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Have you ever used a shapewear for dresses? The dress is one of the most versatile and comfortable garments that any woman can have in her wardrobe. There are all styles, lengths, cuts and patterns, but, according to the theories of stylists and personal shoppers, not all dresses bring out the potential of all bodies.

Therefore, in addition to knowing what type of dress favors you, it never hurts to have tools that help you extol your curves. We are referring, of course, to the girdles for dresses.

Don't you have them yet? Add dress shapewear to your wardrobe!

Seven out of ten women want to shape and stylize the abdomen and waist to achieve the dream silhouette.

With the shapewear for dresses you will feel that these types of garments look spectacular. Enhance your curves and hide what you like least about your body thanks to this type of shapewear that fits perfectly to your figure.

There is a wide catalog of shaping garments to hide the arms, legs, abdomen or hip area... The next step is to find that girdle that is comfortable for you, as if it were a second skin. Luckily, Leonisa's girdles are so comfortable that you'll want to wear them every day.

Tell me what body you have and I'll tell you which dress will suit you best

If we are clear about something in Leonisa, it is that each body is different, and luckily! All bodies are equally beautiful, but not everyone looks good on all styles of dress. Knowing yours will help you choose an outfit!

Types of dress

To find out how to enhance your curves, we will tell you about the different types of dresses that exist and which bodies are best:


Objetivo glúteos


  • Flared or flared. This type of dress marks the waist without giving too much prominence to the hips, so it adapts perfectly to all types of bodies.
  • Los vestidos rectos no potencian la cintura, así que son perfectos para las personas con cuerpo en forma de V o de manzana.
  • Straight dresses do not enhance the waist, so they are perfect for people with a V-shaped or apple-shaped body.
  • Empire dresses are those that have a cut below the chest or even higher. It is a basic, feminine and sophisticated cut that draws attention to the chest, making it ideal for women with an apple body and long legs.
  • Yoke. The yoke dress is one that has a cut just above the chest. Ideal for women who want to appear to have more bust.
  • High waist. This type of dress is cut just at the waist, so it is flattering for women with an hourglass body or who want to hide their hips.
  • Without a doubt, a tight tube dress is a most daring and sensual option. With garments like this, you will transmit self-confidence. It is perfect for those with a V-shaped or apple-shaped body.
  • Low waist Low-waisted dresses are cut at the hips. It is ideal for girls who want to show off an even and balanced figure, such as those with long legs and a small torso.
  • Haberdasher. The shirt dress is always in fashion because it is very versatile and adapts to all body types. Do you have a more rounded or straight body? You can wear it loose. Is your body shaped like an hourglass or a triangle? Put on a belt and boost your waist!

The best girdles for Leonisa dresses

As we have said before, each reducing belt focuses on a specific part of your body. Next, we will make a compilation of Leonisa's Best Sellers, our best reducing girdles for dresses, so that you can choose the one that best suits you and your body.

If you have a strapless or backless dress and you are looking for a girdle for a low back dress, we recommend the girdles. In our catalog you will find some strapless, with free chest or with buttock enhancement in case, in addition to concealing, you want to enhance this part of your body.

If this summer you want to take risks with a dress with a loose and flared skirt, and you don't want parts of your body to be seen, the girdle panty will fulfill its function. Inside the girdle panties, you will find different panty cuts: hipster style, Brazilian...

For the most confident women who want to enhance their curves by wearing a straight and tight dress, we recommend girdles with cups. With this model, it will seem that you are not wearing a shaping girdle underneath! You also have the option of a reducing body that reaches the knees and will help you outline the silhouette.


Objetivo glúteos


Remember that at Leonisa we have the girdle for dresses that best suits you. In the description of each garment you will find a size guide and an explanatory video of how to dress for a dress and how to put on that garment. So that you feel 100% safe and comfortable!

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