Types of bras: What benefits do you look for in your bra?

Tipos de bras

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Talking about bras is perhaps one of the topics that generates the most commotion in women, since for many, finding the perfect bra is an odyssey; In fact, many women get used to using one that does not meet their expectations simply out of resignation or because they do not know the number of options out there and all that they can do for their comfort and beauty.

For this reason and to help you find the perfect bra for you, below I will tell you which ones are the different benefits that they offer us and how to choose the right one according to what you need most.

But have you ever thought what our body would look like if the bra had never been invented? Imagine a woman who has never used one… what image comes to mind? Well, for my part, the first thing I think of is those half-naked women who still live in the middle of the jungle and who don't wear more than a "loincloth" that covers their private parts, because that's exactly how the bust looks in its shape. more natural, without any support or covering.

The history

To begin with, we must go back to the origins… have you ever wondered why and when the first bras began to be used? Well, the answer is very simple and it has to do with the support of the bust, since there are known paintings of women in ancient Greece who used a type of bra that "pushed the bust up" but left them uncovered.

Later, “band” type garments began to be used for sports, which not only gave support to the bust but also covered it, a function that they continue to fulfill to date, and it is precisely from there that the two basic benefits that any bra must meet: support and cover the bust.

All bras meet 2 basic benefits: SUPPORT and COVER the bust

As time has passed, the bra has evolved and with it its benefits; for example at the time of Renaissance, a time when the human body was studied in detail and became the center of attention in artistic scene, the curves of women became so relevant that it was at that time that this type of garment went from fulfilling their basic benefits to "redesign" the figure.

The best example of this was corset that they were long bras that also covered the waist and abdomen and that were They were worn very tight to make the feminine curves more evident, enhancing the bust (in fact, it almost overflowed them, making the necklines great protagonists), marking the waist and flattening the abdomen, and showing the hips wider, because by then a woman with defined curves was seen as a very attractive and fertile woman.

However, the need to modify the body was so great that they came to use metallic structures, causing discomfort at work and even altering women's health. Because of this and the feminist movement at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, the bra evolved into a simpler and lighter garment, which consisted of a band that covered the bust and two straps that rested on the shoulders thus giving it increased support, under the name of bra.

Over time, it evolved and cups began to be used as "pockets for each breast", plates of metal that helped support it (which later evolved into bows, also known as “rods”) and to the hook appliqués to tie it at the back.

Historia del brasier

First bras in Crete, Greece - Corset

By the end of the First World War, it was already common for women to wear a bra in their daily lives, thus becoming a everyday undergarment. Throughout the 20th century, the bra undoubtedly became a garment that empowered women, in some cases highlighting the bust making her look like a sex symbol (for which the cinema had a lot of influence) and in others to make more Beyond supporting and covering, it will grant different benefits that are functional, making the bust look different and providing a lot of comfort.

Over time the bra has evolved, not only to cover and support, but to provide different benefits that make the bust look different and maximum comfort is achieved.

The benefits

It is not a secret that we women want to always look good and for that we look for “extra help” that achieve those effects that we have always dreamed of in our body. However, there are many factors that influence how we want to see ourselves: it is no secret that showing off a large and rounded bust is a desire of many women who want to feel more attractive, thus responding to different cultural stereotypes that have been imposed over time – but be careful, by this I do not mean that it is true or that I agree with it – in fact at Leonisa we are convinced that every woman is magic just as she is , and that We don't need to be 90-60-90 to feel and look powerful!

For this reason and as the most important thing is that each woman feels beautiful and confident in her body, in the market we find a wide variety of options that adjust to the tastes and needs of each one.

Also, if we add to this that women generally have a look for every occasion, the bra becomes one of those main accessories to make outerwear look great. Here I tell you more about them.

Beneficios del brasier

Benefits depending on the bust:

Basics: These are meant for those women who They put your comfort above all else. leaving aside the others Benefits. These bras usually have very little structure, that is, they are light and do not modify the way in which you see the bust They are found both in solids and in lace (like bralettes, my favorites!), and in many occasions do not have bows; yes, although many have foam cups this does not make the bust look bigger or enhanced but prevents it from looking saggy but with a very natural shape.

