Sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day, get ready for the occasion!

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Are you ready to celebrate Valentine's Day ? February 14 is already here and, like every year, surely you want to surprise that person who is so important to you in a special way. A romantic getaway, a dinner for two, a bouquet of flowers... and why not bring out the spicier side and try playing the mystery of seduction? Get the perfect lingerie outfit , feel beautiful and leave your partner speechless.

Valentine's Day lingerie, where did this celebration come from and what does it have to do with underwear?

One of the most important dates in the month of February is, without a doubt, Valentine's Day. But what is the true origin of the day of love ? The truth is that you have to go back to ancient Rome, specifically to the third century, to know the full story.

At this time, the Emperor Claudius III made the decision to prohibit the marriages of young people, since he considered that single men were better soldiers since they did not have any commitment. Faced with this fact, a priest named Valentine refused to give up love and secretly married couples in love. Upon learning of this act of rebellion, the emperor sentenced the priest to death on February 14, 270.

Since that day, this legend has become popular throughout the world, making Valentine's Day the patron saint of lovers, and being, in turn, the day par excellence of love. Today, sexy underwear is one of the perfect details both to receive your partner and to give yourself a gift, an option with which you will feel spectacular, you will increase your confidence and, above all, the passion that exists between you.

Does Valentine's also represent friendship?

Hell yeah, Valentine's Day is known for being a cultural event celebrating love and friendship. It is a great day to celebrate these feelings and show it to all your loved ones.

For this reason, if you are a thoughtful person, this year try giving lingerie for Valentine's Day : panties or panties are an excellent option and comfortable pajamas can also be a very popular idea. If you can't think of any more ideas, you can always opt for a gift voucher, so you make sure that the person chooses everything they like.

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Which color is the most appropriate on this day?

Each color has a different meaning. For this reason, the main color for lingerie on Valentine 's Day is, as always, red, as it is the one that best represents the power of seduction and love. Although the classic black also stands out , an ideal tone for women looking for something more elegant. Garnet and pink are also other colors attributed to Valentine's Day, as they are similar to red and also represent passion and sensuality .

Find here red bras

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push up bras

There are many ways to feel sexy, but yes, your weapon of seduction is definitely push-up bras. Leonisa we have different bra silhouettes that help you enhance your bust and create a very seductive neckline like the triangular push-up .

If you want more power in this area, the double push up bra without underwire . And if the most important thing for you is definitely that your neckline looks voluminous, then you have to try this triple push-up bra Both are available in various colors so they can match any outfit that you want to wear For a more romantic style, the red lace bralette style bra is ideal.

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Special fabrics for a special day

As for fabrics, the most prominent is lace for both bras and panties . Although more and more women are opting for garments that are comfortable, seamless and without underwire, but at the same time are sexy and with which you can feel comfortable. Other options for this big day are also, of course, satin, tulle and transparencies.

What kind of lingerie is given away for Valentine's Day? Sexy lingerie!

️ Gift for her

This year, do you want to dare to give the perfect Valentine's Day lingerie to your partner, but you don't know which is the best option? Don't worry! There are several types of underwear that you can resort to: panties with lace, an elegant set of bra and sexy panty in nude tones or a transparent body . Whatever your choice, think about buying clothes that adapt to the silhouette of your partner .

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How to find sexy underwear to give to your boyfriend?

️ Gift for him

Gifting sexy underwear is a complex affair, especially when it comes to sexy men's clothing . But if you want to surprise your partner, first of all, you must choose a garment that suits their body shape and, incidentally, that you also like. An option that never fails is to bet on classic underpants or boxer . Remember that, being a gift, you can take the opportunity to buy quality underpants that he probably would not buy for himself.

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Latest trends for this Valentine's Day

sexy underwear trends that stand out for this Valentine's Day are bralettes and bras without wires with lace fabric , nightgowns with satin fabric , delicate embroidery on lingerie sets, passionate red garments , corsets and the transparent bodies . They all bring a spark of passion!

Do you want to prepare for a very special date? These are the best Valentine's outfits

If you don't know what lingerie to wear for such a special evening, relax! Here we leave you the underwear that can bring out your most daring side:

Sexy bras

Show off a beautiful and enhanced neckline with a little padding using push up bras . With or without padding, it's always a good idea to go for a bra that has some reinforcement at the bottom or side so that your cleavage is properly in place. Fabrics such as lace or satin will give your outfit a special touch.

Sexy bras

This soft push-up bra slims the torso of the body, creating a very harmonious silhouette. I'm sure you'll love the result !

Sexy panties

Do you want to feel like the sexiest woman on the planet? Try wearing lace panties or culottes . It is a reality that wearing sensual underwear for many women is synonymous with sensuality.

Choose the option that best suits your curves and the one that enhances your figure naturally. Of course, if you want to get it right, black will be the most elegant option.

Sexy panties
This lace panties with transparencies and rounded edges could be the perfect option for a day like Valentine's Day. It fits perfectly to the body and has wide sides, so that the figure does not split in two but is harmonized. With her, you will feel the safest and sexiest woman on the planet.

Thongs? Well of course!

Another option for this special day is to wear a thong with lace or embroidery . Remember that the most important thing to feel comfortable wearing this garment is that it is comfortable and fits your body perfectly . So you can enjoy the evening to the fullest. For this, it is very important that you choose the correct size, so that your body does not visually split in two , nor do marks appear on your skin. In each product you will always find a table of measurements so that you can consult it and find your size.

Match your sexy underwear for a WOW effect

It is proven that combining underwear gives you a feeling of harmony and self-confidence. Choose the tones that most favor you and enhance your natural beauty.

Single or single? Do not cut yourself, sexy lingerie can also be for you

Not having a partner can also be wonderful, as you have more time to focus on yourself and what really makes you happy. Do you want to buy sexy lingerie? Forward! The most important thing is that when you put on this type of garment you feel captivating with the desire to conquer the world.

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