What is my bust size?

Mi tamaño de busto

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To love your body, start by knowing it.

In the world there are more than 3,700 million women, each one of them with such special qualities that make them completely different from the rest.
Women with such diverse builds, with such unique curves and, above all, with busts with such exceptional characteristics, that it is difficult to find two exactly alike.
But also in these 3,700 million women, insecure women coexist, with fear of accepting themselves, and above all, who do not know their body.

¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

The women vs. your bust

Since the woman is in her first years of life, she begins to have a close relationship with her body and her bust, and in many cases this relationship can be one of love or hate: women are constantly struggling with our femininity and how we see ourselves.

Women are constantly struggling with our femininity and how we see ourselves.

For example, I remember perfectly in my teens, at age 16, that I went from having absolutely no bust at all, to becoming a 34B! I'm not going to tell you lies, it was a difficult time for me where I had to accept that my body had changed and that I had to start looking for bras that would adapt to my new needs.

I think it was at this point that a fight started between me and my bras. I have to confess that I couldn't find any for myself, and many times I bought any bra that made me look much more voluminous! I was not aware of what my bust was really like and what were those intimate garments that my body needed at that precise moment of my life.

I am sure that this has not only happened to me, but to thousands of women around the world. For example, it is very common to find women who become pregnant and their bust turns 360º. I will always remember a friend who was a mother and had a hard time adapting to her new body: before she was 34B and after pregnancy she was 38C. And how did it come to be accepted? Understanding that her body was willing to give life to another life, and that this change in her bust was responsible for doing so Very cute, isn't it?

You are unique, do not compare yourself with anyone else

It also happened to me a lot that I compared myself with my friends who still didn't have any bust. I envied them because they didn't have to deal with the discomfort of those bras with bows that "hurt" me so much, nor with the uncomfortable padding that made me look like I had a borrowed bra. Read more about bows and cups here.
There were even days when I wore up to two tops to look like them.

I will tell you a little about these stories, because I am sure that this type of “situation” has also happened to you where you do not fully accept the appearance of your bust and you compare yourself with other people.

And for no woman it is a secret that in many cases, we tend to want what we do not have. What I mean by this? That the world has been in charge of giving us such unattainable stereotypes, that we are never happy enough with how we see ourselves.

¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

Love yourself more, know yourself better

I want to tell you that throughout many consultancies I have met spectacular women, women with a spark, but also women who are insecure in their own skin. Insecure about their small bust, or their large bust. Insecure because it is very round, or simply because gravity has done its thing. But I have also come across women empowered by their figures and who accept themselves as they are.

I know it may sound difficult to stop being so self-critical with ourselves, especially when we live in a world where physical appearance and beauty are idealized and pigeonholed into one thing: perfection.

We live in a world where physical appearance and beauty are idealized and pigeonholed into one thing: perfection.

In this article, all I want is for you to take a little time to learn a little more about your bust, what looks good on you and what maybe not so much; and thus be able to reach a point of acceptance and self-love that we should all reach at some point in our lives.

¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

The importance of knowing your bust size

Today is a great day to fill you with the best recommendations from the hand of an expert in underwear like me to find your GOOD IDEAL, in addition to opening your mind and risking wearing clothes that you would not normally consider wearing.

It may sound very logical to know what size bust do you have, but many times because you don't know it correctly, you can make not-so-wise decisions when choosing the perfect clothes for you.

So now that you know all this: What is the first step to do it? The first thing is know and recognize the characteristics of your bust. It is very important that you can identify it with everything that I am going to tell you in the next few paragraphs.

For this I have classified the bust into 3 sizes: SMALL, REGULAR AND LARGE/VERY LARGE.

Now yes, let's start discovering them all so that you can identify yours and become an expert!

1. Small Bust

The first bust size that I am going to talk to you about is the small bust. This size is usually CUP A or B , and it is very easy to recognize: low volume, flat on top and parted in the middle.

¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

But then, what does and does not fit this bust size?
The first thing to understand is that not all bras are designed for all bust sizes. Each bra is created with qualities to give the ideal benefits to some busts.

If you identify with this bust size, probably at some time in your life you have had a problem finding bras that fit your body perfectly. Why am I telling you this? As I told you before, these busts have very little volume, not all bras will fit.

A few weeks ago, I saw a young woman with a very small bust. When I started counseling her, she told me about her concern that she couldn't find a bra that really fit her. She told me that the only thing she wore was very small tops, sports tops or she just didn't wear anything, because she thought there was no bra for her.
I gave her some recommendations of what to look for in a bra and what definitely not.

Did you feel identified with this bust size? Keep reading to give you their YES and NO:

The Yes:

  • Bralettes:

    If you still don't know very well what bralettes are about, or how they differ from conventional bras, here I am going to tell you a little about them.

    This garment, which is relatively new in the world of underwear, has very special characteristics that make it the favorite of many. And I'm sure that if you haven't met her yet, you're going to fall in love with her!

    Generally, bralettes are designed 100% in lace, with few structures, less support, natural modeling and spectacular comfort. Its charm is in the sensuality and style that it puts inside each woman; with differentiated backs, unique necklines and special straps, making them a perfect accessory to show off with outerwear.

    I want to tell you that this garment is so successful that most women with this bust size that I advise fall in love with its lightness, comfort and perfect fit to the bust.

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

  • Triangular half cup silhouettes or with little coverage:

    Since small busts have little volume, half cup bras become the perfect ally for these women. This is because the bust completely fills these cups, preventing extra gaps and making the bra look big. This silhouette tends to have deeper necklines and less coverage than full cups.

  • Highlight:

    You already know that this bust size has little fullness across the bust, so push-up bras may be just the option you've been looking for to add a little extra volume to your cleavage. These bras have internal padding that gives you the appearance of a more rounded bust. These are also ideal for women who want to show off a larger bust than they have, without having to resort to surgeries or aesthetic procedures.

The NOTs:

  • Deep Cups:

    Bras with deep cups are not a very good idea for women with small busts, since their bust does not reach to fill these cups making the bra look big, this happens even when wearing it in the correct size. This is one of the reasons why, in many cases, women with small busts cannot find a strapless bra for them, since the cups open, leaving spaces between the bust and the bra.

  • Full Cups:

    Like deep cups, full cups can be the "eternal enemy" of small busts. I will never forget a super young woman who came into the store looking for full cup bras because they were the only ones she wore. At first glance, on top of the shirt you could see that the bra was too big for her and she couldn't tell what size bust she was. When she entered the dressing room and showed me the bra she was wearing, I was in for a surprise: her bust was too small and she was wearing a full cup triangle bra in her size, but her bust was not enough to completely fill the bra.

  • Bras with many structures:

    This bust size is very light, so it's not a good idea to look for bras with built-in arches, underwires or very complex structures. It is important to understand that this bust size does not need the same support as the rest of the busts in your day to day life.

Shop for small bust bras

2. regular bust

This bust is generally B CUP, with a little more volume at the top and bottom, and tends to be rounded at the neckline. Let me tell you that if this is your size, you are very lucky, since almost everything will fit you.

If this is your type of bust, you should keep in mind that although you can choose from many more options than the rest of the sizes, your tastes and needs will be super important aspects when choosing your perfect bra.

¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto? The Yes:

  • Triangular silhouettes:

    It's no secret that these silhouettes are a favorite of all women! And if you have a regular bust, you can afford to choose between half cup and full cup thanks to the volume of your bust.

    For example, the half-cup silhouettes have deeper necklines and less coverage, making them the best ally to wear with tighter garments or with pronounced necklines.

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

    While the full cup ones have full bust coverage and are ideal for you if you want to feel more comfortable and confident throughout the day.

