Use and care: How to wash your underwear and delicate girdles


Learn how to care for bras, lingerie, shapewear and more, including information on how to wash and dry them. Leonisa.

Cómo lavar tu ropa interior y fajas delicadas

Alejandra Hinestroza
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Here is all the information I have gathered over the years to help you keep your bras, underwear, girdles or any other cataloged garment as "delicate" in the best way.

In my years as a Personal Shopper, I have always made sure that our consumers know not only how to find the girdle or bra that best suits your needs, but also how to care for them. Just like your favorite blouse, taking care of these garments requires a little more love and dedication. But do not worry! Learning to do it like a pro is easier than it Imagine, care does not require any special tools or the need to take them to the dry cleaning (unless you wish).

The 10 Commandments of Gentle Care

Don't have time to read our complete guide? There is a lot of information that you should know about the maintenance of certain fabrics and garments so that they remain in good state, but if you follow these 10 commandments, you will have no problems when cleaning, drying and store your favorite pieces.


  • 1. You will not use hot water.
  • 2. You will not use bleach or strong detergents.
  • 3. You won't scrub too hard.
  • 4. You won't get it too wet.
  • 5. You won't go long without washing it.
  • 6. You should not machine dry it.
  • 7. You will not iron it.
  • 8. You will not put other things in the drawers.
  • 9. You will not dry it in a humid environment.
  • 10. Don't worry too much about care!

Wash: by hand is better

Washing your bras and other undergarments often is important to help ensure they are kept fresh and clean. The fact is that these items tend to absorb sweat (and start smelling) throughout the day. This is why you must have a good washing routine so that your garments maintain their perfect shape and appearance.

    • Always read care labels: before washing it be sure to read the care labels on the garment. There is a convention of almost universal symbols that makes deciphering the care requirements of any garment is very simple. The symbols on the care label will indicate how to wash, what kinds of detergents you can (and can't) use, and whether it's safe to dry and iron them. You may even want to hang a poster in the clothing area as reference.
El uso y el cuidado
    • Know your materials: another important thing to do is knowing the different types of fabrics and how they should be cleaned. For example, our latex girdle has special care instructions (must be washed in lukewarm water with baby shampoo and stored in a place without sunlight). Known the different types of fabrics to get a general idea of how they should be cleaned.
    • Start with a gentle soak: to clean your clothes delicate, always start with a quick, gentle soak in cold or lukewarm water to loosen tough dirt or stains. However, make sure you don't leave them in the water for too long or you risk the colors fading. Pay attention to any stain and lightly rub it with soap, do it with your fingers.
    • Wash it frequently and rotate it: the frequency with which you should wash your bras varies and I'll tell you why. On the one hand, you must wash them with often enough to remove sweat stains and strong odors. On the other hand, you should not wash them too often because you could wear them out and shorten their useful life. I recommend washing your bras and girdles with often, but not every time you use them. Try rotating your bras and washing them every three or four items.
    • Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water: to get the best results, any garment classified as "delicate" must be washed by hand with water cold or lukewarm. Never wash fragile parts with hot water or put them in a hot dryer. The simple fact is that heat is the enemy of many fabrics, and washing clothes in cold water will help them last longer by preventing dyes from fall off and the fibers shrink.
    • Always wash gently: always wash your delicate clothes with a mild detergent. And remember, even washing your hands can be too much! strong for certain pieces! You don't want to scrub them too hard because a lot of friction and pressure could damage the fabric and cause it to age faster. remove stains and buildup by gently moving the fabric between your hands under water.
  • Machine wash with care: you can wash your delicate clothes, undergarments, girdles and more in the washing machine as long as you practice extreme care and use the most delicate settings of your machine. Here I explain how to wash items machine-safe delicates:
  • Wash with similar garments of the same color or style. This will help prevent damage from seams.
  • Use a delicate bag, a finely woven mesh bag that adds a layer of protection around your fragile garments, for underwear and bras. If not has one, you can use an old pillowcase tied in a knot.
  • Never wash delicate garments with bleach or fabric softeners. These will deteriorate the fabric faster.
  • When washing bras and girdles, make sure everything is closed, buttoned, or fastened securely. beforehand to prevent the items from becoming entangled with each other.
  • Use the cold or delicate cycle on your washing machine to make sure you're not exposing your garments at high temperatures or any sudden action that may cause damage permanent.

