Strapless Bras & Bandeau Bras

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    The strapless bra that does not fall off!

    Strapless bras are perfect for the summer looks, especially for low back garments and cleavages. To show off bare shoulders, you need to get rid of the bra straps! Do not let them spoil your outfit and get yourself a strapless bra. 

    Clear back bras 

    Finding a strapless bra that won't sag is difficult. If you want to wear the trendiest clear back outfits, you’ll need the support of a multi-position strapless bra and Leonisa is here to help you find a suitable match. Expand your underwear collection by adding invisible bras and push up strapless

    Bandeau bras with or without straps 

    If you’re going for a bold cleavage, we recommend going for strapless bras with padding. These types of bras hold much better, being ideal with dresses with a bandeau neckline.

    The strapless bra is the protagonist in times of heat. But you might want to consider this tip: if what you are looking for is a strapless bra that does not fall - nor fail -  the best option is to choose the underwired bandeau, since this model supports the chest way better. For women with smaller breasts that seek to enhance cleavage, the most recommended option is the strapless bras with a little padding or push-up effect.