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Melissa Restrepo
Personal Shopper


I am writing this article just at a time when the world is taking an unexpected turn, going through the coronavirus pandemic.

Why am I telling you? Because as a result of this sports trend has increased, being social networks and digital platforms the means to reach people.

While for many people playing sports is part of their daily routine, for others it is something new. Now that teleworking and staying at home is the best option to protect ourselves against the virus, many have decided to exercise to pass the time, de-stress and release endorphins. Virtuality has facilitated sports at home and has allowed more people to join this trend.

The social media accounts of gyms, trainers and athletes now have more followers than before, today we all look for online classes, routines and tips to help us be active at home.

To tell you a little about myself, I see sport as a way to get out of the routine and recharge with good energy. I focus on positive thoughts, release stress, and feel my lighter body. What I like the most is that there are days when I get inspired while doing exercise: I come up with good ideas and challenge myself to be better, both in sport and in my work and my personal life.

How do I train at home? Instagram and Youtube My favorite platforms are back.
I have friends who love to play sports and climb very good routines on Instagram, but I also follow accounts of trainers that I like; and not talking about Youtube, I always find good classes and it helps me to train at any time of the day. day. So strong is the sports trend that there are brands from the fashion industry, food, and others, dedicating part of their content on social networks to teach yoga or workout classes.

Another way I found to exercise at home is by doing what I love most. likes: dance On weekends I connect with a friend by video call and we make choreography together. Putting on my sportswear is the first step before connecting to dance, I would say that in addition to making me feel comfortable, it is like an energizer that drives me to put the best attitude. Plus, it's best to always be prepared, she loves it! upload our choreographies on social networks!

The truth is no matter what digital platform we use, the type of training or the time, I have seen something in common: we all care about our outfit, the sportswear that we we put

I don't know if you've stopped to think about this, but when you play sports at home, the clothes you wear we use is as important as when we went jogging in the street, went to the gym or went out to ride a bike Why?

I would dare to say that there are basically 3 reasons that drive us to put on the right sportswear to train at home:

  • 1

    It is the best way to get into the sports mood, feel motivated and empowered to give our best during training.

  • 2

    It makes us look and feel good. For many this means greater security to be able to share its contents, exercising, on social networks. In Myself particular case, sometimes I share it with my family, friends or partner.

  • 3

    Being garments designed for sports, they allow us to be flexible, feel comfortable, fresh, and move with ease.

Universo Active

Surely your outfit at the time of training is just as important. It doesn't matter if it's at home, at the gym or on the street; sportswear encourages us all to start motivated our routine and give our best.

At Leonisa we want to accompany you in all your sporting moments, and that is why we offer you what you need for a complete look, 'a total look'. You will find everything from tops, t-shirts and leggings, to jackets and joggers.

Discover the Active world of Leonisa and fall in love with our sneakers:

1. Sports Tops:

Undoubtedly, one of the most important garments when exercising. The benefits of a sports bra can never be found in a conventional bra.

Universo Active

By wearing our tops designed for sports, you will find different benefits for feel more confident while training:

  • good support of the bust through wide and/or elastic straps on the base. *If your bust is large, it is very important that the straps are wide.
  • Perfect adjustment, so that the bust stays firm and in place while you move.
  • maximum comfort, you will be free of bows, rods or clasps that can mistreating you when making movements.
  • increased confidence thanks to the removable cups that most have our tops so that your nipple is not marked and the bust looks a little more rounded.
  • Fashion and style, differentiated designs with breathable meshes and/or details that They will make you look and feel good.

2. T-shirts:

All of our t-shirts are quick-drying and made from breathable materials. allowing the passage of air, so that you feel fresh and dry at all times.

They have a wide or semi-fitted silhouette so that you feel the fluidity and comfort in your movements. what do you expect from a t-shirt, perfect to complement underneath with your sports top favorite.

You will find them in different designs, some with athletic backs, others with sleeves, bare backs... but the best thing is that each one has a seal that makes it unique through details or technology, such as example:
  • breathable tights so that you feel fresher than ever, and at the same time, look more stylish.
  • Printed or reflective bands, designed to improve your security in outdoor activities.
  • textured fabric that gives added value to the garment and allows the passage of air.
  • Laser cut, a detail that in addition to giving a touch of style to your look, brings freshness to your routine.

Our t-shirts combine perfectly with several of our shorts and leggings so you can make a mix & match with your clothes and achieve different looks.

