Tips for choosing underwear during pregnancy


Consejos para elegir la ropa interior durante el embarazo

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In this article I will tell you what you should take into account when choosing your underwear so that this stage of pregnancy is very comfortable and bearable.

As women we know that the time of pregnancy is like a roller coaster in which we experience so many emotions that it can sometimes seem overwhelming, going from feelings of total happiness to moments in which you question everything; In addition, each part of your body changes preparing itself to allow optimal development for that new being that is on the way, causing our body to change and also the perception we have about it.

And as we know that it is a time when there are so many issues to think about, as experts in underwear at Leonisa we want that precisely this is not an issue to worry about; On the contrary, here we bring you a series of tips that will help you carry a pregnancy where your underwear is your best ally to feel comfortable with your clothes and with your body.

We bring you a series of tips that will help you carry a pregnancy where your underwear is your best ally to feel comfortable with your clothes and with your body.

The first thing we should know is that during the first trimester of pregnancy the body has not yet begun to show many physical changes, so it is common for most women to continue wearing their usual underwear at this stage without feeling any discomfort. However, these discomforts begin to appear as the pregnancy progresses because in the second and third trimesters the body gains volume: the abdominal area begins to grow, the hips begin to widen, the bust becomes larger and heavier and the extremities - the hands and feet - swell due to the retention of liquids typical of pregnancy, and it is precisely at this moment that choosing the right underwear will avoid several headaches (oh... and breast and back pain).

So it is common for many questions to arise when choosing underwear for pregnancy…

  • “What size bra to wear?”
  • “How do I know if my bra will fit me throughout my pregnancy?”
  • "What kind of panties should I wear?"
  • “Can I wear Brazilians?”,
  • “Is the lace bad or can I use it without problem?’”

… in short, there will surely be as many questions as there are future mothers, so below I will tell you what you should take into account when choosing your underwear so that this stage of pregnancy is very comfortable and bearable.

Choose the right bra

One of the most obvious changes that our body begins to suffer is the increase in the volume of the bust. I will explain it to you in a very simple way: the breast is made up of mammary glands which, thanks to hormonal change, begin to work "at full speed" to prepare for milk production (remember that we are a mammalian species, and whether you are fit or not to feed, this process occurs naturally during pregnancy). These glands are covered by fat - which serves as a protective layer - which also gains volume making the bust feel heavier and look larger, and that is precisely why choosing the right bra becomes essential to avoid discomfort. Here are my tips:

  • 1. Feeling sexy is possible!

    That being pregnant is not an excuse to feel beautiful! Or perhaps what state of woman could be more feminine than this? Although we know that for many it is not easy to accept the changes in your body, the truth is that feeling sexy is a state of mind that will help you keep your spirits up... in fact there are studies that show that the clothes you wear and the care you give them You give your body a powerful influence on your mood, helping you to enjoy this unique stage more. And that is why I am sure that wearing clothes with transparencies, lace and tulle will make us feel and look prettier; That's why I'm going to show you 2 bras that I'm sure will have an incredible effect on how you look and feel!

    Ropa interior durante el embarazo

    What could make you feel cuter than a bra like this? How about using it in red wine, black wine or in an amazing red color? Well, dare because its delicacy, sensuality and romanticism will be the perfect ally to feel very attractive because the bust looks spectacular! In addition to being divine, it is perfect for this moment since it looks great when the bust has enough volume, making you not want to take it off. In addition, its wide tulle back with transparency gives it that risky touch while styling your figure.

    The key to feeling very comfortable: wear it in the correct size, this way you will avoid the arches and the rods on the sides from bothering you... you will see how it will become your favorite bra!

    And if you are a lover of bralettes but you don't know if they are suitable for this moment in your life, well, I have very good news for you... a bralette that, in addition to being divine, is designed for women with large busts, giving you the necessary support for this stage. It is perfect because its cups have excellent adjustability, adapting to the volume of your bust, so if you start using it in the early stages of pregnancy, it will adapt to changes in your bust, giving you the support and comfort you need. It is also very sexy as it is made of transparent tulle that will reveal a bit of skin. The best: its fastening will allow you to adjust it to the width of your back, making it feel very soft and comfortable.

    Ropa interior durante el embarazo
  • 2. The softer, the more comfortable

    During pregnancy, the bust becomes much more sensitive than usual, so bras with many structures, cuts and seams can cause discomfort. For this reason, my recommendation is to look for a bra that is light, made of soft materials such as cotton that is very delicate with the skin, avoiding possible irritations or discomfort caused by other types of materials.

