Comfortable and elastic: this is the underwear you need for pregnancy

Comfortable and elastic


During pregnancy, the woman's body changes completely, and so does the relationship with it. As if that were not enough, she does it accompanied by a hormonal revolution in which you will feel as if you were on a roller coaster of emotions, where you go from being good to being bad in the blink of an eye.

For that moment, it is essential to wear pregnancy underwear that makes us feel good, comfortable and safe.

How to get it right with underwear during pregnancy?

The most important thing when choosing maternity underwear is to prioritize comfort and safety above all else.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the body hardly changes. However, during the second and third, the baby begins to develop and our body begins to adapt to its growth: the belly grows, the hips widen, the chest becomes larger and also heavier, we are more swollen...

It is in those last stages of pregnancy when finding the right clothes can become a real headache. "What size is correct?", "How do I know if a bra will fit me during pregnancy?" These are some of the most frequent questions that women ask themselves.


Comfortable and elastic


Tips for choosing maternity knickers for pregnancy and that they do not bother

As we have said before, during the first three months, the body hardly changes, so in that period of time the clothes we usually wear can be worn. However, although the body does not change much, infections and irritations are frequent during this period of time, so it is preferable to use clothes made of fresh materials such as cotton.

However, it is from the fourth month when we begin to gain volume. That is when you have to choose knickers for pregnant women that are elastic so that they do not press too much. An excellent option are low-rise ones, so that they are below the hip and do not squeeze the belly.

In the third trimester, when the belly begins to be more prominent, it will be necessary to choose knickers that support the abdomen, and relieve the sensation of extra weight and back pain.

In short, the goal is to find maternity underwear that makes it easier for you, not harder.

Can I wear a girdle during pregnancy?

Girdles are the perfect ally for when you want to show off a figure that is as slim and stylized as possible. But what happens during pregnancy? Can these garments be used? The answer is "yes but no".

During pregnancy, the weight of the belly pushes us forward, so we usually try to counteract this imbalance by leaning back. Something that can lead to annoying pain. That is why the girdles that are used during these months must be special for pregnancy: their objective is to help us support the weight of the baby and minimize that compensation effort that we make, relieving back pain and other discomforts.

The girdles for pregnancy must be elastic to adapt to the growth of the baby, its changes and movements, and cannot exert excessive force on the abdomen.

Its use is recommended after week 25 or 30, which is when the strongest discomfort arises. But it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist before going ahead to buy some, since he is the one who knows best what can be good for both of you.

The best maternity bra out there

With pregnancy, the mammary glands begin to prepare to produce milk, hence they grow and become more sensitive. For these reasons, you have to choose a bra that is comfortable and, if possible, that meets the following requirements:

  • Wide back. The back must be wide so that it does not dig in, and elastic so that it can be stretched and adjusted to the body without being tight.
  • Delicate materials and bra without seams or underwires. The bra for pregnancy must be respectful of the body and not damage the nipples, which is why we recommend fabrics that are delicate with the skin, that the design does not have seams or cuts that can be annoying, and avoid rings and rods that can stick.
  • During pregnancy you can sweat more than usual, so it is necessary to have breathable clothing that helps us stay dry.
  • Wide straps. Wide straps dig in less than narrow ones and are more supportive, so your back doesn't look as sore.

In addition to meeting these characteristics, it is important that the bra is your size. During pregnancy, not only does the pesto increase in size, but the back also tends to widen a bit. For this, it is essential that you take the measurements again to find one that fits your body and does not squeeze you. If you don't know how to do it, don't worry, we'll give you the instructions to find out the correct bra cup in our or blog.

And to sleep?

Resting is essential for the baby to develop properly, so finding the right underwear to sleep in is another concern for pregnant women.

It is best to opt for wide nightgowns, since they are very easy to put on and take off, they do not squeeze anywhere and you do not have to worry if the body changes: they will continue to be good for you. In addition, they are very comfortable in case you have to get up in the middle of the night.

Choose cotton nightgowns without too many decorations to prevent them from getting stuck in any part of the body.

Get the set of underwear for pregnant in Leonisa

It seems that finding a set of underwear for pregnant women that meets all these characteristics is an impossible mission, but you're in luck! In Leonisa you will find those ideal garments for this stage of your life:

  • Our girdle knicker offers maximum support and comfort at any stage of pregnancy. The different tensions of the garment make it adapt to your changes, offering you maximum safety and relief for your back.
  • A comfortable bra is not at odds with being sexy. For pregnancy, it is recommended to use bralettes, since the cup adapts to the volume of the breast as it grows. In our catalog you will find bralettes of different styles, so you can choose the one with which you feel most comfortable, and, why not, sexy. Maternity lingerie also exists!
  • We also have this all-purpose halter top with a back and wide straps that don't dig in and hug the contour.


Comfortable and elastic


At Leonisa we take into account the different stages a woman goes through and we know what she needs at all times. That's why we make comfortable underwear for pregnancy that will make this period easier for you.

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