3. Jackets and Divers

Using our jackets and overalls, neither the cold nor the rain will be an impediment to your challenges toughest sports.

Universo Active

Garments with trendy designs and colors, but also with multiple benefits:

  • Breathable and fresh.
  • Quick drying.
  • Light and light.
  • Practices, most have hoods to cover the wind and rain, and some have a pocket to store what you need.
Universo Active

Use them for jogging, trekking or any activity, especially in the evenings, cold days or outdoor.

Dare to use them also to complement your exterior look, remember that today sportswear is part of fashion, so you will look beautiful with our jackets and jumpsuits for a more urban look.

4. Sports Shorts

The perfect garment to accompany your workouts when you want to feel lighter, in the hot days or to go jogging thanks to its fit and freshness.

The good news is that we have different options for you to choose the ones you like best: short shorts and long, some with a fitted silhouette and others with a wide silhouette.

Short shorts:

It is usually a garment 2 in 1: shorts with a wide silhouette + cycling shorts internal (tight shorts) to make you feel more comfortable and safe.
the fabric is lightweight and soft to the touch, it is an ultra light garment for cooler workouts because They allow the passage of air and ventilation.

It is a silhouette that is in trend in the sports world so you will look very stylish while jogging or running so far as you want, feeling maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Universo Active long shorts:

If you're looking for shorts with more thigh coverage, you'll love this silhouette. They are perfect fit and have the magic of control to stylize your figure.

The long and tight shorts are designed in such a way that they mold your body without losing the comfort. They are high-waisted with double fabric on the waistband to flatten the abdomen and refine the waist, but also stylize the hips and thighs.

Universo Active

Its material is also breathable and cool, designed for any of your workouts. but without a doubt, they could become your favorite garment to go jogging:

  • They do not heat up, they are fresh.
  • You will feel that you have everything in its place while you move thanks to its perfect fit (abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs)
  • They prevent friction between the legs.
  • You will be able to move safely and flexibly.

These shorts are so versatile that you can also wear them with your outerwear, under your dresses, skirts and pants. You will feel calmer when you move or sit, and at the same time, You will show off a more stylized figure while avoiding chafing in the crotch.

5. Leggings y Capris

These garments are so important when training that they cannot be missing in your closet. Tea They allow you to be flexible and move without worries.
They are designed to accompany you in at all times, even in the most difficult challenges. Now that we are doing sports at home, they are perfect for riding a bike using your trainer or simulator, lifting weights, doing functional classes, yoga or dance.

They are differentiated by their design, quick-drying technology, and most of all, because they are control. In addition, they are breathable and of maximum comfort so that you stay fresh and safe all the time. weather.

So let's talk about control leggings and capris, the most sold by Leonisa and best valued by consumers. By putting them on, you will not want to remove because you will perceive these benefits:

  • Flat abdomen and no rolls, thanks to its high-waisted design with double DuraFit fabric, a moderate control technology, while framing the waist.
  • slim legs, gives you a smooth and cellulite-free appearance.
  • Perfect adjustment so that your abdomen, hips, buttocks and legs remain firmer as you move.

You will find a wide variety of options, some with different patterns, others with breathable leggings, pockets... I'm sure you'll fall in love just by seeing them!

6. Joggers

Experience comfort at its finest in sporty joggers with a roomy silhouette.
I know characterized by having an elastic in the boot that allows a perfect fit to the body, and by its soft materials in contact with your skin.

Universo Active

It's great for walking, dancing, yoga or pilates, but it's also a great option as a outer garment, you will look great with your favorite sneakers. Plus it's perfect for moments of rest, imagine yourself at home with a garment so comfortable that you forget you have it set... and it can be your best ally to accompany you on cold nights.

You have many options to crave!

It's time to think about you, your comfort and having the best products for your sports routines.

The correct news is that we have different options for you to choose the ones you like best: short shorts and long, some with a fitted silhouette and others with a wide silhouette.

In it The world is polluted with 680 billion PET bottles annually, which take more than 100 years to degrade.

Today in Leonisa we have a strategic ally that is in charge of collect the PET bottles, recycle them and turn them into fibers so that we can create some of our sportswear, environmentally friendly garments!

In each of our collections you will find some products, such as sports tops and leggings, Made from recycled PET bottles.

These garments with which you can support the initiative for the care and protection of the environment, you can find them in our store on-line.

Discover the Active world of Leonisa

A hug,



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