What To Wear to Barre Class

Wear Sportswear

Barre classes offer low-impact workouts that usually blend Pilates and ballet-style exercises. You’ll focus on your core while working out your entire body. The poses help you develop grace, strength and good posture. Because you’ll emphasize every movement, you’ll want to wear gym clothes for women that are fitted enough to move with you without being restrictive. Many workout staples can look great in or outside of the studio. You can easily run to the store or stop by the library with the right top or tunic and a great pair of everyday leggings. Wear clothes that feel good to you, and think about adding some shapewear for women to your ensemble for even more confidence. If you’re in doubt, check out what your classmates are wearing or ask someone at the studio for suggestions. Whatever you choose to put on, you’ll never go wrong with great athletic wear from Leonisa

Why Wear Sportswear

Since most barre studios are filled with mirrors, you’ll want to make an effort to look good. Dressing the part can motivate you to make your best effort and boost your self-esteem. Since form follows function, you’ll need a good sports bra, leggings, and a tank top or T-shirt to create a great workout look. These clothes will help you and your instructors observe and adjust your body alignment so that you can make every move count.

Cute Sports Bras

Barre class is a great opportunity to have fun with your outfits. Don’t be afraid to invest in some cute sports bras that you can wear alone or show off under a cut-out tank top. Feminine seaming under the bust can lift and define your curves while keeping you comfortable as you move. If you want a sporty and versatile option, try a lightweight, reversible racerback bra specially engineered to center your bust and keep you fresh. You’ll even have the added advantage of being able to change up your look with just one bra. Choose a bra with sweat-wicking fabric and adjustable straps, and you’ll be sure to stay focused on your routine. You’ll need your breasts to feel secure as you twist and move your body, even in a low-impact class. Classes like cardio barre might call for more support, especially if you have a large bust. If you have a petite chest or are taking a class focused on stretching, you may want a lighter-duty bra that allows for plenty of freedom of movement.

Wear Sportswear

Leggings that hit below the knee are the best option for covering your bottom half as you practice your dance moves. They help keep your muscles warm. Leggings also make it easier for you and your instructor to observe the movement and position of your body as you go through the class routine. You’ll be able to focus on small movements and make sure your form is on point without the distraction of extra fabric. High-waisted leggings can help shape your torso, give you full coverage, and create a long, lean line. Cropped capri-style leggings can feel a little more lightweight and easygoing, especially in the summer. Pick a comfortable style that helps you feel confident. Bright colors, fun prints, mesh panels and cut-outs can make your look more interesting, but avoid zippers, seams and waistbands that feel tight or binding. Also, remember to leave your shorts at home because they can be impractical at a barre class. Loose, flowing fabric can bunch up or get in the way during floor work, and you can inadvertently expose too much skin as you move.

No-Show Underwear

If the thought of wearing close-fitting leggings makes you nervous, a great pair of seamless underwear or high-waisted panties can help you feel comfortable while getting a workout in. The added compression will smooth out bulges and give your backside a naturally round, firm appearance. Wearing compression-no-show panties under your leggings will give your waist a little extra definition and provide an extra layer of coverage.

Supportive Shapewear

If you need a little extra boost or support during your workout, shapewear can be a great addition to your barre wardrobe. Comfortable and flexible compression garments can help you focus on how your muscles look and feel as you exercise. They sculpt your curves and help you feel happy and confident in front of the mirror.

Long-Sleeved Arm Shaper

Long-sleeved arm shapers are designed to assist in controlling your upper body movements, allowing you to feel more graceful and in control. They provide support and compression to your arms, helping to shape and tone them.

Undetectable Shaper Short

The undetectable shaper short is specifically designed to smooth out your thighs, creating a more streamlined and toned appearance under your clothing.

Mesh Panels and Seams

When strategically designed and carefully placed, they can shape your waist, trim your hips, and smooth out any bulges.

Wear Sportswear

Tank Tops and Tees

While it’s OK to wear your sports bra on its own when you’re in class, adding a tank top or a T-shirt is a stylish way to get a little more coverage. A tight-fitting tank or tee in a moisture-wicking material is ideal, but make sure it has personality. Give your workout tops extra flair with a split back, knotted waist, multiple straps, prints, bold colors, or a scoop or open back that shows off your bra. Ribbed, diamond and honeycomb textures are another way to add some fun to your athletic wear.

Grip-Sole Socks

At barre class, you’ll remove your shoes to protect the floors and gain a better feel for your body. As you lift and lower your heels and legs and flex your toes to hold challenging positions, it’s important to keep steady. You’ll go through the routine barefoot unless you opt to wear studio socks with slip-resistant grips on the soles. People who swear by gripper socks love how these socks keep their feet warm, dry and clean while providing extra support and security on the floor. Many of these socks are designed to put you in the dancing spirit with a ballet slipper-like appearance. Whatever you do, avoid no-grip socks. They can easily slip and lead to a fall.

Long-Sleeved Pullover

Most women like to look relaxed yet put-together as they travel to and from barre class. Adding a cute pullover or long-sleeved T-shirt is a great way to make your athletic wear into an outfit that works for grabbing coffee or running to the grocery after class. A hoodie will keep you warm in a cold room and protect you from a chill in the outside air. Many fashionable long-sleeved tops make great transitional options that you can take off quickly as your body warms up. Try a ballet-inspired wrap top or a long-sleeved, cropped thermal tee with a cut-out back for a dancer-worthy look. A relaxed sweatshirt with an off-the-shoulder neckline is another easygoing and feminine choice. You might even pick a tunic with a ruched or tie detail on each side of the waist. Any of these tops are easy to layer over leggings and can also be worn with jeans or a casual skirt.

Slip-on Shoes

Although you’ll never wear shoes on the studio floor, you’ll need them before and after class. A great pair of flats, trainers or slides can help you pull your look together and get on your way. Pick shoes that slip off and are easy to stow away once you arrive at the studio. You’ll look your most put-together when you choose styles and colors that complement your workout wear.

Handy Hair-Holders

Many women need elastic ponytail holders, scrunchies, headbands and hair clips to keep their mane in check during their workouts. A neat updo will keep hair out of your face and eyes as you move and keep you looking elegant as the class progresses. Bobby pins can help tame your bangs, and braiding your hair can keep it out of the way so it won’t distract you or anyone else in the class.

Barre-Ready Bag

To complete your outfit, you’ll want a lightweight, small- to medium-sized bag you can carry to the studio. Pick a small duffle or backpack that can hold the essentials like a comb, keys, wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm and sunglasses. You may also want to throw in a sweater or a light jacket, a small towel and extra socks.

Standout Water Bottle

Finally, remember to bring your water bottle! Staying hydrated at the studio is essential even if you never break a sweat. You should always have water on hand, and a bottle with a beautiful shape or pattern will give your workout gear an extra special touch.

Great Athletic Wear Will Help You Feel Beautiful in Every Barre Class

Barre class is wonderful for building strength and flexibility. It’s a perfect opportunity to update your athletic wear, make new friends and show off your style. If this trendy workout is your new passion, you’ll want to look your best in every class. Choose leggings, sports bras and shapewear that boost your confidence. No matter where you practice, you’ll feel great in barre-perfect athletic wear from Leonisa.

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