These bras are worn by those who are more uncomplicated, who are satisfied with the size and shape of their bust and looking for that feeling of freedom that a basic bra can give them. Many use it for day to day or for those times when we don't want our bust to be the center of attention.

Bras básicos
In conclusion
Type of benefit Basic
It is characterized by Your maximum comfort
Its effect is Natural modeling of the bust
It's for you if... You look for fewer structures

Highlight: A little more discreet than makeup and heels but with a lot in common, push-up bras are undoubtedly one of the best allies of those women who want to be the center of attraction.

Enhancement is that benefit that helps the bust looks more rounded at the neckline and in many cases, look more volume than it actually is, achieving in many that “surgery effect” that they have always dreamed of; that's why since several years it has positioned itself as the favorite of many women and although we would think that it is exclusive for occasions romantic or for more sensual looks, the truth is that at least ¼ women are users of enhancement, and of them, at least least 7/10 use it on a daily basis.

1/4 women wear enhancement
7/10 women use enhancement every day

The obsession with a perfect bust has led to this benefit being widely explored, offering different levels enhancement, each with a different purpose.

The medium enhancement It is the one that slightly raises the bust, preventing it from looking saggy, and this is achieved thanks to structures such as arches and foam cups. This is the ideal level of enhancement for those looking for their bust to be see in the "right place", that is, neither very raised nor sagging, so we will find it in many versions, to for all tastes.

The highlight high it is perfect for those who want their bust to look more enhanced; In other words, these bras They center and lift, achieving a more rounded effect on the neckline.

Finally, there is the favorite of those who have always dreamed of a larger bust: the double and triple enhancement, that in addition enhancing it will achieve the effect of a larger bust instantly!

These bras make me feel safe by making my bust not only not look saggy but also look bigger... it's like an operation but without an operation

Bra realce
In conclusion
Type of benefit Highlight
It is characterized by Its “fillers” that center, lift and in some cases give extra volume
Its effect is A more rounded bust and in some cases, let it be seen larger
It's for you if... You have always wanted your bust to be the protagonist

reduction: These are designed for those who have a very large bust and seek to hide their volume, and are They are characterized by redistributing the volume of the bust, making it look a little smaller.

A few years ago, bra brands focused on giving the bust a perfect modeling, that is, they wanted it looked rounded and in place. Later, after perfecting his technique and giving him even more benefits for the bust to look great; they began to worry about stylizing areas such as the back and sides under the arms, thus achieving complete molding of the woman's torso. That's why we found different types of benefits depending on the area.

In conclusion
Type of benefit Reduction
It is characterized by Your maximum support
Its effect is Hide the volume
It's for you if... you have a very large bust

Benefits based on back

Posture Facilitators: Do you spend many hours in front of the computer and do you feel that your back stoops more every day? Well cheer up we have the solution for you! Back pain caused by bad posture at work afflicts thousands of women in the world, and part of the solution may be much simpler than you imagine.

At Leonisa we develop bras that, thanks to the technology of their materials and intelligent localized tensions that They generate control in the upper part of the back, better known as the dorsal area, they will help you keep more upright avoiding not only bad posture but unwanted discomfort and pain.

Facilitadores de postura
In conclusion
Type of benefit posture facilitators
It is characterized by Your smart strains on your back
Its effect is Helps to have a better posture
It's for you if... Your back hurts or you are looking for another posture upright

Back Shapers: If you are one of those women who does not wear tight shirts because she feels mark the rolls of the back, You are going to love these bras! They gather "everything" as you have always dreamed of, from the armhole rolls to those that form in the back, making the back look smooth, stylized and molded. For many years the focus was on the bust, but now the back has gained prominence and a bra like these will make it look spectacular!

Moldeadores de espalda
In conclusion
Type of benefit back shapers
It is characterized by Its excellent coverage
Its effect is A smooth back without rolls
It's for you if... Are you looking for a perfect back?