Drying: choose gentle air drying

Washing is only half the process. You should also think about how to dry your newly washed and ready to use as quickly as possible. As a general rule, it is better not to let your bras, girdles or lingerie near a conventional dryer. In this case, a good old clothesline is the best! Here are some of our best tips on how to dry your delicate clothes without damaging them.

  • Do not squeeze or wring wet garments: however tempting whatever, never wring out your delicates, especially bras. Instead, rub with a thick towel to absorb excess moisture and lay flat on a surface or hung to dry for a few hours. Squeezing and twisting it can do cause the bra to lose its shape and create stretch marks on your cups.
  • Never put delicates in the dryer: As we already mentioned, the Heat can change the look, feel and size of certain materials, especially the materials that tend to be found in bras and girdles. the high heat and the rough action of the dryer can cause the fabric to shrink while deforming the elastic and puts extra stress on the fasteners. Your best option is always Hang delicates to dry or allow them to dry on a flat surface. flat.
  • Air dry in the shade: the sun can do a lot of damage to your favorite items, especially those that are brightly colored. Be sure to hang your delicates to dry somewhere in the shade to avoid excessive sun exposure. The sun can make the color fade over time that deteriorates the fabric and causes garments to lose their shape.
  • Do not iron anything delicate: As you can see, there is an emerging common theme: NO HEAT! that means the iron is also completely out of limits. If you want an extra gentle way to steam delicate garments, you can hang them outside on a hot humid day or let them hang out in the bathroom while you shower.
  • Do not dry in a damp area: a little moisture can help smooth out stubborn wrinkles, but high humidity can prevent garments from drying out completely and can create a hospitable environment for mold growth smelly. Dry in a cool dry place to ensure pieces dry completely and smell fresh when they are done, not in the basement or on the balcony in a super humid day.

Storage and travel: take care of your best clothes

I have seen many women make the mistake of expertly caring for their most beautiful garments, only to damage them while they are in storage. How to store your clothes when you are not using (and when you are travelling) it is essential to keep them in perfect condition, so that you do not keep them in your drawer or suitcase blindly. These are some of my tips favorites for storage.

For bras and girdles with bra cups

Anything that has molded bra cups or bows will be a bit more delicate than garments that do not have them. The wrong move can leave cups misshapen permanently and prevent them from fitting and supporting themselves properly.

  • Hanging is the best. If you have extra space, hang your girdles and bras on hooks instead of putting them in the drawers. This will prevent them from straightening or deform.
  • To store in a drawer, use the unique shape of the cups to stack bras and girdles on top of each other so nothing gets crushed.
  • Don't fold your bras Don't put them in a small space. This can permanently deform cups, temples and other materials and can cause straps to tangle on other items.

pack for a trip

  • Fill them with socks. Don't let the cups of your bra crush under the pressure of your luggage! Fill with socks or other items (only those you don't mind wrinkling) to help maintain the shape of the cup. Also you can buy special bra cases to keep them perfectly separated.
  • Do not stack anything on top of the bras, since this can do can cause the cups to flatten and can be difficult to get them to bounce back when you get to your destination and want to wear bras. The same goes for bikini tops that have cups! molded or with bows!
  • Pack light bras and girdles no cups or rods so you don't you have to worry about damaging them during the trip. Sports bras and comfortable bralettes are always a great option for this!

Delicates are an investment

Many times during my career as a Personal Shopper, women have asked me: "Why does taking care of my bras and underwear take more work than the rest of my clothes?" my clothes?" Here's why: You wear the same underwear a lot more than you would a dress, shirt or pants. This means that your undergarments must washed much more often and they should be much more durable.

I like to think of my delicates as an investment. Yes you think about the cost per use (how much you paid for the garment in total divided by how many times you wore it), there's a good chance your bras will cost just pennies and favorite panties. Protecting your investment requires two important steps: buy only bras of high quality, underwear and girdles from the best brands and knowing how to take care of them so that last longer.

Until next time 🙂,
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