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El vestido de baño para cada tipo de cuerpo

Alexandra Hinestroza
Personal Shopper


Not all women have the same body type. It is very important that you know and recognize what kind of characteristics yours has, in order to get the most out of your curves.

In many stages of life, women have had a hard time accepting the body we have; most of Sometimes we tend to compare ourselves with other people or to want to change some aspect of what we already are for nature. And we repeat that pattern every time we have a walk to the beach or put on a bathing suit.

We tell ourselves a thousand times in the mirror that we are not "ready" enough to go to that place. trip that we dream so much about, simply because we think that our bodies do not look good enough "perfect". And let's be honest, what is perfection? And do we really want to reach that standard of beauty What does society impose on us?

As a Personal Shopper, I have always been very much in agreement with the fact that if a person wants to change something appearance of your physique to look and feel much better with your body can do it; as long as love Self and respect come first. All this applies to exercise, nutrition and clothing with benefits that can help greatly improve a person's self-esteem.

And on many occasions the only thing you have to do to make your figure look better is to know your body better and Find out what clothes suit you best. It is not about completely changing what you already are, but about empowering all that so irresistible that you already have. Amazing, right? It is easier than you think.

So when we talk about bathing suits Do you know what favors you and what not so much? For example, we all know that having very pronounced hips is not the same as having, on the other hand, broader or more prominent shoulders. These characteristics vary from body to body, and the ideal is to get take advantage of those qualities to discover how we look and feel more confident in our own fur.

If there is something What I like to repeat to each person in all the consultancies I do is that each body is different, and that difference is precisely where the magic of each woman lies.

So, are you ready to identify yours and find out which ones are going to fit you? better than ever?

When buying a swimsuit to enjoy in the sun, I recommend looking for options that favor your body type, thus giving greater prominence to that area or areas that you want to highlight.
No matter what your build The secret is to give proportion to your shoulders, waist and hip!

Now the time has come to begin to know the different bodies that exist, since when speaking of forms we found 5 types:

1. Hourglass

The first type of body I want to talk to you about is the HOURGLASS. This silhouette is one of the “most desired” by all, since it alludes to the measures 90-60-90. It is characterized by having harmony between shoulders and hips, and her waist is smaller compared to these two.
This body is characterized by being very proportionate thanks to the marked waist and her curves pronounced, due to the difference in measurements between the waist with the shoulders and hips.

I want to tell you that although this body shape is the most "coveted", many women with these features often feel that their hips are too wide and tend to hide them most weather.
I perfectly remember a woman who had a spectacular hourglass body, and she didn't like to wear bikinis because she felt she had too much hip and she was not comfortable with it we all have insecurities, but it is useless to criticize ourselves all the time and expecting our body to be different!

So what will suit you if you have this type of body?

  • If you are an hourglass, almost all silhouettes and styles will suit you Dare to show off your body with that swimsuit that you like so much!
  • A tip that can help you to enhance your curves even more is to use trikinis, high waisted bikinis high or necklines that frame your silhouette.
  • If you want to show your abdomen, looking for a classic panty. Higher cut ones will create the illusion to have longer legs.
  • You can also look for garments that have waist details, for this to be the center of attention and you too!
  • Speaking of color, you can choose the ones you like the most, as most shades will look wow on you! It what I do recommend is avoid mixing patterns or colors between the bottom and top, so that your body continues to look harmonious.
  • 2. Rectangle:

    If you have this body type, your figure probably has a straighter appearance and your curves are poorly defined, this means that your shoulders, waist and hips have the same proportion or a Similary.
    I personally recommend that you try frame your waist with bathing suits that give you a much curvier appearance.

    So what will suit you if you have this type of body?

    • Choose contrasts and prints give you a curvier appearance
    • The trikinis and wholes with drapes at the waist will help you create an illusion of curves.
    • Opt for clothes with cuts or transparencies in the abdomen area.
    • The high waisted bikini will frame your curves more, accentuating your waist considerably.
    • Give more volume to one of the parts of the body with the help of prints or boleros to divert the waist care.
    • Avoid silhouettes with square necklines, these will make you look straighter.
    • They will benefit you triangular cups and tie at the neck.
    • 3. Apple:

      Women with an apple-shaped body are very easily recognized: your abdomen or waist is more prominent than your hips or shoulders. However, these women also tend to have wide shoulders.
      This body type needs divert attention from your waist to other areas of the body that not your abdomen/waist, improving the body harmony that many women seek.
      This does not mean that you should look for a "swimsuit for chubby", it is just that each body fat accumulates in different parts, and in your particular case it is the abdomen.

      So what will suit you if you have this type of body?

      • There is no more flattering color to wear thinner than black.
      • Try wider straps: they will make your shoulders look smaller.
      • Try using an integer with strong control in abdomen, so your waist will look smaller and your abdomen flatter.
      • Choose V necklines that give the illusion of a more elongated figure.
      • Garments with transparencies, side cuts and drapes at the waist favor you.
      • The prints are perfect. avoid using very large prints.
      • Tankinis are also a great option to hide the abdomen area.
      • 4. Triangle

        The triangle body or also known as pear, is characterized by having the hips more wider than shoulders and chest. Generally this form tends to accumulate fat in the hips and the upper part of the thighs, with pronounced buttocks and a smaller waist. checked.
        The idea is to avoid that the area of attention is your hips and balance the other areas so that your body looks more balanced.

        So what will suit you if you have this kind of body?

        • Highlight the upper part of your body with swimsuits that attract attention with prints or details.
        • If you prefer bikinis, high-waisted ones will help you highlight your waist.
        • The bottom of your bathing suit must be basic without many details or prints to avoid giving additional volume to this area.
        • Wear clothes from bare shoulders or strapless.
        • Deep V or U necklines they will look great on you.
        • The boleros at the top are a great idea.
        • 5. Inverted Triangle

          Finally we have the inverted triangle body type, this one has the biggest shoulders wider than your hip. In some cases, people with the triangle body inverted can have a larger bust and slimmer legs.
          To people who have this form, I recommend that they try to attract attention in the hip part and accentuate your waist.

          For example, I completely identify myself with this type of body. I've always known that my shoulders are much wider than my hips and my back looks wider. Y if I'm honest, for many years I was not at peace with that, I wanted to look just like magazine models! But over time I learned that I could do a lot for my body if I chose the right swimsuit Now I feel better than ever when I wear these summer clothes!

          So what will suit you if you have this kind of body?

          • Asymmetry: one-shoulder garments will be your best friends!
          • Wear tops with with wider straps, this will make your shoulders look a bit More smalls.
          • Choose bold prints at the bottom and solid colors at the top superior to visually balance your figure.
          • In the tights opt for knotted details, drapes or details that call more attention.
          • Bathing suits will look great on you. skirt that give harmony to your body.
          • Avoid halter or athletic tops, They will make you look wider on top.
          • How did you think of all these tips and advice? for each body type?

            I hope it has been super easy for you to identify yours and you have many more ideas for make the most of your curves the next time you have a sunny season.

Until next time 🙂,
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