, shaping slips are more than ideal for that tightly fitted bodycon style dress you’ve been eyeing.

Body Type: Since they are similar to bodysuits, shaping slips complement many body types to provide a sleeker look and firm control over the tummy and back.

Cami Shapers

Cami shapers are wonderfully convenient shapewear, specifically made for the upper torso region.

Many of Leonisa’s camis are supportive enough to be worn without a bra. Leonisa cami shapers come in different slimming technologies. One of those is our powerful and super comfy SkinFuse® material that eliminates visible seams under clothing. This material works exceptionally well if you choose to wear the shaping cami over your favorite bra. It will cover the bra’s seams for a smoother look. Or, depending on the control level you want, you can even find cami shapers made from our Durafit® or PowerSlim® technology.

What’s great about our slimming camis is that they offer more than just slimming your tummy and waist. Some cami shapers smooth underarm spillage, support your bust and even improve your posture.

Cami Shapers - Leonisa

Apparel Match: Cami shapers and camisoles are perfect for daily use. These shapers are the perfect shapewear pieces to wear beneath tank tops, T-shirts and even blazers.

Body Type: Women with an hourglass shape will love a cami shaper. Cami shapers also smooth out any back bumps that may show beneath your favorite tops.

Panty Girdles and Shapewear Panties

Panty girdle and shapewear panties offer a waist-cinching style of garment that wraps around the tummy area and hips, ending around the upper thighs. Panty girdles offer a sexy, sensual look and a defined hourglass figure.

At Leonisa, we offer an extensive collection of panty girdles and shapewear panty types. Explore tummy-smoothing girdle underwear and high-cut, seamless shapewear underwear that hides VPLs beneath leggings.

We understand that many women like to highlight their rear but want to smooth other areas, so our panty shapers do just that. High rise shapewear panties flatten your stomach, and innovative thong designs lift the butt and eliminate the look of cellulite.

Apparel Match: Wear panty girdles and shapewear panties beneath almost anything. There are some panty girdles specifically designed to give your booty that extra perk. This type of shapewear will make your bum look fabulous in a pair of jeans or perky in that summer dress.

Body Type: Panty girdles and shapewear are designed to fit many shapes and sizes. From apple-bottomed women to slender figures in need of a booty boost, Leonisa offers a variety of panty shaper options. There are even maternity support panties to help you carry some of that extra weight and provide back support for your baby bump during pregnancy.

Slimming Arm Shaper

Slimming Arm Shaper - Leonisa

A slimming arm shaper is another type of shapewear that targets a very specific area. Arm shapers come in several variations, but they all do one crucial job: they slim sagging regions of the arms often called "bat wings." Overall, the majority of our arm shapers utilize our SkinFuse® compression technology, which makes your arms appear more toned, reducing that extra jiggle that may leave some women feeling self-conscious.

Some styles offer a simple fit over the upper arms and biceps, while others provide a ¾ length sleeve and connect in the back or beneath the bust for extra support. Leonisa offers arm shapers that provide back support with just the right amount of coverage. Our arm slimmers also have an adjustable back closure so you can find the best fit.

Arm shapers are also perfect for post-surgical arm procedures, arm lifts or liposuctions that target the arms. They offer support as you heal, keeping swelling and bruising to a minimum.

Apparel Match: Obviously, arm shapers work under many types of garments. But, you should not wear them with short sleeves or sheer sleeves that reveal your shapewear.

Body Type: Not so much aimed at your silhouette or body shape, slimming arm shapers can genuinely help anyone who desires smoother arms. If you're looking for an all-around smoother appearance, keep in mind that Leonisa also offers shaper jumpsuits that include attached arm shapers. Additionally, if you’re recovering from cosmetic arm surgery, doctor-recommended post-surgical arm shapers are great to wear during the recovery process.

Control Leggings

Control Leggings - Leonisa

There are many different types of leggings, but control leggings help to define and shape your legs. At Leonisa, we offer shapewear that shapes your legs and provides a high waistband for tummy control. Our control leggings help to sculpt your curves and smooth cellulite. Further, many control leggings offer an anti-slip grip that keeps the shapewear from shifting.

Many of Leonisa's butt shaping leggings are made from our soft and durable DuraFit® compression fabric. This special fabric includes an interior lining of PowerSlim® firm compression mesh fabric to support your tummy, thighs and everything in between. Plus, as the name implies, our butt shaping leggings offer strategic cutouts that add butt-lifting effects.

Apparel Match: Control leggings work well as activewear for workouts, yoga classes and more. They’re also perfect for daily wear, so you can dress them beneath your favorite pair of jeans, or opt to dress up your leggings with a trendy tunic.

Body Type: Control leggings are ideal for smoothing a muffin top. For women who have an apple-shaped figure with a large bust and narrow hips, they'll help accentuate your bottom-half curves.

Post Pregnancy Shapewear

Post Pregnancy Shapewear - Leonisa

Post pregnancy and postpartum shapewear are specially designed for moms, combining practical and aesthetic solutions. Some post pregnancy shapewear flattens the tummy area and helps new moms feel confident in their shape by achieving their pre-pregnancy figure. Other styles aid the postpartum healing process by encouraging blood circulation. Postpartum shapewear can even help heal abdominal separations or incisions from cesarean sections.

Postpartum shapewear from Leonisa features targeted firm compression with our PowerSlim® fabric. Many styles have an adjustable velcro closure, so you can choose the amount of compression you want and continue to wear the garment as you begin to lose the additional baby weight. Not only are post-pregnancy garments comfortable to wear, but they are safe as well. Each style is created without hooks or zippers, so you don’t have to worry about damaging any incisions.

Apparel Match: Since post pregnancy shapewear comes in many styles and suits various needs, moms have a ton of options to choose from. Styles like maternity support panties are perfect during pregnancy, but once the baby arrives, the firm compression helps slim down that postpartum belly.

Body Type: Post-pregnancy shapewear isn’t necessarily designed for one body shape. As ladies of all shapes and sizes have children, it’s most important to find postpartum shapewear that addresses your unique baby bump and the parts of your body that need support. Leonisa also offers supportive shapewear for mothers specifically recovering from a c-section.

No matter your shapewear goals and desires, there are numerous options to help you feel #UniqueLikeYou. Use this guide to make sure the shapewear you choose targets the part of your body you’d like to address. Shop Leonisa today and have fun exploring all the different shapewear possibilities.