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

  • Balcony silhouettes:

    The balconet silhouettes are garments with straight necklines, ideal for wearing strapless. If you have a regular bust, I am sure that this silhouette can suit you very well, since the volume of your bust will completely fill the cups of your bra, making your neckline look much more impressive and rounded.

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

buy regular bust bras

3. Large and very large bust

Lastly, I am going to talk to you about the large/very large bust. You can recognize it very easily: it has volume in the center, bottom, top and sides, and tends to be more united in the center. It is probably the bust size that requires more attention when choosing a bra, since it has much more volume, and because it feels heavier, it needs more support than the other sizes.

¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

I'm telling you this because you should keep in mind that the larger your bust, the more structures and benefits your bra should have. I recommend that you read this previous article that can help you a lot so that you do not make some mistakes when choosing your bra. read now

It is probably the bust size that requires the most attention when choosing a bra.

In most of the cases that I have attended with women with large busts, the only thing they consider when buying a bra is that this bra reaches the largest sizes or cups that meet their measurements, that is, sizes like 38, 40 and 42 and cups like C, D and DD; but they do not take into account that it is just as important to choose the correct size, as it is to choose the ideal benefits for this bust size.

Choosing the correct size is just as important as choosing the ideal benefits for this bust size.

I perfectly remember a woman I attended in the store who was in a constant fight with her bust: she did not like bras at all and avoided wearing them at all times. This woman was a size 38C, and sadly she had never had good advice on how to choose the right bra for her bust size, and she had no idea that this could literally change her life in seconds.

At first, she looked too incredulous with all the clothes she was showing her: bows, wide backs and straps, deep cups and side rods. All of this seemed too uncomfortable for him and he thought that they were not going to solve his constant day-to-day disagreement. Definitely the best part of the day was when she began to measure those bras that I was showing her, and she got the surprise of her life: she began to understand that bras could be her best allies.

After reading this story, it's time for me to tell you the DO'S and DON'Ts of large/very large busts.

The Yes:

  • Good capacity cups and full cups:

    I want to tell you that this is one of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a bra for heavy bust, because the cups are responsible for containing your bust and keeping it in place 24/7.
    Have you ever felt that your bust is going to come out everywhere? Nobody wants those kinds of accidents! The deep cups will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable, without fear that the bust will "spill" or come out at any time.

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

  • Wide bases and backs:

    There is no better feeling that everything is in its place and that you can live your day to day without being bothered by anything. In bras, the base is one of the most important structures that is responsible for fully supporting your bust with a perfect fit to the body, giving you the ideal support. The wider the base, the more support your bust will have.

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?

  • Wide straps:

    The straps have the function of carrying or supporting the weight of your bust, so if your bust is large you will need wider straps that can give you the security that your days require. These straps will not only help you keep your bust from sagging but will also make you feel more comfortable than ever.

    The thin straps on the other hand, are not such a good idea, since they can hurt you and generate those annoying "marks" on your shoulders.
    So, if you have a heavy bust, start wearing wide straps right now!

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?
The NOTs:

  • Unstructured silhouettes:

    The arches are responsible for giving a better modeling, support and perfect fit to your bust. Therefore, when choosing that perfect bra, it is not so advisable to resort to silhouettes that do not have these internal arches, since your bust will not have the necessary support, it will look saggy and with an unattractive modeling.

  • - Has it suddenly happened to you that your bra rolls up? Side boning is also something to look for in your bra, as it prevents this from happening to you and allows the bra to stay exactly where it should.

  • - In most cases, the bralettes They are designed for small and regular busts, so I personally recommend you look for more structured silhouettes that have a similar appearance to bralettes.

    ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto? ¿Cuál es mi tamaño de busto?
buy bras for big bust

I'm sure you already identified your bust size and got a clearer idea of what will look great on you!

If you want to know how to measure yourself, Click here to know much more about your size.

To finish, I would love to make you a very special invitation that I make to each woman I advise: get to know yourself, love yourself and feel safe in your own skin.
And what better way to start doing it than to pamper yourself with underwear?

Until next time,

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