Size Guide: Arm Shapers

Find your size

Find the perfect size for arm shapers. Once you have your measurements, use the following chart to figure out what will fit you.

Measurements in inches

Size Shoulders Bicep
XS 14-15 10-11
S 15.5-16 11.5-12
M 15.5-16 11.5-12
L 16.5-17.5 12.5-13.5
XL 16.5-17.5 12.5-13.5
2XL 16.5-17.5 12.5-13.5
3XL 18-19 14-15

How to measure

Keep in mind that shapers are compression garments that are designed to slim your figure, it's important to follow our measuring steps.

Step 1: Shoulders
Measure the width of your back in inches, placing the measuring tape from shoulder to shoulder across the most prominent part.

Cómo medir el ancho de tu espalda

Step 2: Arms
Measure the contour of your bicep in inches, placing the measuring tape around your arm as shown.

Cómo medir el contorno de tu brazo


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