    My recommended:
    The All in one Bra de Leonisa is perfect for this moment because it has everything you need to feel very comfortable: it is a bra that will give you the coverage in the neckline that you need to feel that the bust will always be in place, and because it does not have arches or seams, it is safe and You won't even feel it. It is made of elastane cotton which allows it to fit your bust even if it increases in volume, as it has an incredible adjustability, covering even up to 2 different cups, so you will not feel small even if your bust grows. It will also give you very good support thanks to its elastic at the base and the wide straps that, because they are padded, will not mistreat your shoulders, making you feel very comfortable!

    ropa interior durante el embarazo
  • Another option that would be perfect to use during pregnancy is the Mastectomy brastop, but don't worry! Don't be scared by its name because although it was initially designed for those who need to use a prosthesis, the truth is that it is so soft and comfortable that many Women use it for different cases, even for day to day. It has no arches or seams and is made of a breathable material – as it is normal for sweat to increase during pregnancy – helping you feel very fresh.

    ropa interior durante el embarazo

    Another aspect that will make you feel very comfortable is its back, which because it has more elongation, that is, it can stretch much more, will adjust to the width of your back, even helping to hide the rolls that form there, thanks to its good coverage. Now how to use it? Well easy, you just have to remove the cups it comes with (which are removable) and wear it as if it were a top, but with an extra dose of support and comfort, ideal for this stage of your life.

Keys to feel very comfortable

Wear the correct size:

One of the common questions when starting a pregnancy is what size should I buy? Well, the truth is that during the months of pregnancy, not only does the size of the bust increase, but generally the back also widens a little, making it necessary to wear one more bra size to ensure that it does not bother the base or mistreat the back. .
That is why you must take into account:

  • Take your measurements before buying your pregnancy bras, Well, as you may have heard before, at least 8/10 women do not wear the correct bra size - they usually wear one size smaller, or even two - and if what you are looking for is greater comfort, to guarantee it you must use the correct size. That is why my recommendation is that with a meter that you have at home you take the measurements of the base and the volume of the bust, and that in our size calculator on the website and the Leonisa application Calculate your size, you discover your correct size from bra If you are one of the women who tends to gain weight easily, I even advise you to buy one size up for the last few months so that both the bust and the back feel very comfortable.
  • Try to choose bras and bralettes that have a fastening so that you can adjust their fit as the back becomes wider.
  • The bras and bralettes that have elastic fabric cups (which can be smooth, tulle or cotton) will adjust more easily to the new volume of your bust, something that will not happen with foam cups.
  • Avoid cups with little coverage, very thin straps and very narrow backs... probably won't help you feel very comfortable because as the bust will get heavier, they won't be able to provide you with the necessary support to counteract that extra weight.
  • Try to use triangular silhouette brasieres, Well, the balconets, which are the ones that you can generally use as strapless, usually have non-slip elastics and are more adjusted in the contour (to prevent them from slipping) and due to the high sensitivity of those days, it might not feel as comfortable.

panties for pregnancy

When it comes to panties for pregnancy, we must talk about two types of garments: those that are used during the first and those that are used in the last trimester of pregnancy and are characterized by their functionality. For the first few months... It is normal that in the first months of pregnancy, just like bras, we use the usual panties at least until the belly begins to grow. However, it is important to take into account aspects that can make you feel more comfortable with some than with others:

  • Choose cool materials like cotton which is characterized by its absorption, since irritations and the appearance of infections due to hormonal changes are common during this stage. If you wear microfiber garments, also ideal for their breathability, keep in mind that all Leonisa panties have 100% cotton reinforcement, ideal to protect you at this important moment in your life.
  • Try to choose bras and bralettes that have a fastening so that you can adjust their fit as the back becomes wider.
  • It is also normal for the hip to become wider, so it is ideal that the panties you choose are not very rigid, guaranteeing their fit as the pregnancy progresses without feeling too tight in the crotch, waist and hip, so it is ideal that they are made of elastane cotton, allowing them to adapt to your body without losing their shape.
  • Evita panties con control or with elastic bands that can compress and tighten the abdominal area.
  • If it's about silhouette... there is no restriction! Whether you prefer Brazilian or hipster, the important thing is that it is not too tight and you feel very comfortable.

Functional panties for pregnancy

Without a doubt, this is one of the topics that we all wonder about. These panties are highly functional as they are designed to support the tummy and alleviate the feeling of extra weight, which is essential to carry this process more comfortably. Leonisa's are made with state-of-the-art technology, in materials with intelligent tensions: in the lower part of the belly that will help "carry" the baby's weight while gently covering the upper part, without squeezing or compressing.

The best thing is that they also help relieve a little lower back pain, common during the last months of pregnancy.

ropa interior durante el embarazo ropa interior durante el embarazo

As you can see, there are so many underwear options that this should not be an issue to worry about; yes, my recommendation is that you invest in good quality garments because keep in mind that their use during pregnancy will be constant, and a fine garment will not only guarantee durability but also a greater sense of comfort.

Finally, my advice is that you enjoy this stage feeling proud of your body's ability to generate life, thinking that all the changes you will experience during pregnancy will be rewarded.

For now, try to wear it in style: put on makeup and do your hair, listen to your favorite music; take advantage and eat your favorite food because this is your moment and it will never be the same again!

A hug,



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