But the benefits not only depend on the bust or the back, but in many cases we look for them for a moment when particular.

Strapless: Surely it has happened to you that you have a shirt or dress that you love because it leaves your shoulders in the air but you feel that bra straps don't look good with them... it's times like these that we should all have a strapless! These bras are characterized by the fact that they can be worn without straps and by having a straight neckline (that is, they are a balconette silhouette). They will allow you to show off your chest and shoulders.

My advice for choosing the perfect strapless: look for one that has non-slip elastics on the back to ensure that it adheres to your skin without sagging… so move freely, dance and feel all the security of a bra that doesn't move.

Bra strapless
In conclusion
Type of benefit Strapless
It is characterized by Its removable straps and straight cut at the neckline
Its effect is Maximum fit to the body
It's for you if... You want to show your shoulders free of burdens

Bras or sports tops: It is very common to find women who use the oldest bras to play sports without knowing that this can be a big mistake… and do you know why? Well, it turns out that when you exercise you need a bra that guarantee your bust that it will always be in its place, and to achieve this it must meet certain characteristics that make it suitable for this:

  • Give you more support: for this they must have elastic bands at the base and wider sides that gather the bust, avoiding that the impact of the movements causes it to fall due to gravity.
  • That makes you feel safe: look for tops with more coverage in the neckline to avoid "accidents"... you understand me, TRUE?
  • That makes you feel very comfortable: They generally do not have bows or side ribs to avoid any damage as much as possible. possibility of discomfort.
  • Keep you cool: Sports bras are made of breathable materials that will give you a feeling of freshness for longer.

So my recommendation is that you try one of these garments... I'm sure your body will thank you.

Bra Deportivos
In conclusion
Type of benefit deportivo
It is characterized by Its good support and coverage
Its effect is Withstand the impact of movements
It's for you if... You love sports and you are looking for garments with benefits

And to finish we find two additional or service benefits, since they are useful in very particular moments:

Nursing Bras: For those who have just become mothers and need a bra that facilitates the moment of breastfeeding, These bras are very practical since they allow you to discover the cups without having to take off your bra. They also count with a marker that will help you remember which was the last breast you used.

Bras Lactancia
In conclusion
Type of benefit Lactation
It is characterized by Its practicality: brooches and marker
Its effect is Allows uncovering the breasts to facilitate breastfeeding
It's for you if... You are breastfeeding or about to be

Mastectomy bras: Undoubtedly one of the most difficult processes that many women who suffer from breast cancer; for this reason and thinking of offering them garments that give them total comfort and functionality, the bras from Leonisa mastectomy are a 360° solution to your needs. In fact for its creation, we met with several women who told us what their ideal bra would look like and this is what we achieved:

  • Garments that include cups specially designed for simulate the volume of the bust, replacing the expensive breast prostheses. These cups are removable, so the bra can be used with 2 of them, only with one (replacing one of the breasts) or without them for those who have an implant or prefer to use their prostheses.
  • The cups are made with double fabric, no bows or side ribs. They have a pocket that allows you to store there the prostheses preventing them from moving and being seen.
  • Have greater coverage in the neckline, the armhole and the back.
  • Its materials are very soft to the touch, so they do not bother cuts or scars in that area.
Bras Mastectomía
In conclusion
Type of benefit Mastectomy
It is characterized by Its internal pockets and cups that replace prostheses
Its effect is Greater security
It's for you if... You went through a mastectomy process

As you can see, bras have evolved over time to go beyond covering and holding the bust, becoming a garment that is not only functional but will definitely make you feel confident and powerful, because if I am convinced is that the bra we wear represents our essence, what we are and how we want to project ourselves towards the the rest.

That's why it doesn't matter what benefit you prefer or if you use one, or several of them... the important thing is that at the moment to choose the bra do it with full awareness that you are acquiring much more than a simple garment... because it can do much more for you than you imagine… You already know that, right?

A hug,



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