Gluteal goal: how to have a bigger ass and make it firmer

Gluteal goal


Summer is that time of year when both men and women want to show off their bodies. One of the areas of the body that most concerns both sexes is the butt. Who has never dreamed of a nice and raised ass? To achieve this, it is necessary to exercise, have good habits and follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Next, we leave you with the sports that will help you tone this part of your body. Read to the end so you don't miss a shortcut!

How to get a firmer ass? Sports that help to harden and increase the buttocks

To achieve that desired raised buttock, sport is, without a doubt, the best ally. There are sports that help achieve this goal, especially those that focus on the gluteus maximus, which is the most voluminous and largest.

Do you want to know which are the best sports to increase buttocks? Take note!


Gluteal goal



Zumba is a fitness discipline that is characterized by combining different dance styles such as salsa, merengue, cumbia... accompanied by the most catchy music.

Being mainly a cardio workout, this sport helps to keep fit and slightly tone the muscles. To work the glutes more deeply, the class should prioritize jumping and leg exercises over simple or dance-like movements.

If you are interested in this discipline, you should know that at Leonisa we offer you different dance clothes that will allow you to practice this type of sport in total comfort.


The step is an intense, low-impact training sport that is defined by non-stop performing exercises going up and down a platform or step that is called a "step".

It is suitable for all ages and physical states, since the height of the step can be adjusted, thus adapting to the needs of each person.

Being a type of exercise that consumes a lot of calories, it helps to lose general fat and tone the hips, buttocks and legs, since they are the parts of the body that work the most.


Spinning or indoor cycling is an aerobic exercise that is performed on a stationary bike. It consists of pedaling to the rhythm of the music, alternating the intensity to tone the buttocks and legs.

Due to the high involvement of the lower body, it is great for burning fat and achieving that long-awaited raised buttock.

To practice this sport, we recommend that you use the cycling-style shorts that you will find in our catalogue, as they will help you maintain an ideal temperature throughout the exercise.


GAP stands for Glutes, Abs and Legs. It consists of repeating, mainly on the ground, a series of exercises focused on the lower body.

It is a very specific work on that part of the body, which is why it is one of the best sports to strengthen the buttocks while defining the figure and improving body posture.

Being a sport that is practiced mainly on the ground, it is best to practice it with long sports leggings, since this way the skin is not in direct contact with the surface and we avoid chafing.

Cross fit

If you had to say which is the most successful sport in recent times, that would undoubtedly be CrossFit.

Based on military training, throws, jumps, pushes, shots and movements make up the bulk of this sport that is gaining more and more followers. Despite how rough it may sound, it is a sport suitable for anyone, since the sessions can be adapted to any level by playing with intensity, duration, etc.

Why do so many people join this sport? Because it improves muscular and cardiovascular resistance, strength, speed, coordination, power, flexibility, precision... Does that seem like little to you?


Bodypump is another of the star sports: it consists of mixing simple choreographies with exercises with a barbell and discs of variable weight to the rhythm of music. They are simple and accessible classes for all people who want to practice sports without too many complications.

Its combination of aerobic gymnastics with bodybuilding exercises involves all the muscles of the body, including the lower body. This sport brings you closer to that coveted fit ass!

Exercises to lift buttocks at home or in the gym

How to have more ass? It is one of the reasons why many people join the gym or start a healthier life.

To have a nice, firm and toned ass it is not necessary to do a specific sport, since there are a series of simple exercises to lift the buttocks and strengthen the lower body, and that can be done both at home and in the gym.

The important thing about these exercises is not to bounce when doing them and practice them being aware of the body and the movements.


From all However, the squat is possibly the most effective for toning the buttocks and legs. It consists of opening the legs at hip height and lowering, with a straight back, until the quadriceps are parallel to the ground, and then going up.

To increase the intensity and make its benefits more noticeable, simply add weight or bars and spread your legs further apart. Of course, remember not to overload the knees, it is the gluteus that must work!


The lunges also help tone the buttocks and legs. As its name suggests, it consists of standing with your back straight and taking a stride forward or backward while the other leg descends until your knee is almost on the ground, forming an angle of 90 degrees.

This exercise is less aggressive for the knees than squats, especially if they are done by throwing the leg back.

Hip lift or glute bridge

To practice the bridge or gluteal raise, lie on the floor facing the ceiling with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, lift your hips up, tensing your abdominal and gluteal muscles, and lower yourself down.

The intensity can be increased by incorporating weight on the hip with plates of variable weight.

Up and down stairs

The stairs are the secret ally against sagging. Avoiding the elevator will help keep your legs from becoming too flabby over time.

Experts recommend climbing an average of 100 steps a day, two at a time, to increase intensity.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is another exercise that helps tone the glutes and, incidentally, the entire lower body, as this is the part of the body involved. The equipment is very basic: rope and a little space.

In passing, the coordination between hands and feet is also worked on. Jumping puts stress on the bones, which contributes to the development and strengthening of bone mass. As if that were not enough, it also helps reduce stress. Has it all!

Do you want to model your ass so that those pants fit you better?

Although the key is exercise and a healthy diet and healthy habits, we do not always have enough time to exercise or to prepare delicious and healthy dishes in the kitchen. In those cases, there are clothes that are a great ally, since they help us to see ourselves and feel better.

Try panties or girdles with a buttock lift effect


Gluteal goal


The butt lift effect panties and girdles are an excellent way to lift the butt in an economical, fast and natural way.

They offer control in the abdomen area, making us feel comfortable and safe, without feeling pinching in that area. They help shape the figure under that dress, skirt or pants that we like so much.

There are different lengths: the short ones are ideal for people with an hourglass, rectangular or inverted triangle body, while for others the half-leg or the one that goes up to the knee is recommended, because the work it does is more complete. in the case of wide flaccid legs.


Gluteal goal


Push up jeans can be your allies

For many years, push-up style jeans have been essential in many women's wardrobes, as they flatter the figure in a simple and completely natural way.

They differ from the normal ones in that they have darts at the back and the seams at the waist are very marked with a rounded shape. In addition, the pockets also play a very important optical role, since, if they are angled inwards, they make a rounder and more flattering shape.

In short, achieving that desired beautiful ass is possible by playing sports and following a healthy and balanced diet. But a quick and easy way to show off a great body is with Leonisa's girdles with a butt lift effect. Take a look on our website and choose the one you like best!

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